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News! - Released : First FlyTampa Scenery with Corfu

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News! - Released : First FlyTampa Scenery with Corfu


As noted on the 20th March  "FlyTampa coming to X-Plane11" The developer has now released their first scenery for X-Plane and surprise, surprise it was "Corfu!" Feature notes are:


- Corfu Ioannis Kapodistrias (LGKR) airport.
- Complete island with custom mesh, hand-placed vegetation, and 3D lighting.
- Full coverage with custom buildings and all known landmarks.
- Sloped airport terrain (X-Plane only)
- Animated apron vehicles, road traffic, and ship traffic.
- Animated 3D Ramp workers.
- Pre-rendered self-shadowing and custom reflection maps.
- SpeedTrees (wind-animated trees) for P3D only.


But this is a mixture of features for both the X-Plane and FS/P3D versions, so it will be interesting to see what the scenery really delivers for X-Plane...


These are the official X-Plane images...





This is the official FlyTampa Corfu Video, but not for the X-Plane version...


Price is interesting as it is far lower at US$26.00 (the FS/P3D version is now the same price) than the original €24 or US$29.61 price point...





The FlyTampa Scenery Corfu is now available from FlyTampa

FlyTampa - Corfu (X-Plane)


Price is US$26.00


Images and feature details are courtesy of FlyTampa




News by Stephen Dutton

6th April 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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