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News! - FlyTampa coming to X-Plane11

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News! - FlyTampa coming to X-Plane11


Only a month after developer FS/P3D Orbix has announced and released their first scenery in X-Plane, now comes one of the other main heavyweights to join them in FlyTampa!


Flytampa teaser.jpg


The significance of FlyTampa more than the other developers is that they are not constrained to the USA/Europe axis, yes they do deliver scenery for the US/Euro areas, but their OMDB (Dubai), YSSY (Sydney) and VHHX (Hong Kong) are areas not covered by any current developers and these sceneries are the most bootlegged sceneries in X-Plane.


FlyTampa has released a teaser image, but that is Corfu Kapodistrias (LGKR) airport. These are the FS/P3D version images not the coming X-Plane images

But it does give you some sort of an idea of what to expect?





No dates on release yet or of prices, but the FS/P3D Corfu is priced at €24 or US$29.61, but the scenery looks quite complete already...


Images are courtesy of FlyTampa




News by Stephen Dutton

20th March 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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