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Plugin Update : BetterPushback v0.47

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Plugin Update : BetterPushback v0.47


I don't adopt plugins easily into my system, too many can spoil or mess really up the simulation, and so they have to be really tried and tested before they hit my "Plugin" folder no matter how good they are.


But "BetterPushback by skiselkov is simply a must have, totally brilliant and who really loves that different vocal accent when you are in another country and the best is the Spaniard that wishes me "a happi day"...  I love it.


Refinement and constant updates have kept it running smoothly now and this update with v0.47 covers:


  • Updated to latest libacfutils to fix an audio initialization problem on Mac.
  • Added US-English audio set courtesy of Catstrator.
  • Switched minimum supported OSX version to 10.9.
  • Removed 32-bit build. BetterPushback is now for 64-bit versions of X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 only.


A must have and please donate, $5 for this is well worth it...


Now on GitHub here: skiselkov/BetterPushbackC


Cost is Free!




Plugin News by Stephen Dutton

13th March 2018

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