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  1. Hello Thanks. That has solved it. The other things that puzzle me are : 1. The range button on + decreases the range. - increases it ! Should be the other way around 2. Cannot change the MFD lit button to the left. At present the lit one on the Pilots side is set to the right and the Co-pilots to the left. Is it significant ? 3. The VOR/ADF switches on the radio panel do not work. As the Map/Plan screen shows VOR at the bottom of the page, I do not know if it is picking up the VOR I have input, or the ILS frequency 4. I set WFD (Woodford) frequency near EGCC on the ADF1 on the Nav/Rad, but at the bottom of the Map page it shows as INN instead of WFD. I also set the ILS for rwy 23R at 109.5 When I approached I got the green arrow in line with the runway and the a/c landed as shown by the ILS after clicking APP, so the green arrow was not pointing to WFD (which is off to the left on that approach). 5. I find the dials for hdg and alt very difficult. On hdg you either have to click one at a time which is very slow, or by using the mouse wheel. To use the wheel, it is necessary to zoom in, but it is very difficult to hold the mouse steady while turning the wheel. If it slips slightly, I either lose it altogether or it turns the bank instead. It is all too slow and awkward if I am responding to ATC on Vatsim.
  2. Hello Bernardo I agree its ok with LNAV. I usually fly on Vatsim, so I have to do what the controllers tell me, which usually differs from the flight plan at some stage, so I then have to switch LNAV off and set my heading bug and expect the a/c to follow that once I have lit up the Hdg switch. It works very well on the 737 Zibo, where once you hit the Hdg switch, LNAV switches itself off and the a/c follows whatever heading you set with the dials. Robin
  3. Hmmm. Cannot get the a/c to follow the heading when Hdg and AP on, with LNAV off
  4. I like the textures, but the lack of taxiway signage compared to the default x-plane is real problem, unless you have flown Gatwick many times.
  5. LIVERIES for 1.50 If you download the livery pack or any additional ones for the 1.50 and when you customise in x-plane, it shows only the default livery for any you have chosen, it is because it does not like the file structure of the download. Find the folder for your chosen airline that contains : Objects folder, icon, thumbnail and .json. Make sure that the first 3 are in the correct airline colours. Copy these files up to the folder for this airline immediately below the liveries folder. Move any other files remaining in this folder to a backup folder just in case. The lower folders then become superfluous, but I retain them just in case. The previous screenshot is where the files were. This screenshot shows where they should be
  6. Hello all The link shown on this page is not the right one to download a workable plugin. Instead, go to : https://github.com/skiselkov/BetterPushbackC/releases/tag/v0.47 and go to the base of the script headed Catstrator audio, Mac Audio fixes. You will see 3 blue lines. The first is BetterPushback.zip. This is the one you want as it contains folders : 64 Data objects within a folder BetterPushback Anything with BetterPushbackC is not the user version.
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