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Aircraft Update : Quest Kodiak v1.6 by Thranda

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Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Header.jpg


Aircraft Update : Quest Kodiak v1.6 by Thranda


In my last update review of Thranda's excellent Quest Kodiak which was v1.5, I detailed the addition of Laminar Research's G1000 GPS system and then compared it to the original Carenado G1000 avionic package that had come installed with the aircraft from release. Except for a few extra features the native Laminar G1000 was far better and easier to use than the bulky Carenado install. It was nice to have the choice of both G1000 versions, but in reality you knew which version you cared to usually use in operations.


In this surprisingly quick update since the Dec 2017 release that choice has now been addressd, as the v1.6 Kodiak now only comes with the native Laminar Research G1000 avionics installed and the Carenado version now removed. This does also however reduce your aircraft list from four aircraft and down to two for the Cargo/Passenger version and a Float version.


Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 2.jpg

Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 3.jpgQuest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 4.jpg


The constant revision and tuning by Thranda has brought the Quest Kodiak up to a very high standard now. And in this v1.6 version update the refining is again with quite a lot of tuning and adjustments. Visually there are no new features.


VR (Virtual Reality) is also now part of the package with click spots and snap points, but most areas adjusted are mostly focused on the engine parameters.


With calibrated cruise speeds with new engine performance, fixed low idle to 53%, improved generator, battery and oil temp, high ITT (Interstage Turbine Temperature) settings during start, throttle limiter with realism is now removed and a better weight and balance code.


Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 5.jpgQuest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 6.jpg


Performance does feel better and more realistic, but the TRQ engine dial still surges and can be distracting, I will note this is a more Laminar Research X-Plane issue than the developers. This also requires you to leave the AUX Pump on to stop the whole PFD info box (below left) flashing on and off as the Torque surge hits the red zone.  The taxi speed also still a little to fast for my liking even with the mixture at slow idle, but it is better than before if still you have to keep using or touching the brakes to keep the speed down, the brakes as well have been made non-hydraulic but you can't really tell the difference in the feel.


Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 7.jpgQuest_Kodiak 1.6-Head 8.jpg


The native G1000 map display's range (above right) and is excellent for finding your way around complex airport runway and taxiway systems like they have at Dublin (EIDW).


Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Detail 1.jpgQuest_Kodiak 1.6-Detail 2.jpg

Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Detail 3.jpgQuest_Kodiak 1.6-Detail 4.jpg


I found the very early Kodiak's a bit of a handful (mostly on the ground), but as noted they have had a lot of refinement since, and the aircraft is now seriously very nice to fly. The X-Plane11 dynamics have also gone a long way to benefit the Kodiak and not the other way around. Internal sounds are also improved and a few of the coming X-Plane 11.20 features have already been intergrated for future proofing the aircraft, this includes a better oxygen system and improvements to the native G1000.


There was a few rear cabin glass issues, but you had to look at the glass from a strange angle to see them (yes I find everything!), but the glass has been redone with better reflections and the issue fixed.


Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Detail 5.jpgQuest_Kodiak 1.6-Detail 6.jpg


The removal of the extra double aircraft (.acf) files has reduced the download as well in the Expansion Package, and from 290mb to 164.10mb but the main package has increased to 329.72mb.


Quest_Kodiak 1.6-Final.jpg



It is not often you see items removed from a package, but as my analysis in the v1.5 update review conclusion pointed out, is that the for the few extra features the original Carenado G1000 avionics provided, it was totally over shadowed in every area by the newer native Laminar Research G1000 version, and so to remove it is not really a backward step as a clean the table ready to keep on moving forward. It is a great benefit for the developer in that they are now only concerned with two aircraft files (Cargo/Pass and Floats) and not four files, ditto in that you aircraft folder is not clogged up with the same four .acf files. If you want the Carenado G1000 (for some reason) then just keep the older v1.5 in your aircraft folder, but why would you really?


Otherwise this is nice v1.6 update to clean up engine tuning to the current X-Plane11 performance standards and to install the required VR (Vitual Reality) tools for VR flying. So another nice update, and in the few flights I did, the aircraft feels very, very mature now and flies very well.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the Quest Kodiak v1.6 by Thranda (Dan Klaue) is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Quest Kodiak G1000 by Thranda


Price is US$33.95

If you already own the original Quest Kodiak or v1.5 or earlier then this update is free, just go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account and upgrade to v1.6

Kodiak Expansion Pack

Price is US$19.95 (currently) with US$5 off! @ US$14.95


Features Include (v1.6 expansion Pack):

  • AMPHIBIAN VERSION (Floats with Retractable Landing Gear)
  • SKI VERSION (with animated skis that adapt to ground angle and bumpiness)
  • EXECUTIVE INTERIOR (with seats facing each other, and animated slide-out tables). Weight and balance manager graphics adapt to seating configuration.
  • CARGO VERSION (featuring covered windows, flat loading area, and cargo visualization that adapts to the weight set in the weight and balance manager)
  • TUNDRA VERSION (featuring larger balloon tires to tackle any rough terrain. Affects flight dynamics and ground handling)
  • Amphibian version includes control for retractable water rudder, extra aerodynamic surfaces on the tail of the plane, retractable gear, and dynamic paint scheme adapted textures.
  • Several menus in the slide-out window adapt dynamically to the configuration selected by the user.  (E.g. cargo pod is not available for float version)



Requirements :

(new version requires XP11.10+, will not run on XP11.0)
Windows, Mac or Linux running in 64bit mode
16Gb RAM -  2Gb VRAM Minimum. 4Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Current version 1.6 (last updated Feb 2nd 2018)
The plane comes with an auto-updater. Free auto updates for the life-cycle of X-Plane 11



Installation : Base Kodiak Download is 329.73 mb which is unzipped to your X-Plane Fighter folder at 728.64mb (both packages). Key authorisation is required.

Expansion Pack Download is 164.10mb and is installed as noted below...


Expansion pack comes with three folders: Into_Liveries, Into_Objects and Into_Quest 




Installation is quite easy in that you just deposit the correct contents in to the same folders (Liveries, Objects and main aircraft root folder) in the basic Kodiak aircraft folder and replacing or adding the same in those folders.


Only the X-Plane11 version has the X-Plane11 features noted in this review.


Documentation : includes...


  • Carenado and Laminar G1000 Comparison.pdf
  • Thranda Kodiak Joystick Settings.pdf
  • ChangeLog.rtf
  • Thranda Kodiak Documentation.pdf
  • G1000-X-Plane Kodiak.pdf
  • Thranda Kodiak Credits and Copyright.pdf
  • Thranda Kodiak Graphics Settings XP11.pdf




Review by Stephen Dutton

3rd February 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)
Version 1.60 (Feb 2nd 2018) Changelog
Removed Carenado’s G1000 and related infrastructure (now using LR G1000 exclusively)
Added VR camera snap points
Caused prop to disappear when shaft is broken
Removed throttle limiter with realism on
Updated version splash screen on MFD
improved generator, battery, oil temp, etc.
Calibrated cruise speeds with new engine performance
Adjusted yellow line in G1000 screen
fixed low idle to 53%
Added VR-compatible click spots to the autopilot in the 3D panel
Prepared oxygen system and .acf file for X-plane 11.20 oxygen update.
Tweaked ELT threshold
Deactivated Slew mode by default
Remixed internal sounds
Tweaked weight and balance code
Changed autopilot altitude step size from 10 to 100
Updated “Localizer intercept to auto-engage BC” value to match the real G1000.
Added ground roll and shaft damage sounds.
Fixed high ITT during start
Tweaked windows to reflect aircraft interior
Added ENG INLET BP CAS annunciator
Made brakes non-hydraulic
Updated documentation folder
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10 hours ago, Stephen said:

Bit confused on that? This is the LR version?


The pop up window is the LR G1000 but the one in the 3D cockpit, while being functionally the LR one, the 3D model doesn't match it as it's the type without the AP buttons, I guess this is because the 3D model is based on G1000 in the original Kodiak used to model this aircraft and the originally used Carenado one didn’t have them, I was hoping they might update the 3D cockpit to reflect this at some point.

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