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  1. Just in case anyone is put off by the mentioned size of Part 1, it is only 2.39 GB to download and 8.75 GB when extracted.
  2. Looks great, thanks for the review. I thought the same about the rain effect the first time seeing it in a video, not great.
  3. I've only managed a quick flight since release but it does seem to fly well with great ground handling. Like you say having great quality freeware aircraft like this is great advertising for Aerobask. Now if Aerobask bought us an older steam gauged Robin as well I would pay for that.
  4. Let's hope they can work on a few of the things you mentioned. Also Lake Lloyd, in the centre of the Speedway in your pictures is grass, so I don't know what's happened to the water? It is a bit like going back in time - the stand on the back straight of the Speedway was torn down several years ago when they rebuilt the main stands.
  5. The pop up window is the LR G1000 but the one in the 3D cockpit, while being functionally the LR one, the 3D model doesn't match it as it's the type without the AP buttons, I guess this is because the 3D model is based on G1000 in the original Kodiak used to model this aircraft and the originally used Carenado one didn’t have them, I was hoping they might update the 3D cockpit to reflect this at some point.
  6. Thanks for the info. I always put the prop into Beta range for taxi makes it a lot easier. I see the 3D cockpit doesn’t have the LR G1000 in, hopefully they will add that at some point.
  7. Thanks Stephen. Yes it’s certainly a popular model and makes things harder to choose. Just Flight’s one does seem to have that little extra to the 3D modelling though vFlyteAir’s have added an optional Aspen EFD 1000 and they have there nice weight and balance menu but then it only has the basic GNS 430.
  8. Great review or what looks an impressive aircraft. With vFlyteAir having just updated their Arrow III, where would your money go if you had the choice?
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