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Scenery Update : KLAX - Los Angeles International v2.0 by FunnerFlight

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KLAX v2_Header.jpg


Scenery Update : KLAX - Los Angeles International v2.0 by FunnerFlight


Six months ago in early December 2016. FunnerFlight (aka Jeff Mueller) did a complete revisualization of his freeware KLAX or Los Angeles International. The new totally upgraded scenery was then released as payware and X-PlaneReviews reviewed the scenery here: Scenery Review : KLAX - Los Angeles International by FunnerFlight .


Nobody more than me loves brilliant scenery as for myself as it is what I love about X-plane it is in recreating the real world for use in the simulator. The actual scenery though was a little perplexing as I noted in the review. It was all very good and I don't doubt that, but overall there was a few very important elements missing and as I noted in my summary...


"But the missing north World Way flattened hotel buildings are a major element of the airport that shows up how the ortho flatness can be a huge distraction in an otherwise well completed scenery...  this area needs to fixed with 3d buildings and quickly as it takes away a lot of good points off a good scenery for creating such a blank empty area of the airport.."


The problem is that with great scenery it is not sometimes the direct visual items that are important to get a comparison or a feel of a place, but the indirect areas that if left out of the package can severely damage the whole perspective of the idea as a whole of the scenery. I am very defensive (and have had the arguments to prove it) on what is required and what is not to create the right feel and location of a scenery. This is not a "holier than thou' altitude, but that if you are paying your good savings on for something to add into your X-Plane master world building empire then it should be a worthy addition and it can be used to the full extent of what you require that scenery to deliver to you the user, and in this case the visualization of that particular area and place on the planet. Any scenery not used is really a waste of money, so the use of a scenery in either a networking situation or for a certain purpose of say a reproduction your local airport, Is only then worth in what the scenery returns to you in repeatable use and the satisfaction returned.


A good if not great developer will take on board the missing elements of their work and fix it, hopefully quickly. This is then v2.0 of the KLAX scenery and of course the big question is that have those missing elements been addressed?


KLAX v2_Head 1.jpgKLAX v2_Head 2.jpg

KLAX v2_Head 3.jpgKLAX v2_Head 4.jpg


Outwardly the new v2 view is a much more completed and filled in proposition from the long viewpoint. Part of the developers problems is that KLAX is in the middle of a very high autogen generated section of scenery. So if you leave areas flat and empty it shows up like a dark stain on your visual radar.


LAX Impressions 9 LG.jpg


From an arrival perspective like I did in the original release review, the image above says that it is all very realistic, wonderfully so. But the image is a little deceiving in that it is focused on LAX's highlights with the iconic control tower and the even more older iconic "Theme Building" structure to convey a certain LAX feel and look.


The reality is that on the other side of those items was a big empty space or our dark scenery stain as noted in the images below.


KLAX v2_missing World Way 1.jpgKLAX v2_missing World Way 2.jpg

KLAX v2_missing World Way 3.jpgKLAX v2_missing World Way 4.jpg


It was not a good look. It felt like a full quarter of LAX was missing, because it was. Objectively the area is not actually part of LAX? It is the services side to the airport in car rental areas, hotels and offices. But here is the major point in viewing sceneries and the more important point of the indirect visual item of being just as important as the main iconic areas that makes up the full visual perspective of the scenery.


KLAX v2_missing World Way 5 lg.jpg


In this case it was overwhelming. It felt like half of "World Way" (the entrance to LAX) was missing, worse is the fact that if you departed or landed on RWY's 24L or 24R you felt like you were not actually at KLAX at all. Worse was if you parked at the east side of Terminal One you would think that the area had been totally demolished since you were last here.



So what is the difference to v2.0. Well everything concerning this oversight, it looks like six months can do wonders if you are ready to update the area. The same aspect of the above release scenery images are replicated in v2.0 below.


KLAX v2_World Way 1.jpgKLAX v2_World Way 2.jpg

KLAX v2_World Way 3.jpgKLAX v2_World Way 4.jpg


Now it is a big "welcome to LAX" with all on the north side of World Way is which dominated by hotels in the Sheraton Gateway, Crown Plaza, Los Angeles Marriott and L.A. Airport Hilton that are all now represented and the LAX skyline is now the one that is fully represented in its realistic context.


KLAX v2_World Way 5 lg.jpg


There is a still a few blank areas to the northeast, but it doesn't affect the actual silhouette of the airports panorama or more importantly the feel of the scenery.


However now the "World Way" entrance is totally complete, it is the main entrance into LAX and it is so good you feel like a walk along the road would now be highly rewarded.


KLAX v2_World Way 6.jpgKLAX v2_World Way 7.jpg

KLAX v2_World Way 8.jpgKLAX v2_World Way 9.jpg


All the hotels have been correctly recreated, and there is a lot of magnificent detail in here now to enjoy.


KLAX v2_Hotels 3.jpgKLAX v2_Hotels 2.jpg

KLAX v2_Hotels 1.jpgKLAX v2_Hotels 4.jpg


The northeast section is more filled in closer to the approaches with the correct road structures and the Vicksburg Ave connection and great rental carparking detailing.


KLAX v2_Rental 1.jpgKLAX v2_Rental 2.jpg


It is important to note that your "runways to follow terrain contours" selection is off, if not you will get a lot of roadway floaters.


KLAX v2_World Way 10.jpgKLAX v2_World Way 11.jpg


"World Way" is great in the daylight, but brilliant at night! The entrance pillars change colours like the real monuments and the street lighting is excellent. I feel the hotel logos need to be a bit brighter, but overall it is excellent.


KLAX v2_Night 1.jpgKLAX v2_Night 2.jpg

KLAX v2_Night 3.jpgKLAX v2_Night 4.jpg


This is all and good. But the important point is the approach from the air. Really any eastern approach to LAX is important with the new additions, but the main one really that counts is RWY 24L.


KLAX v2_Approach 1.jpgKLAX v2_Approach 2.jpg


From the air you can see why your computer is working so hard as there is autogen from horizion to horizon. The new addition to LAX even makes its place known from a way out on approach towards RWY 24L. Get in closer and instead of a flat bland approach the area in your windscreen is now filled out with the correct eastern LAX view of its landside infrastructure.


KLAX v2_Approach 3.jpgKLAX v2_Approach 4.jpg


There is still a blank space just before the buildings (red square) start...


KLAX v2_Approach blank.jpg


...      but on the photo-textures it is green space with only a few buildings actually in that area, a few more if smaller buildings may just fill this area in or let the autogen fill it in for you, but it is only in reality a green space anyway. But it does highlight the only flat area on the approach.


KLAX v2_Approach 5.jpgKLAX v2_Approach 6.jpg

KLAX v2_Approach 7.jpg


But then LAX really comes to life as you come into finals ! RWY24L's approach is now excellent and note the infrastructure to the left and below you...  it is hard to focus on the landing and not spend your valuable time looking out of the windows. 


This is the great LAX arrival I imagined. The point being is that you can do simply everything in creating the most intricate airport. But if the main visual aspects are not included, then it just doesn't work. Land at Sydney's Kingsford Smith without the Bayside Plaza building over in Brighton Sands or the north side of Heathrow without the Hotels there and you feel you have not arrived. LAX without "World Way" is not the LAX we love.


KLAX options

There are a load of options with FunnerFlight's LAX. Most changes are done by selecting the "Earth Nav Data" or txt file for the specific items you want to include or not. These choices are stored in the included folder.

You will need to first download from Jeff Mueller's X-Plane.Org page which are free two items in "Static' aircraft and "Airport Animations" for this scenery, both folders are dropped into the "Custom Scenery" Folder". They provide both airport vehicle and aircraft animations


Options 1.jpg


Top choice is for a brighter greener grass and the newer asphalt taxiway option.


Options Grass 1.jpg


I found the textures pretty good in the default version, and so didn't take up the option.


Second choice is for "GroundTraffic"


Options GroundTraffic.jpg


There are a LOT of animations in this scenery. From airport service vehicles to vehicle traffic and aircraft animations around KLAX. So you have a lot of choices in what you want to run or what you don't. Basically there are two sets of ground traffic are 350+ (vehicles) known as lite, or the full monty in 700+ vehicles known as Tooo much. 350+ is left and 700+ is right


KLAX v2_Vehicles 1.jpgKLAX v2_Vehicles 700+ 3.jpg

KLAX v2_Vehicles 350+ 1.jpgKLAX v2_Vehicles 700+ 4.jpg


So you can adjust your animations to the scale of your computers power and 350+ comes as the default.


Aircraft animations run all over the airport in loops, they do tend to taxi fast and sort of hard turn corners, but they do add in a lot of life to the airport.


KLAX v2_aircraft 1.jpgKLAX v2_aircraft 2.jpg


Third choice is to either have the X-Plane autogen run over the top of the ground textures or leave the photo images clear. This one was a no brainer for me as the non-autogen version just left blank flat images around the KLAX. I like my autogen pushing right up against the custom scenery, but the choice is still yours...


Options Buildings.jpg


Last choice is to either have the texture created taxiways or the orthophoto real versions. I personally stuck to the clearer created default texture version.


Options Aprons.jpg



There is also another new option not included currently or officially in the LAX scenery from FunnerFlight. This option was implement at my request in a setup with some static aircraft to add in the background flavour, but all the gates are empty for the use of Classic Jet Simulations "World Traffic" plugin. The layout is shown on the left with the running WorldTraffic on the right.


KLAX v2_WT 1.jpgKLAX v2_WT 2.jpg

KLAX v2_WT 3.jpg


I have added the "earth nav data" option below if you want to use LAX in this context. The LAX ground routes can be found here: WT Ground Routes KLAX Los Angeles 1.2


The rest of the scenery is as released, and so there is a lot of LAX now in this comprehensive package.


LAX overview Airport 1.jpgLAX overview Airport 4.jpg



So does this v2.0 update of FunnerFlight's KLAX deliver the complete airport scenery that makes this one of the most iconic airports in the world and is this LAX now a really great addition to your scenery collection? Yes it does deliver and more. This is the LAX that X-Plane deserves and needs.


I did feel with the "World Way" entrance that it was a significant part of LAX, and as this update focuses on that aspect and with that area now completed it really does now deliver a complete and comprehensive scenery that you can use for an extensive period of time.


Don't get me wrong, this scenery is a heavy processor hitter. There is a huge amount of objects to be grinding through and then add in on top a vast amount of autogen to add into the mix, so you will need power and a lot of it to run this LAX without pulling down a lot of of your graphic settings and 16gb of memory (recommended) is really the lowest you can get away with. The actual airport is surprisingly really very good, but numbers are numbers and there is a immense amount in here to be processed. I got away with around 30 frames in my settings that you see in the images, but there would be no way I could run the X-Plane settings in full      and get away with it, but it is usable if you know your computers limitations.


There is a huge amount of options now added in with v2.0 as well, but again be smart in what you use, 350+ animated objects are really enough for the most activity. If you have the WorldTraffic plugin then start up and be amazed, it is great to see such full activity at LAX.


I do recommend to look through the original release review  Scenery Review : KLAX - Los Angeles International by FunnerFlight in association with this update review to get the full scale of this KLAX scenery from FunnerFlight. It is in reality on a massive scale, and you do get an awful lot now for your investment at a great value price


Overall this v2.0 version of KLAX is now excellent, with great options and a comprehensive scenery...  If you want a great LAX then this is it.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the KLAX - Los Angeles International by FunnerFight is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

KLAX - Los Angeles International


Price is US$24.95


Update to v2 from the original version is free, just go to your X-Plane.OrgStore and check your account for the download.



New version 2.0 includes
  • 750+ Animations!
  • Airport Hotels, carparks, street lighting, and area warehouses
  • KLAX landscaped entry mound, Departure Level and Overpass system.
  •  Custom Southern California trees and bushes, including various kinds of palm trees.
  • GroundTraffic with several options; now includes auto traffic with buses, taxis, several taxiing aircraft, airport terminal buses, trucking at Cargo facilities, street traffic, and a full 747F loading animation with airport pilot shuttle, mobile stairs, cargo loader, cargo cart trains, forklifts, mobile light units, and fueling truck and driver.
Custom objects to mimic the real airport
  • Over 13000 objects are included in the scene
  • ATC  taxi routes and 4 runways with Wind rules.
Animated Airport
  • Over 750 Animations, most using GroundTraffic by Marginal.
  • Dozens of gates with Marginal's Safegate Docking System
Photo Scenery Airport
  • Close to 20 sq mi of aerial photography
  • High-Definition resolution: 30 cm (1 foot) 
  • X-Plane or ortho-texture terminal taxiway option


Installation :   Download scenery file size is 869.20mb. Installed file size is 2.46gb "KLAX Los Angeles International" being inserted into your X-Plane "Custom Scenery" Folder. But you do have a selection of options in first a download from Jeff Mueller's X-Plane.Org page to be able to download free two items in "Static' aircraft and "Airport Animations" for this scenery, both folders are dropped into the "Custom Scenery" Folder". Other options include in to having "greener grass" and the newer "asphalt" runway and taxiway looks.


Optional WorldTraffic (earth nav data) zip, just replace your main KLAX v2 "Earth Nav Data" file with this one, but save the original as well.


Earth nav data_WT.zip


Requirements :

X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10
Windows, Mac or Linux
2Gb Video Card Minimum. 4GB+ Video Card recommended - 16Gb RAM (don't even dare to try with a 1GB VRAM Card, we warned you)
Please read the manual before you start. Download size: 850+MB
Current version: 2.0 (last updated June 23rd 2017)



Update Review by Stephen Dutton

7th July 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11,02

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90 : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe plugin - US$14.95 : WorldTraffic 2.0 Plugin - US$29.95

Scenery or Aircraft

- Boeing 737-800 X-Plane default aircraft


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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