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Scenery Review : KLAX - Los Angeles International by FunnerFight

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LAX Header.jpg


Scenery Review : KLAX - Los Angeles International by FunnerFight


From any point in the Pacific Basin the main gateway into the United States is still LAX or Los Angeles International Airport. Other ports that include San Francisco, Seattle and even Portland are too far north and the current favorite in Dallas-Fort Worth is too far inland. So LAX still rules in SoCal.


With 655,564 movements (2015) LAX is the third busiest in the United States and seventh in the world, this airport is a busy place.


LAX Header LAX.jpg


Everybody is very familiar with LAX, mainly because for the last six decades the L.A. Hollywood dream machine has created a lot of television product and the many movies and documentaries have also been produced there including an endless supply of "Aircraft Investigations"


So if you fly the North American continent and do a lot of Pacific routes in X-Plane, then LAX is certainly at the hub of your connections, so a very good KLAX in X-Plane is an important addition.



If you have been in X-Plane for a long period you would know that Jeff Mueller (aka joyfulsongster) has provided an earlier KLAX and in fact it was one of the very first detailed LAX's to come to the simulator. So is this an upgrade of that scenery?...  well no, this is not a v2 or anything else but a completely new scenery from the ground up and is in no relation to the original KLAX scenery.


This brings us to the biggest question on these types of mega city sceneries...  framerate. You will find that the total highend quality images that X-PlaneReviews always try to produce are not going to be shown here, they are still of course excellent, but these mega city sceneries create an unusual compromise that is forced onto even the most highend and the most powerful of computer processing power.


Any scenery used in say New York, London, Paris and certainly here in Los Angeles where the urban sprawl is significant does take a huge hit on your processing power for not the actual scenery itself, but for the default autogen that has to be processed around it. You certainly want that look of urban wasteland as you arrive or depart your main continental port, but what you want and what you can have is a very different situation until we get even more power and desktop supercomputing at our disposal.


As a side note to this. Laminar Research have put in some major efforts this year to make the autogen as efficient as possible, X-Plane11 has been even more refined into this area, so it will be very interesting to see the effects of those refinements once the new version is more stable and functional, my early tests show that X-Plane11 is actually quite good even in this early form... certainly for Laminar Research they want the autogen to far more effective than it was in X-Plane10.


So the settings have to come down slightly to get a workable 30fr, and the autogen in the L.A. basin is slightly restricted, and I will repeat that this setting change is not from the frameweight of the actual LAX scenery, but the surrounding autogen but it is a slight compromise.


Scenery Installation

I usually note the installation of the scenery at the end of a review, but this scenery is interesting in the way you can tailor it to the way you want it to look.


The actual KLAX scenery is a simple install, with just one folder "KLAX Los Angeles International" being inserted into your X-Plane "Custom Scenery" Folder. But you do have a selection of options in first a download from Jeff Mueller's X-Plane.Org page to be able to download free two items in "Static' aircraft and "Airport Animations" for this scenery, both folders are dropped into the "Custom Scenery" Folder".


Other options included as part of the package are first the option to have "greener grass" and the newer "asphalt" runway and taxiway look, but both these files do go in to your main X-Plane resources folder and will effect every scenery in X-Plane if you use them.

Another option is to have the standard (X-Plane) terminal taxiway and ramp textures or use the photo-ortho versions (far more fuzzy and with less anti-aliasing) but real images of the areas.


KLAX - LAX Los Angeles

LAX is situated in the United States western state of California, and the airport is sited central Los Angeles on the coast.


Google Maps LAX 1.jpgGoogle Maps LAX 2.jpg

(Google maps®)


KLAX - Los Angeles International



LAX airport diagram.jpg


6L/24R - 8,926 (2,721m) Concrete

6R/24L - 10,285 (3,135m) Concrete

7L/25R - 12,091 (3,685m) Concrete

7R/25L - 11,095 (3,382m) Concrete

Elevation AMSL128 ft / 39 m


First Impressions

Arrival to LAX was from the east and as my landing runway was 07R from the west, I flew to the north of the airport to circuit around to land on 07R.


LAX Impressions.jpgLAX Impressions 1.jpg


Most earlier LAX's had a tendency to be very obvious from the air and in most cases not fitting in well with the surrounding L.A. urban sprawl. But that is not the case here. The scenery boundaries can be seen and the extended beach front does note the front of the scenery on the seashore line, but otherwise this scenery fits in very well with the surrounding X-Plane default areas.


LAX overview.jpg


The overview image of the airport's boundaries are only highlighted by the noticeable highways not connecting to the default imagery but otherwise the intergration is not too bad.


LAX Impressions 2.jpgLAX Impressions 3.jpg

LAX Impressions 4.jpgLAX Impressions 5.jpg


Approach to 07R from the Pacific west shows the how well the scenery is part of the X-Plane world. Viewpoints of the LAX on approach is excellent with great visual eye appeal, and yes you wish all X-Plane beaches look as good as this one does.


I have the "Static' aircraft and "Airport Animations" download installed, and the huge amount of static aircraft fills up the airport to capacity with the airlines western maintenance buildings looking very realistic.


LAX Impressions 5 Sup.jpgLAX Impressions 6.jpg


Taxiways and signage are excellent and the markings are highly detailed as well. So it is easy (even at night) to navigate around this mega airport with ease (an airport diagram helps though).


LAX Impressions 7.jpgLAX Impressions 8.jpg


Great visual aspects give you all the terminals, the distinctive control tower and the flying saucer inspired "Theme Building" are all present and very well replicated.


LAX Impressions 9 LG.jpg


There is with the "traffic" animations installed a huge amount of service and airport vehicles running around the whole of the airport's areas, thay are not restricted to just a few inner terminal areas like a lot of developers do, but have the whole scenery covered in one complete alive system.


LAX Impressions 10.jpgLAX Impressions 11.jpg


There is a huge amount of ground infrastructure supplied with the scenery and as I pass through the south-east cargo areas they are visually filled with a lot of support to the aircraft and give you a highly realistic look of your arrival or departure.


LAX Impressions 12.jpgLAX Impressions 13.jpg


FunnerFlight have used very highly detailed ortho-photographic images and yes the textures are at a high resolution for quality, but once you are on the ground the burnt in images are very noticeable and I am personally not a very big fan of this approach as preferring to have my ramps clean and not create this odd unrealistic illusion. It is the same with the infields as well as they look quite flat and in other areas around the airport as we shall see, they are a conundrum in the fact they do look good from the air, but horrible on the ground.


LAX overview


LAX overview 1.jpgLAX overview 4.jpg


LAX overview 2.jpgLAX overview 3.jpg


Terminals and Central area


LAX overview Airport 2.jpgLAX overview Airport 1.jpg


The central terminal area of LAX is basically a long U shape with the various terminal arms surrounding the outer U.


LAX overview Airport 3.jpgLAX overview Airport 4.jpg


Center is that unusual control tower, here beautifully reproduced and authentic, the old tower is still there as well to the south and the now the "Clifton A. Moore" administration block.


LAX Tower view 1.jpgLAX Tower view 2.jpg

LAX Tower view 3.jpgLAX Tower view 4.jpg


Tower view is exceptional with all four runways clear and no obstacles to spoil any view. Runways 24L and 24R are very close for great landing visuals.


LAX overview Airport 5.jpgLAX overview Airport 6.jpg


Next to the control tower is the "Theme Building" now closed except for the odd weekend thanks to 9/11. 


LAX center.jpgLAX Tom Bradley Inter top.jpg


All Terminals are domestic except for the main new large terminal which is for International. Central area is mostly consists of five large carparks that are attached to the outer terminals. The Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) (right image) dominates the top of the U. And was only completed for $1.6 billion in September 2013, it is a huge complex in rivaling Heathrow's T5 building.


LAX Tom Bradley Inter 1.jpgLAX Tom Bradley Inter 2.jpg

LAX Tom Bradley Inter 3.jpgLAX Tom Bradley Inter 4.jpg


The distinctive semi-sail roofs and the glass wall windows have been very well replicated here and the buildings look very authentic. Nine gates are configured for the A380 (F) but only one in Gate 156 is really usable here for your A380 (but it is a good one).


LAX Tom Bradley Inter A380 LG.jpg


Almost all the major international airlines use TBIT, including British Airways, Qantas, Air France, Cathay Pacific, El-Al, Emirates, Singapore, Lufthansa and most Chinese Airlines.


Domestic and North American terminals are split north and south, with north...


LAX Termnials north.jpg

Three terminals in left to right for Terminals 1, 2 then 3.


LAX Terminal 1.jpgLAX Terminal 2.jpg

LAX Terminal 3.jpg


Terminal 1 is mostly LCC and Southwest. Terminal 2 is interesting because it is an international terminal for Mexico, Canada, China, Hawaii, Italy and New Zealand. Terminal 3 is Frontier, JetBlue, Spirit and Virgin.




LAX Termnials south.jpg


Southside there is not only the main American domestic carrier terminals in 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 (left to right) but there are a few stand areas as well.


LAX Terminal 4.jpgLAX Terminal 5.jpg

LAX Terminal 6.jpgLAX Terminal 7.jpg

LAX Terminal 9.jpg


Terminal 4 is American and American Eagle (Qantas uses the facility as well). Terminal 5 is Delta, with Terminals 6, 7 and 8 for United and United Express with Alaska Air. 


Further east over the Pacific Coast Hwy are two remote terminals for Delta and American Eagle...


LAX Terminal 10.jpgLAX Terminal Cargo north.jpg


North-East  of the two southern runways (07L/25R - 07R/25L) is a cargo area, more parcel than heavy freight would be my guess with their distribution warehouses.


North of these areas and World Way the entrance of LAX, is...  nothing!


LAX North World Way 1.jpgLAX North World Way 2.jpg

LAX North World Way 3.jpg


The area on the north side of World Way is dominated by hotels in the Sheraton Gateway, Crown Plaza, Los Angeles Marriott and L.A. Airport Hilton as noted on the above google 3d image, and all you get with this scenery is a complete flat image of nothingness? poor judgement there in not creating these hotel objects as they are significant to most views of the airport as it looks half complete here, and you certainly feel the blank/flatness when landing on 24L and 24R.


Note: This "World Way" area has now been completed in the LAX v2.0 version, so the above notes are now not valid, full details are here: KLAX - Los Angeles v2



The west sections of LAX are dominated by maintenance buildings for Qantas (yes Qantas do have a huge maintenance facility at L.A.) FedEx, American and United. The airport's main fuel depot is also centered here.


LAX West 2.jpgLAX West 1.jpg

LAX West 7 LG.jpg

LAX West 3.jpgLAX West 4.jpg

LAX West 5.jpgLAX West 6.jpg


There are two areas of remote parking in one centre by the United Base and in the far west with the larger "West Remote Gates" (top).


South Cargo

The southern boundary of LAX is mostly all Cargo facilities.


LAX South Cargo 1 LG.jpg


All the big cargo names are here with Lufthansa Cargo, FedEx, DHL, JAL Cargo, Polar, Korean Air Cargo, Singapore Airlines Cargo and Nippon Air Cargo. Qantas Freight is not the cargo operation but only hold carrying as Qantas doesn't run large international cargo operations, it may yet in the future as Qantas has just reentered the domestic market again after using 3rd party operators for a few decades.


LAX South Cargo 1.jpgLAX South Cargo 2.jpg

LAX South Cargo 3.jpgLAX South Cargo 4.jpg

LAX South Cargo 5 LG.jpg


There are two private jet areas with Signature and Atlantic Aviation represented. South West are all the catering companies with Gate Gourmet, Flying Food and LSG Sky Chiefs providing the onboard feasts.



Lighting is good, but not overly exciting.


LAX lighting 1.jpgLAX lighting 2.jpg

LAX lighting RWY 2.jpgLAX lighting RWY 1.jpg


Runway and taxiway lighting is fine and good for landing and taking off operations...  but the main ramp and area lighting are the all same lights, which are quite dull. Central area with "Theme Building" and Control tower are good but one style of lighting is boring.


LAX lighting 3.jpgLAX lighting 4.jpg

LAX lighting 6.jpgLAX lighting 7.jpg


TBIT is okay, but nothing spectacular, glass has been used more creatively than here.


LAX lighting 5.jpgLAX lighting 8.jpg


Ramp lighting is a great spead, but it is a bit dull down there...   overall the lighting is workable, but nothing special.


LAX lighting 9.jpgLAX lighting 10.jpg



LAX is LAX and one of the most major airports in the United States, but also the world with significant services top all point on the Pacific Rim and South America. Highest passenger numbers are mostly west coast with only New York of the east coast destinations in the top ten, Chicago is the best at 3rd and Atlanta at 7th place.


London is still overwhelmingly the most preferred overseas destination from LAX, followed by Tokyo then Seoul. Sydney/Melbourne numbers shows distance is still no barrier for today's traveler, but China and the Gulf states are making inroads.



  1. San Francisco, California - 1,834,000 - American, Delta, Southwest, United, Virgin America
  2. New York–JFK, New York - 1,655,000 - American, Delta, JetBlue, United, Virgin America
  3. Chicago–O'Hare, Illinois - 1,399,000 - American, Frontier, Spirit, United, Virgin America
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada - 1,337,000 - American, Delta, Southwest, Spirit, United, Virgin America
  5. Seattle/Tacoma, Washington - 1,234,000 - Alaska, American, Delta, Spirit, United, Virgin America
  6. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas - 1,178,000 - American, Delta, Spirit, United
  7. Atlanta, Georgia - 1,070,000 - American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, Spirit
  8. Honolulu, Hawaii - 1,070,000 - Allegiant, American, Delta, Hawaiian, United, Virgin America
  9. Denver, Colorado - 1,033,000 - American, Delta, Frontier, Spirit, Southwest, United
  10. Phoenix–Sky Harbor, Arizona - 904,000 - American, Delta, Southwest, Spirit, United, US Airways



  1. London (Heathrow), United Kingdom1,493,0104 - Air New Zealand, American, British Airways, Delta, United, Virgin Atlantic
  2. Tokyo (Narita), Japan - 1,102,1720 - ANA, American, Delta, Japan Airlines, Singapore Airlines, United
  3. Seoul (Incheon), South Korea - 1,083,5223 - Asiana, Korean Air, Thai Airways
  4. Taipei (Taoyuan), Taiwan946,4264 - China Airlines, EVA Air
  5. Sydney, Australia - 934,2158 - American, Delta, Qantas, United, Virgin Australia
  6. Vancouver, Canada - 896,49019 - Air Canada, Alaska, American, Delta, United, WestJet
  7. Guadalajara, Mexico - 746,0170 - Aeroméxico, Alaska, American, Delta, Interjet, Volaris
  8. Mexico City, Mexico - 725,5755 - Aeroméxico, American, United, Volaris
  9. Toronto (Pearson), Canada - 619,2272 - Air Canada, American
  10. Paris (Charles de Gaulle), France - 579,3112 - Air France, Air Tahiti Nui
  11. Hong Kong, Hong Kong - 553,2148 - Cathay Pacific
  12. Shanghai (Pudong), China - 512,4564 - American, China Eastern, Delta, United
  13. Dubai (International), United Arab Emirates - 486,97513 - Emirates
  14. Beijing (Capital), China - 464,8324 - Air China
  15. Melbourne, Australia - 445,5253 - Qantas, United



Mega airports are always a compromise in simulation, and so it with this very good LAX from FunnerFlight. You can't replicate everything with so much area to cover and that also is a mirror for your framerate as well. In fact this scenery is very good on framerate, but you do have to compromise on the extended default autogen to use it with a bit of headroom to spare. Otherwise it is very good and highly usable scenery.


Negatives. With the use of good ortho-photographic textures they can be a huge advantage and disadvantage at the same time, great from the air in the intergration with the default area around the airport but prone to flatness and burnt in images on the ground as they are again a needed compromise that works more for you here than not. But the missing north World Way flattened hotel buildings are a major element of the airport that shows up how the ortho flatness can be a huge distraction in an otherwise well completed scenery...  this area needs to fixed with 3d buildings and quickly as it takes away a lot of good points off a good scenery for creating such a blank empty area of the airport.. Lighting is only good to average at best.


The airport's infrastructure in buildings and ramp elements are all very good and detailed as is all the excellent animations (including hangar doors). The visual impact of landing at LAX is very complete and as scenery it works very well as LAX is a main connecting segment of any good X-Plane routing network either domestically in the U.S. or Internationally over the Pacific Rim, Canada or Europe.


So yes this is a very good LAX from FunnerFlight and a welcome addition into your X-Plane network




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the KLAX - Los Angeles International by FunnerFight is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

KLAX - Los Angeles International


Price is US$24.95



Custom objects to mimic the real airport
  • Over 13000 objects are included in the scene
  • ATC  taxi routes and 4 runways with Wind rules.
Animated Airport
  • Over 100 Animations, most using GroundTraffic by Marginal.
  • Dozens of gates with Marginal's Safegate Docking System
Photo Scenery Airport
  • Close to 20 sq mi of aerial photography
  • High-Definition resolution: 30 cm (1 foot) 
  • X-Plane or ortho-texture terminal taxiway option




Installation :   Download scenery file size is 629.50mb. Installed file size is 1.80gb "KLAX Los Angeles International" being inserted into your X-Plane "Custom Scenery" Folder. But you do have a selection of options in first a download from Jeff Mueller's X-Plane.Org page to be able to download free two items in "Static' aircraft and "Airport Animations" for this scenery, both folders are dropped into the "Custom Scenery" Folder". Other options include in to having "greener grass" and the newer "asphalt" runway and taxiway looks.


Documents : Included is a "Quickstart" install and notes on how to install the extra options.


Requirements :

X-Plane 10.30+ (Any edition) 
Windows, Mac or Linux
2Gb Video Card Minimum. 3GB+ Video Card recommended - 16Gb RAM
Please read the manual before you start. Download size: 600+MB


Review by Stephen Dutton

3rd December 2016

Copyright©2015: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 10 Global ver 10.45

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Scenery or Aircraft

- Douglas DC-8 by Wilson's Aircraft (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$25.00


Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg



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It is a nice scenery, but I have the old one and I reworked it a bit, and I really do not understand what is wrong with it. This one seems not a really big upgrade, mainly because of textures. This is my only very personal opinion.

Thanks for the review.

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