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Free Aircraft Release! : Concorde by Dr Gary Hunter

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Free Aircraft Release! : Concorde by Dr Gary Hunter




Growing up in the sixties was a time of huge speed advances. The predictions were of New York in 3 hours and Singapore in 7 hours via Bahrain, and then we went far faster again...  to the moon.


Looking back now it all feels like we lost have something, yes we can afford to travel the world on a few thousand dollars...  but the excitement and the sheer feeling of the momentum of advances in technology has now been reduced to smart phones.


The real tragedy was that the machines that gave us our biggest breakthroughs were then never advanced forward, there was no Concorde Mk2 or Space Shuttle Mk2. And so there came no advancements on their ideas and weaknesses, like the noise and sound barrier on Concorde and the better insulation tiles for the Shuttle. Instead they were all consigned to museums and with that a negative backward feeling now exists. You know it can be better, as we lived through that now past era of huge ideas and advancement that actually came true and real.


But you can still relive a little of what one machine of that era was, in the Concorde. Dr Gary Hunter created a Concorde for X-Plane9®, so yes this aircraft is old now even by X-Plane standards. It didn't fly very well either lately because of the advances of the simulator, so an update to v10.50 was carried out and the aircraft has been gratefully passed over to the X-Plane.Org to be released...  yes that is right this Concorde is for free!


Concorde_Head 1.jpgConcorde_Head 2.jpg

Concorde_Head 4.jpgConcorde_Head 5.jpg


And no matter which way you look at it this aircraft is still one of the very best looking machines ever built, The modeling is slightly old, but not enough not to make it feel totally outdated.


Concorde_Panel 1.jpgConcorde_Panel 2.jpg

Concorde_Panel 3.jpgConcorde_Panel 4.jpg


The panel is from an era of X-Plane seasons past, and the instruments are quite blurry. But it is totally functional and does have a 3d Virtual Cockpit.


Concorde_Panel 5.jpgConcorde_Panel 6.jpg


There is also a great engineers station, and you need to watch those fuel gauges, they gulp down fuel like no tomorrow, but hey you are also covering the ground at a one mile every two and three quarter seconds!


Concorde_Cabin 1.jpgConcorde_Cabin 2.jpg


Full cabin as well with the all important speed Mach numbers and altitude.


Concorde_Panel Mach 1.jpgConcorde_Head 3.jpg


You are seriously moving at m2.2, you can feel the speed even over the smooth Atlantic Ocean, watching my moving map on my iPad, the aircraft is moving as you are watching it even at a high distance, the Nm counter is clicking over click, click, click fast as well...  this is no sub-sonic slow ride to China or as in this ride... to New York.


Distances of descent to any airport will need a bigger or longer distance with this machine as it is a long way down from 50,000ft or even 60,000ft if you are game.


Concorde_Head 6.jpg


Liveries included: Blank or Eurowhite, BA Union, BA Landor, BA Flag, AF, AF Retro, Prototype and Singapore.


Concorde_Livery Blank.jpgConcorde_Livery BA Union.jpg

Concorde_Livery BA Landor.jpgConcorde_Livery BA Flag.jpg

Concorde_Livery AF.jpgConcorde_Livery Retro.jpg

Concorde_Livery Prototype.jpgConcorde_Livery SQ.jpg




Concorde_NY 1.jpgConcorde_NY 2.jpg


New York and "Look Mum, no Flaps!" drop the nose and the speed to 195knts and you get that over familiar hawk look...


Concorde_NY 4.jpg


Concorde_NY 3.jpgConcorde_NY 5.jpg


The aircraft is surprisingly easy to fly on approach, but watch for a high nose in the air after landing.


Concorde_NY 7.jpgConcorde_NY 6.jpg


Concorde is back in New York!




There is a big thanks to the work of Dr Gary Hunter in creating this X-Plane Concorde, and now passing it over to Nicolas of the X-Plane.Org for you to download...  for FREE!, yes just go to the link below (sign in first) and download this Concorde and go....     Supersonic!


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the My Planes (Dr Gary Hunter) Concorde is available for download here:



Price is Free!


  • Accurate dimensions
  • 2D and basic 3D Cockpit
  • Object-based model, Very detailed model
  • 8 liveries
  • Cockpits have been totally redesigned.
  • Go to the virtual cockpit and move to the center laterally (right arrow key) then translate backward through the aircraft (shift-pagedown key) to see the virtual cabin interior.
  • All cabin windows are in 3D, and the cabin interior is modeled (seats etc). These differences are most obvious when using LIT textures as you can see inside the cabin more easily. Try circling the plane when flying in low level lighting conditions (sunset for example). Updated and tidied up the 3D virtual cockpit a little. The horizon is 3D now but its hard to notice so I may drop it in future versions.
  • All fuselage doors are operable using keys
  • 8 fuel tanks
  • Full 3D Model

Regular Concorde and Concorde 'B' included

  • The model B was to have been the definitive airline version of Concorde, produced from airframe number 17 onwards. As production stopped at airframe number 16, the model B never actually took to the air, though much of the design work and improvements were retrofitted to existing Concordes. The most noticeable difference would have been the big wing of the model B, non-afterburning (more powerful) engines and a much greater range. This version also features an airbus style “glass” cockpit.




Overview by Stephen Dutton

6th October 2016

Copyright©2016: X-Plane Reviews


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