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  1. The SR20 has been a monumental aircraft in both my X-Plane and real flying. I first began my flight training in an SR20-G3 (N8765W), and that was one of the planes that helped me fall in love with flying. 65W had Avidyne glass, extremely comfortable seating, and a side stick that felt like no other control I've used since. The vFlyteAir SR20 was ahead of its time when it came out, and it still is after their v2.5 update. It was the first plane that gave me real hope for a G1000 in X-Plane. It was also one of the first aircraft I ever flew in X-Plane with the standard vFlyteAir level of detail. I was incredibly surprised to see that everything worked - the systems were accurate, it flew quite well, and everything down to the circuit breakers worked. The immersion is such that, when I hop into the virtual cockpit of the vFlyteAir SR20, I feel that same comfort I felt when I sat down in the comfortable leather seats of the real plane. The vFlyteAir SR20 is truly a work of art, and their continued updates have improved it to a whole other level.
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