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News! - 10.50 goes RC! : X-Plane version 10.50 has gone release candidate 2

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News! - 10.50 goes RC! : X-Plane version 10.50 has gone release candidate 2


Laminar Research has put out the release candidate (RC) for X-Plane version 10.50. With the RC candidate there will be a version available for Steam users who can't access the beta releases. Planned end of version global airports releases has been passed over to v10.51 because WED 1.5 is not mature enough to give a pass to the default scenery.


Release notes:


Features for RC1:

  • More updated nav data from Robin (default X-Plane navigation data).

Fixed for RC2:

  • Updated translations for new DRM dialogs, and added TRAN() to region alerts (XPD-6209).
  • Removed long function ptr type in event hook, which wasn’t safe for passing string ptrs to the XPLM in scenery hook.
  • Fixed C-130 taxi and takeoff.
  • Now we don’t clear avio bus bits in plane load. This should fix weird power draws on planes that incorrectly have the avio bus src unchecked but do have a load and have some kind of avio usage on the panel (XPD-6502).
  • Art control timeout for run loop set to 5 ms. This prevents missing runways for users.
  • Includes art fixes for King Air, Baron & KLAX scenery.

Fixed for RC1:

  • Save at least one snapshot for situations and replays so we have all the data for file-open (XPD-6201).
  • Slung load does not start from flight location start (XPD-6197).
  • Airport search string for normal airport window is now totally separate from the map/IOS search string (XPD-6138).
  • More robust fix for the crash-when-no-NICs-found (XPD-6196).
  • G430 CLR button cancels procedure selection (XPD-6180).
  • Can now select a new approach in G430 (XPD-6178).
  • Fixed airport map overlap in GPS (XPD-6179).
  • Do not zero throttle on beta if plugin has taken over (XPD-6174).
  • Don’t reset previously-in-inet overrides on flight reset (XPD-6173).
  • Copy-paste on windows would truncate the last selected character.
  • Restored v8 aliases of transponder commands in an attempt to make PFC plugin work.
  • Aerosoft nav data missing the IAF flags (XPD-5872).
  • Always save user edits to navaids and fixes to the Custom Data folder (XPD-6167).
  • Keep current local map type and zoom setting when the weather menu is opened (XPD-5202).
  • Junction matching was using the wrong bones, causing some non-composite junctions to be ignored.  This makes slightly better variety in the autogen road intersections in cities.


Before you fill my comments section with words of "Where have you been, RC has been out for nearly a week?" Yes it has, and your not wrong there and that is not current news...  but RC2 is as this means that X-Plane 10.50 will go final soon.


Post beta heaven


Here are a few tips for all users on the way to get the best out of X-Plane and updates. You did use a separate X-Plane application to run the "betas" didn't you? Funny enough most users don't as they throw in the betas into their one X-Plane application and then what goes wrong, it buggers it all up and you can't run anything and your only X-Plane application is stuffed up.


The general aim in X-Plane is to get the best, cleanest and most efficient application you can. That means a high framerate and no crashes. This means only really good (not buggy) custom scenery, only the plugins that do work or don't crash the the system and the best aircraft you can put in there. So the biggest mistake is to keep throwing "all that amazing great stuff" into the application without using any of your thought filters. An over loaded X-Plane is not the best simulation.


If you get to the point of nirvana or a really great running X-Plane application then make a back up of it and save it somewhere safe.


Three folders in X-Plane in the "Global Scenery", "Custom Scenery", "Plugins" and "Aircraft" can be too large to save and they are not needed in the backup save, but you should still have them backed up separately anyway in case it all goes wrong for just long term backup or if your computer goes down, just remember to update them sometimes.


So here are the tricks...  The download X-Plane "demo" is a totally clean version of X-Plane, so if you want a new one from scratch then download the demo, start it up and reset all your basic settings, you can save your "X-Plane Keys.prf" and "X-Plane Screen Res.prf" preferences from your old application in the Output/Preferences folder and insert them into the new version Output/Preferences folder to save time resetting everything on the demo. But most times it is really good to totally redo the lot and to reset all those mixed up key preferences with better ones.  Then close X-Plane.


Then rotate out the demo "Global Scenery", "Custom Scenery" "plugins" and "Aircraft" folders and insert your usual working ones and you will have a nice clean brand new X-Plane application.


When beta's come along then just take out those huge "Global Scenery", "Custom Scenery" "plugins" and "Aircraft" folders and then duplicate the basic X-Plane application and rename it in the new version like "X-Plane1050". now you have two X-Plane applications, your really good one and your beta test one. You do have to always rotate those huge "Global Scenery", "Custom Scenery" "plugins" and "Aircraft" folders, between which X-Plane you are using, slightly annoying but at least you will still have everything at your finger tips, otherwise you only need a copy or the "Global Scenery" folder in the demo/beta version to make it work correctly if you want to keep the demo/beta version basic.


If the beta gets buggered up like mine did when constantly updating buggy betas, then just duplicate your clean version and do a new "X-Plane update" from the installer to bring it up to the current beta version or RC.


The most important thing is that if X-Plane goes final, then do this complete duplication of the clean version or download the demo and then do a complete installer update to get the best current running X-Plane application you can get. Usually after a few weeks the actual "demo" is the newer updated 10.50 or so version so you can download that completed version in one go.


Running a post beta dirty application is not a good idea as you are not getting all the best new benefits from the new version and will not have to keep sending bug reports to Laminar Research that are not there (in other words not to have Ben Supnik balling you out!)


Again backup your good but older version (10.45) (in case you ever need it, of which you will) and make the new clean (10.50) version now your primary X-Plane application and start the whole cycle over again. It is always good to have two versions running to check things (plugins mostly).


In most cases just throwing away your preferences will fix most issues, but a clean new X-Plane version will do total wonders for your simulation flying and get the very best from the new features and refinements of X-Plane.



Stephen Dutton

11th August 2016

Copyright©2016: X-PlaneReviews


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