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  1. I was able to rebuild my 10.45 successfully following your instructions in "post beta heaven"! I copied the successful install to an external drive so when I upgrade I have a backup. Thank you again.
  2. Thank you for one of the only (out of many) responses that wasn't condescending or smug. I'll try this.
  3. Well, I was premature in upgrading, as were others, it seems. The program now stops on the Quick Start page and when I go to click on an airplane the line above is selected. And then nothing else works - clicking on "Get Flying" or whatever it is called does nothing. Not happy. I have asked in several forums for a reversion to 10.45.
  4. Stephen, will this new release work as well on modestly powered systems as 10.45 did? Asked a different way, does it require more CPU oomph and a more robust video processor than its predecessor? I will upgrade to a capable PC, but for now I run X-Plane well enough on my MacBook Pro with all the extras turned way down. Thanks, Kevin
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