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Scenery Review : EDDW Bremen by FSDG

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EDDW Bremen_Header.jpg


Scenery Review : EDDW Bremen by FSDG


With the recent addition to the X-Plane world of the A300-ST (Beluga), there is perhaps a renewed interest in real-world routes that this unique aircraft flies to. Since Airbus have a facility in Bremen, it seems only right that this airport gets more attention. 


From Airbus's website it states: 

"In Bremen, approximately 2,500 people work at the second-largest Airbus Commercial site in Germany – where they are responsible for the design, manufacture, integration and testing of high-lift systems for the wings of Airbus aircraft. This site is unique for Airbus, as it brings Commercial Aircraft activities together with those of the company’s Defence and Space business, as well as Airbus’ TESTIA company and Premium Aerotech subsidiary".


Bremen, in the northwest of Germany, also develops and builds the integrated fuselage assembly for the A400M military transport aircraft, including the cargo loading system.

Additionally, Bremen is a centre of competence for space transportation, manned space flight and space robotics. Its highly-skilled employees work on key programmes such as the Ariane 5 launch vehicle and the human-rated Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle – a joint project between the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA). Bremen is responsible as well for operation of European components on the International Space Station (ISS)."


So there is a lot of scope for this airport, which might have been otherwise overlooked. 


As per usual, here is a "Before and After" series of screenshots so you can see what you are getting. 


b738_4k - 2021-03-24 20.53.46.jpg b738_4k - 2021-03-24 20.42.28.jpg



The download file is a zipped  file for either Windows, or Mac, which are named FSDG-BREMEN_V1.0_XP11_WINDOWS.exe - a 1.1 GB file in the case of Windows, and 4.7GB .dmg file in the case of MacOS. FSDG-BREMEN_V1.0_XP11_MAC.zip respectively, for which you need a product key to complete the installation. (the key is supplied in the the "download item" link . Once entered, you specify the location of your X-Plane 11 folder and continue. 


setup2.JPG   setup1.jpg

The Company field is optional and does not need to be filled out, and just click Start to start the installation script. 




You will then get an notice to say the scenery is installed successfully. 


In your X-Plane "Custom Scenery" folder, you will then see 3 additional entries. 


1) FSDG\docs (Containing the documentation) 

The documentation is not directly viewable from the download file, but extracted to the X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\FSDG\docs\Manual_FSDG-Bremen_XP.pdf location.

2) FSDG-Bremen_XP (containing the airport scenery, orthos and navigational files, along with an OPTIONS folder which contains the optional seasonal textures for Spring,Autumn and Winter files.

3) fsdg-bremen-xp (no contents)

I tried to follow the instructions for the winter season, but I was getting scenery errors in the log file whenever I switched using the Generic Mod Enabler. After reading the errors, I managed to find out that the documentation was not complete and that the The Winter textures should go in:

-  folder number 3 "fsdg-bremen-xp"

-  X-Plane 11\Custom Scenery\fsdg-bremen-xp\(all folders beginning with Winter)

-  FlyAgi_Vegetation_Seasonal\all folders beginning with Winter)

-  ground\

- objects\winter

- orthos\Winter


After I pasted these files from the  FSDG-Bremen_XP folder, the scenery loaded correctly with the Winter textures. 


NB: This option only covers the airport area. If you wish the surrounding area to be covered too, you can use SAM Seasons Plugin, which can be installed from the SAM Suite. 


There is also a AS_SCENERY-ANIMATION-MANAGER_XPLANE11_WINDOWS-MAC-LINUX.zip file, but if you already have SAM Suite installed, this is not necessary. (available here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/59782-scenery-animation-manager-suite/)


On loading the scenery, and selecting the Beluga A300-ST, I noticed there was sadly no dedicated parking for the Airbus area, but I did find a way around this. What I did was to load the Beluga at one of the available starting points, and manually taxi to the Airbus section, and save the X-Plane situation where I desired the aircraft to be. 


A306_ST - 2021-03-20 16.12.41.jpgA306_ST - 2021-03-20 16.13.18.jpg

You can see the default available selections below, and my created saved situation which I created, which results in the below starting point. 



You can then select your saved situation from the "File" menu and load up the situation. By default, it names the file in a format which includes the name of the aircraft saved, this is handy for reference. More information on saving and loading situations can be found here. 

https://x-plane.helpscoutdocs.com/article/45-saving-and-loading-flights#:~:text=To save a flight%2C go,-Plane 11%2FOutput).


I did check on the forums to see if there was any plans for an update for this scenery, but none planned at the moment. 


A306_ST - 2021-03-23 18.11.33.jpg


A306_ST - 2021-03-23 18.35.47.jpg


You can then load your cargo as desired, as per the below example. (this gets called from the Beluga Menu from the EFB).


A306_ST - 2021-03-24 16.23.42.jpgA306_ST - 2021-03-21 15.15.37.jpg   


The airport gates are animated and controlled by the SAM Plugin menu. This can be installed as above, or downloaded as part of the SAM Suite available here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/59782-scenery-animation-manager-suite/


You will notice that the gate to the left is currently closed, this is controlled by the SAM Plugin menu, this can be reached via the X-Plane Menu, -> Plugins -> SAM  Plugins -> Airport Operation  System. There are two gate options, one for the GA area, and the other for the Airbus area.  You simply click on the button on the right-hand side of the menu to open/close the gates. 


A306_ST - 2021-03-24 16.23.33.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.49.30.jpg


Along the taxiway, they have a nicely mown grass area with the Werder Bremen Football team, and further along, the German Post Office block, although good at first glance, could improve the texture quality on the signage, but since this is peripheral building, they can be forgiven for that. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.50.11.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.50.56.jpg 


They did do quite a nice job on the Holiday Inn and industrial buildings though, and the texture resolution is quite good for an area not normally visited for takeoffs or landings. The Hangar areas are quite good too, I half-expected to see animated advertising boards here, but the static is pleasing enough. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.57.24.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.56.49.jpg


The snowploughs for the winter season are a nice touch for this scenery, considering that North Germany does get some cold and snowy winters. Regarding the control tower, the view brings me to the building on the right - easily missed if you are not looking for it. It's tucked away behind the office buildings out of sight. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.56.09.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.55.51.jpg


The radar tower looks good from every angle, and the building itself looks good with weathering on the roof and sides of the structure - very nicely done indeed. The ground textures,tress and shrubs add realism and ambiance to the airport too.


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.54.04.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.53.30.jpg


The fire-station has good resolution and detailed brickwork, and the Airbus area has detailed warehouses and storage and plenty of car spaces. I like the surrounding areas details such as the fences and ground details, and the vegetation in particular is pleasing to the eye. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.53.39.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.55.10.jpg


There is vegetation throughout the scenery grass areas with flowers and wild shrubs abundantly placed, not sure if this would go down well with the health and safety department regarding birds in the area though. 


A306_ST - 2021-03-20 16.46.02.jpg


  The runways even have a dedicated displaced threshold area for the Beluga (A3ST).  No wonder there's a smile on her face. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.52.58.jpg


I really love the texturing on the Germania Hangar, the roof, decals and entrance doors are crisp and  excellently done, and of high resolution and quality. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.52.42.jpg


The Lufthansa Aviation Training Centre in Bremen also uses similar textures (although in real-life, this area is much more transparent, but a limitation of the tools available, but still a good effort. Another nice touch is the vehicles and aircraft used (although a bit odd to see a G- registered aircraft there),but the taxiway markings are really nice, and the dividing fence is really well done and a lot of attention to detail is given here. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.52.26.jpg


The terminals and jetways are of good quality resolution and extra items such as baggage trolleys and passenger buses are plentiful, suggesting a busy airport with lots of activity. Even the barriers, traffic cones and cars are detailed enough to pass muster with the most discerning user. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.52.25.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.52.04.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.51.54.jpga321 - 2021-03-27 16.51.39.jpg


The transparencies are a particular favorite of mine, and they are rendered to good effect here. as are the airport markings and signage and even the waste bins are depicted here. Definitely no complaints in this department. 


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.51.36.jpg


The airport at night-time on the terminal side, is rather dark and subdued and is difficult to pick out all the details. I tried several different angles and time of day, to get some decent screenshots of nighttime to give you some idea of the lighting differences.


a321 - 2021-03-27 16.58.53.jpgA300_PW - 2021-04-09 20.14.45.jpg a321 - 2021-03-27 16.58.29.jpgA300_PW - 2021-04-09 20.00.35.jpg

b738_4k - 2021-04-13 12.41.15.jpg


As I remarked earlier, after my initial difficulties with getting the seasons to work, I have a few illustrations to show how nice it looks. 


A300_PW - 2021-04-09 19.59.32.jpgA300_PW - 2021-04-09 19.59.38.jpgA300_PW - 2021-04-09 19.59.24.jpgA300_PW - 2021-04-09 20.02.44.jpg


I think the snow effects on the roof over the advertising looks very effective, and the wheel tracks along the apron are nicely done,although health and safety might have a few complaints about it. 


B733 - 2021-04-14 10.18.26.jpgB733 - 2021-04-14 10.18.08.jpgB733 - 2021-04-14 10.17.38.jpg




I really love this scenery with it's quaint charm and it's not hard on frames. Despite the installation instructions not being 100% accurate, I managed to get the scenery working by reading the error log files and brute-force. I know this should not be the case, as reading the error logs takes practice to know what's really happening. I raised a ticket with them highlighting this issue and requested that they update the documentation to show this. The price is about what you expect to pay for this addon and it's good value for money. This is a nicely rounded  airport and you will have lots of destinations to choose from if you fly real-life routes as I tend to do. Bremen caters exclusively for European destinations, but ironically, Ryanair, (Ireland's second airline) doesn't even fly from Dublin to Bremen which you might expect. 

It also covers some of the Bremen city area, famous for it's Bremen Musicians sculpture near the town-hall. It is a member of the Hanseatic league which extended across Northern Europe in the middle-ages.


Scenery files are getting larger and larger (not only with X-Plane,but this shown in the quality of textures and the added features such as the animated gates,and alternative winter textures. It's a versatile airport which caters for passenger, cargo, and the Airbus facilities and the Lufthansa training centre, so no shortage of possibilities exist for this destination. 


I find it an ideal destination if you are short on time to fly and it's got an enjoyable approach with lovely views of the city.


Performance-wise, I get about 36fps with the Zibo 737-800 as a benchmark which is about what I expect from my system. With the Flightfactor A320, I get 30fps. 



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! Bremen EDDW by FSDG is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store...


You can find Bremen here:


FSDG - Bremen XP

Price is $26.99



  •  Fully accurate rendition of Bremen Hans Koschnick Airport and surroundings (EDDW)
  •  Outstanding level of detail with fully customized airport vehicles and facilities
  •  High resolution aerial imagery and ground textures
  •  Optimized for great performance and visual quality
  •  Working jetways (SAM plugin needed)
  •  Realistic CAT II/III lighting
  •  Dynamic apron objects
  •  Various animations (SAM plugin required) including animated Tram, approach lights, jetways, marshaller
  •  XP11 technology with PBR ground materials and enhanced lighting
  •  AI traffic routes and flows
  •  Winter version (optional)
  •  TerraMAXX seasonal textures (optional)
  •  Compatible with Ortho4XP
  •  Manual included

NOTE: In order to use the airport you need to install the free SAM-Plugin.



X-Plane 11

Windows or Mac ( not compatible with Linux)
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended
Current version: 1.0 (Sep 23rd 2019)


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i9-9900K CPU 5.00GHz / 64bit - 32 Gb  DDR4 4300 RAM - EVGA GeForce GTX 2070 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.53 

Addons: Saitek Throttle and Yoke : Sound -Soundblaster Audigy Fx

Plugins: : BetterPushBack - Free LiveTraffic -  Weather ActiveSkyXP https://hifisimtech.com/asxp/



Scenery Review by Jude Bradley

22nd April 2021

Copyright©2021 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) - All Rights Reserved


Release Date:2019

Platform:X-Plane 11.30+
Operating System:Windows XP,Windows VISTA,Windows 7/8/10 (64-Bit Recommended),Mac OSX
GPU Requirements:3D Graphics Card With Min. 1GB Memory
CPU Requirements:
3,0 GHz Processor (Dual Core Processor Recommended)


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  • Stephen changed the title to Scenery Review : EDDW Bremen by FSDG

I can not recommend this scenery highly enough. It is very good, especially, if you couple it with Ortho4Xp and Simheaven X-Europe 5.5. It is just so so good and would truly deserve to get its own review.


As for the installation, when dealing with .exe installers: I can only recommend to create an empty folder and copy the Xplane11.exe into it. Point the installer to that folder, instead of your main sim-folder. Afterwards inspect the files that were dropped and manually copy them to your sims folder.


I did so with EDDW and did not encounter any of the errors and debugging you described here.


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