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Flight Factor : Upcoming Boeing 757 Rain and Window Shade effects

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Flight Factor's upcoming Boeing 757 Series has had some more new special effects unveiled : Rain and active Window Shades.  Rain isn't a new effect for X-Plane as it was introduced on Javier Rollon's CRJ-200, but it is in the application here that makes this effect outstanding. Roman Berezin has already experimented with this effect in his Boeing 777 Series.



The rain is highly effective, And I can vouch for that, My approach to BIKF - in Keflavik, Iceland was from clear skies to poor light, low cloud and heavy rain, My work load was increased and the simulation was highly effective peering through the wet glass looking for the runway and safety.



The newer rain effects now give you dropping water streaking down the window and the clearing of the water on windows as the speed builds, It is all very realistic...


The Window Shade effect is clever as well. Turn the aircraft into the sun and the passengers close their shades on the light coming at the windows...



Roman calls them "Active Blinds"... 


The Flightfactor Boeing 757 Series is coming to X-Plane soon, but the release date has not yet been set.


Developer Site: Facebook / Flight Factor


9th August 2013

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