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  1. Aircraft Review - McDonnell Douglas MD-88 Pro v1.31 by Rotate I'm going to leave most of the techno mumbo-jumbo to the professionals/experts, as in the expert who wrote the linked excellent write-up on the Mad Dog above in my post. Flying the Mad Dog is like flying the real plane. But let's not start with flying, lets start by dropping ourselves into the cockpit. Your instant impression is that this plane is not like any Boeing, Air Bus or any of the other airliners out there. The Mad Dog is a hard looking, complicated array of instruments, switches and controls that look like it's from another planet. In reality, it's definitely from another era, but still modern and sensible. After delving into any of the supplied reading materials, YouTube vids (both by the Rotate and fan base, as well as from real pilots flying real MD80's!) you start to understand a little bit more what the differences are and, most importantly, what the difference in flight management, aerodynamics and handling has to offer. The graphics are, to put it simply, astounding! The attention to detail is second to none and will, IMHO, blow you away if you haven't already been blown away by the whole plane itself by now. Systems are well built and the developers are constantly updating and adding more realism in every update. (talking about updates, how about that free update from X-plane 10 to Xplane-11? eh? Pretty cool if you ask me ) Same updating goes for their beautiful graphics. The FMS? Whew! Probably one of the best if you don't mind me saying. Yes, The MD80 line ....IS DIFFERENT! It's like learning to fly all over again. But, if you're into learning to fly the real deal, and 'getting as real as it gets', learning this plane is worth every second you spend reading, watching and listening to people that are knowledgeable in the Mad Dog. One person that is extremely in the know, is this MD80 pilot who was retiring and wanted to share his experience in flying this unique aircraft. In fact, he was the first bit of info I found before I went and purchased the Mad Dog. Kent Wein talks about how he Fell in Love with the Mad Dog in this YouTube video. So, take the leap if you haven't, in fact, take the flight! The ROTATE MD88 is, in my opinion, the best built aircraft for X-Plane! Did I miss anything? I'm sure I have, but it's now up to you to find out all the beauty and excellence this plane has to offer! So....That's my story, and I'm stick-in' to it!
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