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Scenery Upgrade : LEBL - Barcelona XP11 by JustSim

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LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Header.jpg


Scenery Upgrade : LEBL - Barcelona XP11 by JustSim


There is sometimes no rhyme or reason of why you are attracted to certain aircraft or sceneries. You just are. And that is surprisingly in the case that the actual scenery chosen doesn't have all the features and dynamics that it really should have. But a few like EDDL - Düsseldorf (also by JustSim), ENGM - Oslo Airport, Gardermoen (Aerosoft) and EGCC - Manchester (the old one from Aerosoft) have all been very prominent in many of our reviews, added into that list is LEBL - Barecelona which is again always an outright choice for any flights to or from Spain... if looking hard there is one common theme amongst all these favoured sceneries and that is they all run the WorldTraffic 3 plugin very well, that maybe the connection, but even then JustSim's LEBL - Barcelona was always a favoured first routing choice of any Mediterranean destination.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 2.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 3.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 4.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 5 LG.jpg


More interesting is the fact that JustSim's version of LEBL - Barcelona although good out of the box, still had a lot of areas that I would usually rally hard against as not being up to standard, truth be told then LEBL should not have even come close to being listed on my main usage list, but I was willing (why) to use it despite these in some cases high limitations, so there must be something good going on here, and when this new upgraded XP11 version popped up I was really quite excited and hoped that many of the earlier areas of missed features and dynamics had been rectified. I noted at the time "you get the feeling the scenery has been released quickly and before it is finished" as the Christmas (2017) holiday season was the point of the original release.


So let us look at the changes in the XP11 version of LEBL. The original review is here: Scenery Review : LEBL Barcelona El Prat by JustSim


Outwardly visually there isn't much much difference than the original, in reality it didn't need it either as it was already quite comprehensive, I will note that included and they are situated in these images here are the addon city objects of the Barcelona Skyline 2.1 by marpilot, as they add in a lot and to the feel of the Barcelona city skyline.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 6.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 7.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 8.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Head 9.jpg


Terminal One was really well done originally, it thoroughly looked the modern and stylish building it was supposed to represent, no issues with that aspect at all...


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_2.jpg


JustSim note the terminal has been remodelled here, I think it has had improvements, but more to the finishing off stage than any major structure changes, the only physical change as I can see is on Ramp R-15, the covered walkways have been removed and the stands have been rearranged, the ground signage in front of R-15 is now different as well, your old WT3 parking is now out of alignment as well with the new layout.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_14.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_15.jpg


When you arrived at your assigned gate originally it was simply not a great experience, it was then very bland, empty and inactive (below).


LEBL - Barcelona Terminal 1 5.jpgLEBL - Barcelona Terminal 1 6.jpg

LEBL - Barcelona Static 1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona Terminal 1 8.jpg


The XP11 version has fixed pretty well everything in this aspect...


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_3.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_4.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_5.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_6.jpg


....  a huge amount of good clutter has fixed most of these barren areas, and every gate and even around all the aprons there is now a significant amount of clutter but none is BCN branded, but it is still very good. I particularly like the variations of different ground equipment, like all the neoplans (buses) that are different.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_7 LG.jpg


There are animations now also present as well, it is noted as still a WIP, but there is enough animated vehicle activity to satisfy into bringing in some movements into the work areas.


The X-Plane ground service now also works, I rarely use this because I use the JARDesign GHD plugin, but it is an additional feature for those that use the default version.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_16.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_17.jpg


VDGS - Visual Docking Guidance System

Another fix is the now inclusion of the VDGS - Visual Docking Guidance System, or animated airbridges. This is the older Marginal version and not the more recent SAM plugin, and for some reason JustSim is not embracing the SAM system over the Marginal version, weird because JustSim usually use the latest ideas and features with their sceneries...


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_10.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_11.jpg

LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_8.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_9.jpg


One of the biggest LEBL drawbacks has thankfully now been fixed as it was very odd (boring) with those fixed old fashioned airbridges. The feature is very well intergrated into the terminal as well with a similar design and the correct see through glass. Even if they are the older system, these VDGS airbridges are very nice, but some of the pole navigation electronic displays are a little tall, I had to crouch down low in the MD88 to see the display.


Terminal 2 west has the VDGS system as well and JustSim noted that the VDGS system is still a WIP...  but I tested two airbridges over here and they worked fine, they are of a solid construction in design than the glass airbridges of T1 but look authentic.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 2_1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 2_2.jpg


Like Terminal One in that Terminal 2 was a very empty place, it is now highly active and thankfully more realistic...


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 2_3.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 2_4.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 2_5 LG.jpg


....  I usually avoided Terminal 2 because of its blandness, but now in this XP11 version it is perfectly active enough for me to come over here, still mostly for LCC use, but that is fine.


HDR active

All glass in the terminals, buildings and airbridges are now HDR reflective...


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_12.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Terminal 1_13.jpg


....  again this is another step forward in making the gates and buildings more realistic and not dull.


LEBL - Barcelona now also comes with HDR ground and surface reflections, so if you have a bit of wet weather into the airport, then the effects shine.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Reflections_1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Reflections_2.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Reflections_3.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Reflections_4.jpg


The lighting effects show off the great textures on the runways, it is really great for any nocturnal flight activities at LEBL, night arrivals and certainly at dawn or dusk were always extremely dramatic.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Reflections_7 LG.jpg


Wet areas around the brightly lit ramps are excellent, it is brilliant down here and to note the excellent wet shine on the empty baggage carts.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Reflections_5.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Reflections_6.jpg


Tower view has been fixed...  yeah.  All approaches are now available, rather than an apron, still set slightly too high, but at least it is working...


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Tower_1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Tower_2.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Tower_3.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Tower_4.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Tower_5.jpg


....  you would be surprised how much you missed something as simple as the tower view here. The control tower itself (which is really well done) has acquired a autogen traffic road around its base? and cars appear and move where they shouldn't.


Lighting at El Prat was always good, at night and in use the airport is excellent, certainly from any approach or departure aspect. Terminal 1 night-lighting has been redone, but it is still slightly blueish too dark, Terminal 2 however is excellent.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Lighting 1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Lighting 2.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Lighting 3.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_ Lighting 4.jpg

The only negatives are the landside terminal approach roads lighting have still not be added, so you get this very dark blank area in front of the terminal, it is an easy fix, but again overlooked. Another overlooked area is on the RWY 25R, even RWY25L and RWY 02 Departures. In the distance the Barcelona dock cranes have always been a great view filler, but also on those approaches there is a very blank area associated with the docks and it is noticeable... 


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_Docks 1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_Docks 2.jpg'


....   JustSim have added in a few low warehouses, but it is not enough for the large flat area and it creates a flat hole in the scenery and on these northern significant approaches as well.


There has been a little added to the custom autogen, but there are still a few noticeable spaces, but overall the custom autogen is very good...  add in the default autogen and you get a great visual feast, it is one on of the main reasons I use LEBL - Barcelona so much.


LEBL - Barcelona XP11_Autogen 1.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_Autogen 2.jpgLEBL - Barcelona XP11_Autogen 3 LG.jpg



I really liked LEBL - Barcelona El Prat airport by JustSim from the very first landing, and even if at the time it had significant missing X-Plane active features, and as I noted at the same time it also felt a little unfinished...  but this new upgraded version puts a lot of those missing features right.


Terminals, aprons and buildings felt empty (because they were), are now full of great clutter, there has been added in a lot of nice vehicles and general airport ground infrastructure, you certainly don't feel lonely down here anymore and arrivals are far more realistic. VDGS - Visual Docking Guidance Systems on both main terminals is another huge bonus of interaction. More fixes includes animated vehicles (not a lot yet), ground service and a nice variation in all custom vehicles, but they are not BCN branded.


X-Plane11's HDR dynamic features are also another great new added in feature here; includes HDR ground textures for wet,rain and lighting reflections, building glass reflections and even to the HDR use on static clutter (baggage trolleys and more) is very good to exceptional. All lighting is very good as well and the "Tower View" is sort of fixed (too high), but still better.


Negatives are small, but notable in missing street approach lighting landside Terminal 1 and an empty flat dockland area on the northern approaches


Two options are certainly to be considered at this JustSim LEBL. One is the city objects of the Barcelona Skyline 2.1 by marpilot, and the other is Classic Jet Simulations World Traffic 3 - WT3 (World Traffic 3.0). The running of WT3 is excellent here and it all works perfectly with the complex taxiway and runway layouts, WT3 is one of the big attractions to using LEBL.


LEBL - Barcelona El Prat airport is in my high rotation of routing, in other words I use this El Prat scenery a lot, use the scenery yourself and you will see why, more so now as most of the niggles have been comprehensively addressed in this XP11 version upgrade, now it will be more addictive than ever, great value, upgrades from the older version is US$5.00 but it is now only for X-Plane11... A simply must have on your European routing network.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! LEBL Barcelona El Prat Airport XP11 by JustSim is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

LEBL - Barcelona Airport XP11


Price is US$21.00

Previous owners of JustSim's LEBL-Barcelona (XP10/XP11) version can upgrade for US$5.00 to version XP11

  • New version optimized for XP11
  • Custom runway, taxiway and airport lights
  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
  • Manualy placed a lot of autogen buildings
  • High resolution photo scenery near airport and city
  • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • High resolution building textures
  • Ground service 
  • World Traffic compatible
  • X-Life traffic compatible
  • Optimized for excellent performance
  • Animated jetway and airport traffic - work in progress





The download package is 370.10mb and is 1.08gb when installed as a single folder in your X-Plane "Custom Scenery" Folder.

The addition of city objects in the Barcelona Skyline 2.1 by marpilot package is well worth the installation.

Marginal AutoGate plugin 1.72 Is required for use of this scenery, install in your X-Plane Resources/Plugin folder


This scenery can now be ONLY used in X-Plane11with this XP11 version





Requirements :

X-Plane 11 
Windows, Mac, Linux
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended

Current and Review version: 1.3 (July 2nd 2019)



Upgrade Review by Stephen Dutton

4th July 2019

Copyright©2019: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 10 Global ver 10.45 / Checked install in X-Plane11b6

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini : Headshake by SimCoders

Plugins: JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe US$14.95 : WorldTraffic3 US$29.95 : Environment Engine v1.10 by xEnviro US$69.90 : AutoGate plugin 1.72


Scenery or Aircraft

- McDonnell Douglas MD-80 by Rotate ((Rotate MD-88 - X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$59.95


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There is actually a difference between an upgrade and an update. Usually it is version change as say from XP10 to XP11 with the XP11 dynamics. This LEBL was originally actually an XP10 scenery, that had a quick adjustment to only work in XP11, so this is an upgrade and not an update... in most cases the developers give a discount to move from one to the other. The sales are coming up soon, so I would take advantage of that to get the discount price of which JustSim scenery usually do a heavy discount.

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