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  1. Hi @Dominic Smith! Thank you for the great review! The scenery will get a few updates next year I suppose. BTW runway lights work and can be (should be) turned on by the pilot. I should describe this in the manual. EDGE, REIL, and Taxiway lights can be enabled on 122.600 COM1 Next coming PAPG will have custom models for lights and this feature too. 122.5 for lights there.
  2. Yes, I know about PAEN Orthos missing details. I will make a new tiles after war will stops in my country. Please understand I don't have a much time to work now.
  3. hanks! Great review, as usual. But... This is not our cruise ships! This is 3rd party add-on. The airbridge is working with the Autogate plugin. I know this is an old plugin but still does their job.
  4. Thank you for the great review! I will try to fix all of your founded issues. But the "SAS" logos on ground equipment is a choose of end user and can't be managed by me. Don't make it like our fault. This is a third party addon by Aerosoft.
  5. Thanks, but... 1) Ortho colors fixed a year ago. Screenshots are from older version! 2) On screenshots: old terminal, no a380 gate, old apron... all screenshots from outdated version!
  6. Link now works fine. But images are from the old version! V2 look like this: new stands, new orthos and more, more...
  7. I'm a little confused... This is an old review or new? Why screenshots are from EDDL V1? And link are broken. *htML are missing.
  8. Hi, Stephen! You can update LOWI to the latest version today or tomorrow. Files sent to xplane.org. We have a tons of new features and fixes. I will wait for your review on a new version. Your opinion is very helpful for us. Thanks
  9. Better delete it. Or disable if you use xOrginizer. UPD: Stephen! Please do not write review on LOWI V3, I forgot to set tower view height 🤣 Again! 😂
  10. Thank you as usual! This string: Animated jetway and airport traffic - work in progress are outdated, so all features now works fine.
  11. Thanks! As a usually great review! I will take into account all your comments.
  12. "Tower view is correct "Yay!" as JustSim have usually missed this detail in most of their past sceneries, but here they have got it right, and a great sweep of the airport the view gives you as well!" I always forget to set up this point of view, sorry. 😋 I will fix all the things where you found. I promise! 😎 Thanks for great review!
  13. Thank you for the review! All negatives will be considered except one, gate can't be animated in this case because gate parking placed in 8 meters underground. If we find a solution we will animate it.
  14. Hi! Thank you for the review! I'm including WT ground routes to archive when sending it to store, we will check this. And of course, I will fix the tower view and add more tech and equip.
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