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Scenery Review: EGOD ( Llanbedr Airport ) - WWII Themed Airfield

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Scenery Review: EGOD ( Llanbedr Airport ) - WWII Themed Airfield by Mr3d


LLanbedr Airport is a former military base located in England.


Available at: The x-plane.org store

Current price: $9.95

Download size: 200mb

Requirements: x-plane 10 only

Includes: Scenery + air/ground/sea traffic


EGOD is located in northwest Wales, near the village of Llanbedr. It is in Snowdonia, one of the three National parks of Wales.




The scenery package is a 'WWII Theme Airfield'. This means that this is not the accurate rendition of the airport but a fictional airport aimed to replicate the look and feel of WWII airports.


EGOD Llanbedr opened in 1941 as part of RAF Fighter Command's 12 Group. RAF Fighter Command was one of three functional commands of the Royal Air Force. It was formed in 1936 to allow more specialised control of fighter aircraft. It served throughout the Second World War. It earned great fame during the Battle of Britain, when the Few held off the Luftwaffe attack on Britain. The Command continued until 17 November 1943, when it was disbanded. The RAF fighter force was split into two categories; defence and attack. The defensive force became Air Defence Great Britain and the offensive force became the RAF Second Tactical Air Force. The Air Defence of Great Britain was later renamed Fighter Command. It was finally disbanded in 1968. In recent years, the site has been used for agricultural purposes under the terms of an agreement with the Welsh Government, the current site owners.

 The airport has several dispersal areas including some country-specific zones:



German Dispersal:



Russian Dispersal:



American Dispersal



British Dispersal:



Custom objects

One of my favorite things about the scenery package is the quality of the objects and buildings. It is extremely well done and very realistic. All custom made by Mr3D:


Nicely modeled buildings:



This picture shows the level of detailed applied by M3D to the scene. Watch tower - barbed wires:



Water docks

EGOD is near the sea. So M3D has modeled a fully animated dock for this scene:


post-1-0-43250400-1386105754_thumb.jpg post-1-0-82111700-1386105754_thumb.jpg


You can see boats patrolling and a jeep being loaded by crane.


Ground Traffic

Being at EGOD is quite the experience, due to the entire scene is animated (using ground traffic by Marginal). The airport truly does come to life with the constant movement of various objects.


A tank roaming through the base:



A soldier patrolling his area:




World Traffic Aircraft

World Traffic is an add-on application by Classic Jet Simulations. It populates the X-Plane environment with AI (Artificial intelligence) Aircraft.


World Traffic is not required for the scenery package but is a big plus as Mr3D does provide a complete set of animated aircraft for this scene.



A parked Lancaster getting ready for a future mission, then taking off:

post-1-0-07092900-1386105752_thumb.jpg post-1-0-28397800-1386105751_thumb.jpg


A P38 in flight around EGOD:



An ME109 in the German section:




Each aircraft has its own flight schedule. It will take off, fly around and come back based on a time-table made by M3D.


Very well done and entertaining. You can just sit idly and watch the planes take-off and land for hours!



EGOD - WWII Themed Airfield by Mr3D is a very well made package. Not only does it have everything you'd expect in a payware package (custom object, nice textures, custom starting locations) but it also has things that most packages do not such as: A complete animation system using both Ground Traffic and World Traffic.


As much fun you can have in x-plane for less than $10!



Note: Another feature that is not mentioned here is the fact that all EGOD hangar doors can be operated with the HangarOps plugin by Bob Feaver of Shade Tree Micro.


About World Traffic: http://www.classicjetsims.com/WorldTraffic/


Features Include:

  • Ultra-detailed Airfield and scenery
  • Ultra-detailed aircraft hangars
  • Ultra-detailed aircraft bays
  • Ultra-detailed buildings and objects
  • Animated walking soldiers
  • Animated vehicles / tanks / boats / ships Animated objects


©copyright X-Plane Reviews 2013

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