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  1. Scenery Review: EGOD ( Llanbedr Airport ) - WWII Themed Airfield by Mr3d LLanbedr Airport is a former military base located in England. Available at: The x-plane.org store Current price: $9.95 Download size: 200mb Requirements: x-plane 10 only Includes: Scenery + air/ground/sea traffic EGOD is located in northwest Wales, near the village of Llanbedr. It is in Snowdonia, one of the three National parks of Wales. The scenery package is a 'WWII Theme Airfield'. This means that this is not the accurate rendition of the airport but a fictional airport aimed to replicate th
  2. The Pacific Islands Airfields is a scenery package that includes three airports located in the Solomon Islands. Munda Airfield Gizo Airport Barakoma Airfield All three airports are designed with a distinct 'World War II look'. This is the way these airports appeared at the end of the war, after the fields were captured by the US forces. Where are they located? The three airfields are in the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands are in the Pacific Ocean. They are North East of Australia and approximately 3500 miles southwest of Hawaii. Specific location of the three airfields w
  3. History and Background The ERJ-140 is a 44-seat regional jet developed by Embraer (Brazil ) in the late 1990's. It is the third to have been released in its family, preceded by the very similar ERJ-135 and ERJ-145 with only minor differences in size. The ERJ-140 seats 44 passengers in normal configuration. The ERJ-140 was made and marketed for airlines with restrictions on the number of 50+ seat jets pilots could fly. American airlines ( American eagle airlines at the time ) was the first customer to make use of this jet but many others soon followed. ERJ-140 model from Dan Klaue
  4. The Pottier 130UL is an Ultra-Light aircraft designed by a French company, Pottier. The 130UL comes as a kit and can only be assembled by acquiring the blueprints from Pottier. Where to get it: Pottier 130UL at the .org store Download size: 40Mb Price: $14.95 X-Plane requirement: X-Plane 9.70 or X-Plane 10. Designer: Hydroz.net Specifications Weight: 600lb Engine: Jabiru 80hp Stall speeds: 40knots (1 notch of flaps), 35 knots (2 notches of flaps) Cruising Speed: 90-95knots Take-off distance: 250ft (80m) First Impressions At only 620lb, the Pottier is consid
  5. http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=20132
  6. History The BK-117 was a joint development between MBB (Germany) and Kawasaki (Japan) during the 80s and 90s. The Bk-117 has been very successful as a medevac helicopter thanks to its exceptional performances, generous cargo space and smooth flight model. After the merge of MBB and Aerospatiale in 1992, the BK-117 became part of the Eurocopter line-up. The BK-117 evolved into what is known today as the EC-145 BK-177 model from ND Art & Technology This model is not new, as it was initially released in 2009. However, it has been updated to work perfectly wit
  7. Wilmington International is an airport located in Wilmington, resting on the East coast of North Carolina. This airport is about 5 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. It is a great starting place to exploring the eastern US coast. From Wilmington, you can even fly to Kitty Hawk, NC (Birthplace of Aviation) which is about 200 miles away. Wilmington International is the first airport designed by Drawbridge Designs. It is an ultra-realistic airport, similar to the airports designed by TruScenery. Available: at the .org store Current price: $24.95 Download size: 220Mb Requirement:
  8. Tampere is a small international airport in the South-West of Finland. It is Finland's third largest airport. EFTP Tampere is designed by TruScenery, a Finish team focused on local airports. It is the 3rd airport they have produced after EFHF Helsinki and EFHV Hyvinkaa. It is also the most accomplished and detailed of the three. Price: $26.90 Available at the X-Plane.org Store: EFTP - Tampere Download size: 610Mb The installation is straight forward...just place the folders in your /custom scenery. The package includ
  9. You think you have what it takes to be a reviewer? We are always looking to add top pros to our team. Requirements: Perfect knowledge of X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 9 Powerful computer - You may need to test high-end planes and high-end scenery Ability to create perfect pictures Great language skills Enough free time to spend 2 to 4 days per review If you think you have what it takes and want to make quaility reviews send a message to either Stephen or myself
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