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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : Gulfstream 550 v1.03 by AKD Studio

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NEWS! - Aircraft Updated : Gulfstream 550 v1.03 by AKD Studio


GLF550_AKD - v103 News Header.jpg


The GulfStream G550, a global executive jet of some renown. Was released for both the X-Plane 11 and X-Plane 12 simulator platforms on 1st October 2022 by AKD Studios. In the comprehensive review I really liked the aircraft, but it had a too many bugs and in reality it was not finished on release.


The X-Plane Reviews GulfStream G550 review is here; Aircraft Review : Gulfstream 550 by AKD Studio


I will be honest, I don't at all like the current disinclination by developers to release an aircraft that with just a few more weeks of development could be top notch. But the idea is to put out the product then get the response and "we will fix that later". It is cutting out the former beta phase of development, and going straight to the masses to find the obvious faults. A lot of purchasers will take this on the chin, but as noted I don't like the strategy, it creates a messy situation for all and for a product that has great promise be damaged early by the wrong assumptions that the product and hence the developer is poor at developing the aircraft, notable is that with a ton of bugs then the reviews can be quite detrimental to the sales, but developers continue to do it.


This was the case with the G550 from AKD Studios, a really great aircraft let down by a load of bugs and areas not and quite clearly not finished. This v1.03 update and the earlier v1.02 update (31st Oct 22) shows how much just a few more weeks in development with the aircraft it could have been released in a more quality form. Yes X-Plane and it's aircraft is always an ongoing development. But there is the line between not being finished and fixes not foreseen, when you are asking for money, then you expect at least a little better quality for it.


The update list is long between the two updates....


Version 1.03 (November 18th 2022)
New features:
-Added Automatic landing elevation(XP11/XP12)
-Added Pilots 3D model(XP11/XP12)
-Added ENG Vibration indicator (XP11/XP12)
-Added Inegration with Terrain radar + Vertical Situation Display(Terrain radar Update soon)(XP11/XP12)
-Added support for 8.33 kHz radios(XP11/XP12)
Bugs fixes:
-Improved textures(XP11/XP12)
-Improved VS line on DU1/DU4(XP11/XP12)
-Improved throttle 3D Model(XP11/XP12)
-Improved EFB Clickspots(XP11/XP12)
-Improved engines start-up time(XP11/XP12)
-Fixed ILS/RNAV Intercepting(XP12)
-Fixed Autopilot logic(XP11/XP12)
-Fixed APU and Engine bleed air switches(XP11/XP12)
-Fixed incorrect CRS on DU1(XP12/XP11)
-Fixed Rain Effect(XP12)
-Fixed FMA indicators on DU1/DU4(XP11/XP12)
-FIxed Minor bugs(XP12/XP11)
Version 1.02 (November 4th 2022)
New features:
-Added 2D “pop-up” and “pop-out” panels(XP11/XP12)
-Added time at destination to Cabin Display(XP11/XP12)
Bugs fixes:
-Removed custom LNAV logic(after XP12 beta 10 LNAV works fine)(XP12)
-Improved ILS Intercepting(thanks:jetspeed)(XP11)
-Improved Cockpit textures are somewhat blurry(thanks:jetspeed)(XP11/XP12)
-Improved engines start-up time(XP11/XP12)
-Fixed WPT List(DU1,DU2,DU3,DU4)(XP11/XP12)
-Fixed main Landing gear panel(XP11/XP12)
-Fixed external Lights position(XP11/XP12)
-Fixed Minor bug fixes(XP12,XP11)
New features include, 3D Pilots (that look suspiciously like the Laminar default pilots?), ENG VIbration outputs and Terrain Radar (Dr Gluck)...  but more is coming here. Support for 8.33 Khz radios and Auto Landing Elevations adds in the new.
  GLF550_AKD - v103 Head 1.jpgGLF550_AKD - v103 Head 2.jpgGLF550_AKD - v103 Head 3.jpg
But a few important areas have still not been addressed, like the METAR tool freezing the aircraft, and those poor window surrounds and there are still no cabin blinds? so there is still a fair way to go.

GLF550_AKD - ELLX 35.jpgGLF550_AKD - ELLX 36.jpgGLF550_AKD - ELLX 38.jpgGLF550_AKD - ELLX 37.jpgGLF550_AKD - Flight 1.jpg


But the G550 from AKD Studios is still overall a very nice aircraft and comes recommended.


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Gulfstream 550 by AKD Studio is NOW available here at the X-Plane.OrgStore


GLF550 - Ultimate Business Jet by AKD Studio

Price is US$31.95


This aircraft is X-Plane12 supported, but to note it is in Beta form.



X-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11 - both versions included

-Plane 12 or X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 1 GB
Current version : 1.03 (November 18th 2022)


NEWS! by Stephen Dutton

21st November 2022

Copyright©2022 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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Stephen Dutton, don't feel bad. In my opinion there is a market war between MSFS and X-Plane for one and then there is the wannabe's in aviation, bla bla bla that are trying to make a buck out of a hobble/entertainment. You're making a great job, don't loose your honesty or you give up to the people who make fun of others for entertainment called bullying. Keep The Work!

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My beef is that these developers are seriously talented, but are cutting corners? If you buy a product (like anything nowadays) you expect a certain quality for your money and not in six months time, it is not a good reflection on the Simulator either, "Once bitten, twice shy", that is why I want the release standards set higher. Yes I expect bugs, and sometimes a lot of them after release, but half done lighting and shonky windows, is just not good enough in today's market.

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