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  1. Scenery Review : LEBL Barcelona El Prat El Prat Airport, also known as Barcelona Airport, is the main airport of Catalunya, and the second largest of Spain, it's located around15 km from Barcelona City and coast, and 3km from the Seaport. Barcelona airport (LEBL) has 3 fairly large runways, each of which is either concrete or asphalt. Barcelona is also so complex it has 5 control towers, each of which are included within the scenery. 38 Million passengers flood through the gates at LEBL making it a very popular destination and hub in Europe. DAI's latest release covers LEBL i
  2. EGGD Bristol has been optimised for frame rate, Stephen is correct, due to the complexity and level of detail in the lighting with HDR on at night you may see a little hot but not too much.
  3. Aircraft Review: Tecnam P2002 by DMAX Route: VFR Circuits at Pilot Plus EGTR London Elstree The Tecnam P2002 is a small light weight aircraft manufactured by Tecnam in Italy and brought to X-Plane with DMAX's latest release. The tecnam is a two seat low winged aircraft perfect for cross country flying, especially with its very large canopy which can even be opened in flight. The tecnam p2002 is powered by a single Rotax 912 S2 engine, built with aluminium and has tricycle fixed gear. During this review I will be using a Saitek Pro Flight Yoke and X-Mapper Pro on an IPad. If your unsure, X-Mapp
  4. Sorry I don't believe FSFS supports multiple languages. English only at this time. This could be something to suggest to the developers though.
  5. Pitts S-2S Review The Pitts S-2S (special) is an iconic aircraft for aerobatics all around the world, if you see a small biplane tumbling around and spinning out of control above you, it's most likely going to be the Pitts! It's strong airframe and remarkable design makes it readily available for sharp turns and stunt upon the pilots command! The powerful Lycoming AEIO-540-D4A5 (260hp) is a heavier engine from the previous models of the Pitts Special but it's increased power makes it more agile in flight. The S-2S model has one single cockpit seating one pilot, other models such as
  6. What is FSFS? FS Flying School or FSFS for short is a comprehensive utility for X-Plane 10. FSFS is not an ordinary small plugin which aims to enhance your experience, instead FSFS is a desktop application which will add a ‘virtual instructor’ by your side! FSFS comes packed with a team of talking instructors who will comment on your flight in real time, instruct you on how to improve and also debrief you after the flight! Your personal instructor doesn’t limit you to fly in a specific area, you can fly wherever you want in the virtual XP world! Although you are limited to which aircraft you
  7. Scenery Review: Miami City XP Drzewiecki Design (DD) are well known for scenery and airport development, not just for X-Plane but for FSX and Prepar 3D as well. With 7 scenery packages on the x-plane.org store covering 20 airports DD offer a wide range of airports all over the world, primarily covering the U.S and Poland. The latest release from DD goes by the name of Miami City XP. The scenery covers three airports with 'lite' detail including KMIA Miami Intl, KTMB Kendall-Tamiami Executive Airport and KOPF Opa-Locka Executive Airport. Drzewiecki Design provide a very vast scen
  8. Aircraft Review: 1963 Piper Comanche 250 Route : VFR Circuits at EGHI Southampton International When you think of Heinz Dziurowitz you will most likely think of many GA (general aviation) aircraft that are on the .org store with most being at a good standard quality and low price. Heinz's latest release, the Piper Comanche 250, is no exception to this. With fun and good modelling of the exterior this GA aircraft can be brilliant to fly for quick flights! From analyzing images you can see that the aircraft Heinz produces are not quite on the same quality as for example Carenado aircraf
  9. Interview : Javier Rollon! X-Plane Reviews has granted access again behind the scenes at X-Plane, with this special opportunity we have interviewed Javier Rollon. Javier is an all things X-Plane genius! He develops aircraft that we all know and love (CRJ 200) and works for Laminar Research to further enhance our flying experience. XPR: So you have two separate involvements with X-Plane, the first is your private aircraft development and the second is with Laminar. First we will discuss your involvements with Laminar. So what is your role within Laminar? What do you work on? We
  10. Aircraft Review : C195 Business Liner by Alabeo Alabeo has contributed greatly to the X-Plane 10 payware market releasing 9 aircraft to date, all aircraft made by Alabeo are at a very high quality and I can't recommend them enough! One of their most recent releases, the Cessna 195 Business Liner, is one of the most greatly modeled aircraft for X-Plane 10 with phenomenal 3D aspects in and outside. The C195 Business Liner is a very light weight, radical engine powered, general aviation aircraft with conventional landing gear. The C195 has a fixed pitched two blade propeller, can seat fou
  11. X-Plane Reviews visits: Cosford 2014 Flight Sim Event! Once again the Flight Sim event at Cosford took place and this time it was bigger, and better than ever! Showcasing the latest developments for X-Plane 10 and Flight Simulation in general with exhibits from Aerosoft, Just Flight, Flight 1, PC pilot and many more it was an event that couldn't be missed, luckily X-Plane Reviews paid a visit! What is Cosford 2014? For those of you who don't know the Cosford Flight Sim Event is a flight sim event that takes place at the Cosford Museum every year. The event consists of many companie
  12. Thank you for your addition. I have downloaded this extra add on and it brings the airport to life a little bit more! Note: You need opensceneryx installed for the addition of the static aircraft package.
  13. Ah ok, thank you for your comment. I will update the review soon, I don't believe the needle was active on the gauges. Things like this happen when aircraft get updated. New features or bug fixes are added. I will take a further look and update the review soon, and thanks for your input!
  14. Scenery Review : Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International by Butnaru Introduction: Fort Lauderdale ( ICAO: KFLL, IATA: FLL) is Butnaru's latest scenery to be released for X-Plane 10, and no, this is no ordinary scenery! Many new features have been added in this scenery package which make it unique above the rest. Situated in Florida it's surrounded by many other airports, some bigger some smaller. So what makes Fort Lauderdale special? Apart from the fact the others are default scenery! Fort Lauderdale is one of the closest to the Florida shoreline, and ha
  15. <center><img src="https://newbluejournals.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/austin-meyer-interview.jpg"></center><p><strong>Interview: Austin Meyer, the man behind X-Plane!</strong></p><p> </p><p> </p><p>This is an interview that I had with Austin Meyer, the founder of X-Plane.</p><p> </p><p><span style="color:#696969;">XPR: Where did your love of aviation start?</span></p><p> </p><p><span style="color:#000000;">I don't recall exactly… but I think I was around 10
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