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  1. Nowhere on Airfoillabs' website, the user manual, or on the Org.Store description is there any indication the 350i is the intended model. This is a 350.
  2. Why no mention of the absolutely brilliant HotStart TBM900? Couldn't access it???
  3. As a long time RW pilot I do still enjoy the "steam gauges," particularly when the prototype for the X-Plane model was so equipped. Sure the G1000 is nice, but I certainly don't need or want to see it in everything. My inflation-adjusted $0.02. 😉
  4. Sounds very interesting! If it would also be available as either an Android or a Windows 10 'Modern' app, I'd be in. Not really interested in buying an iAnything for this.
  5. So how did you fix it? Did you add an exclusion zone to the payware KATL (which should already have had it) or did you do something to the global airport?
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