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  1. Greetings from Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

    Stephen...Just purchased the UH60 Blackhawk by BFDG not realizing that it is not compatible with X-plane 11.

    Question:  Do you have any information as to if / when this product will become X-plane 11 compatible?

    Thank you!


    1. Stephen


      At the moment Randy the Blackhawk has not been updated to XP11 as BFDG have been doing their other aircraft, but I don't think they will take too long in the change over, thrust issues are the hardest to get right, but I don't think they will take too long... SD

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  2. Hi Dionsol


    Thanks for the feedback, and I totally agree with you on your comments on the G1000, yes it is slow, yes it kills framerate and yes I hate that map rotation...  Overall again as you mentioned the Eclipse is just that little better at the moment.


    But I will note that the G1000 bugs are not correct as well. There seems that something has gone wrong here as more than a problem with the G1000. It was like this when originally released, but Carenado fixed it, but now it is back to that same position it was a year ago? Personally I think it will be fixed pretty quickly and the aircraft will then be fine, I personally would have stuck with it a bit longer, as it would have been very good in the long run.


    I looked at your video, and I don't think it was a poor review...  believe me there are far, far worse out there. Thanks for the interest...  Stephen

    1. Stephen


      Hi, If you are ever interested in writing reviews then give me a call...  always interested.


      Best regards Stephen

  3. Hey Stephen,

    I just read your review of the x737 project and noticed you were at YBCG.  I don't have any scenery for Gold Coast or Brisbane.  Do you have a link to what you're using?


    1. Stephen


      Down the (very) bottom of the review is YBCG by tdg and there is a link there to download the scenery...  He does a good YBBN (Brisbane) as well.  SD

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