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  1. This certainly helps explain the "payware lag" that developers have had to contend with to upgrade v11 acfs to the brave new world of v12. Imagine having someone work for months fixing lighting/flight model or whatever, only to find it changes again? *** Message to developers - I DON'T MIND PAYING FOR UPDATES - keep at it 🙂 ***
  2. Saved me some dollars there - you're right, the original release looks to be way better so sticking with that. 👍
  3. Switch it off, then switch it on again - good luck!
  4. Brilliant review for a plane I've been waiting years for - Valley now has a completeness about it! Huge thanks to the Just Flight team for not just bringing this over to X-Plane, but making it better with PBR, those amazing sounds, the flight model and all the other goodies and details 👍
  5. I have a fix for the mottling on existing liveries - just delete the NML files in each objects folder Before: After:
  6. Great summary of the year as usual and I agree with most of what you say . The default clouds now give me better looks and better FPS than SkyMaxx Pro for the first time so it's now been parked in my "unused plugins" folder - together with WT3 (which is a bit crashy on my rig). I'm actually very excited about what I hope will come in 2018 - a stable XP11 for devs and maybe the first OrbX releases? Hope the MD11 makes it out of the hangar in 2018 too...
  7. Damn - you made me buy another one. Great review, great screenshots!
  8. I think the new graphical features in XP11 will support your move to Windows as your simming platform Stephen. Hope the meagre 4GB card in iMac-zilla will hold out for a few more years... EDIT - PS: the mistake was relocation of some aussie airports to Canada!
  9. 30% of X-Plane users (the best 30%) are on the Mac platform according to this data from Laminar
  10. Great review and got me reminiscing about the travelators in the T1 multi-storey - almost as much fun as watching the planes!
  11. Gamechanger. So much innovation and new stuff here and a total surprise - brilliant! A real breath of fresh air and a landmark release no doubt. We'll be saying "remember when Airfoillabs released their 172" for the next decade. Off to check my oil...
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