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Scenery Review : DGAA - Accra XP by Aerosoft

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DGAA - Accra Header.jpg


Scenery Review : DGAA - Accra XP by Aerosoft


The Flightsim Development Group or FSDG, specialise in airports that are not within the normal North American and European routes, and with a focus on Africa. Three FSDG sceneries I have already reviewed in Casablanca, Durban and Nairobi.


Admittedly it takes a long (flying) time to get there, in this case (EGLL - Heathrow to DGAA Accra) is 6h 34m, and well outside most the weekend fliers 2h limits. But again that is why we do these long-hauls, for the adventure and going somewhere really different. Ghana is about as different as you could get, in this case it is cooler in Ghana at the moment than what it is in London, which is really weird.


Kotoka International Airport is an international airport in Accra, the capital of Ghana. The airport is operated by Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL), which has its offices on the airport property. It is currently the sole international airport in Ghana.


The airport was originally a military airport used by the British Royal Air Force during World War II. The facility was handed over to civilian authorities after the war. A development project was launched in 1956 by President Kwame Nkrumah to reconfigure the structure into a terminal building. The project was completed in 1958, turning the military base into an airport with a capacity of 500,000 passengers per year. The airport was originally named Accra International Airport. The airport was renamed Kotoka International Airport, in honour of Lieutenant General Emmanuel Kwasi Kotoka (1926–1967), a member of the National Liberation Council. Kotoka was killed in an abortive coup attempt at a location which is now the forecourt of the airport.


This Accra scenery is not part or sourced of the older FSDG FSX/P3D collection and then redeveloped for X-Plane, but a brand new scenery in a collaboration with the same for MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020). Which is great in that it could mean more dual creations for both MSFS and X-Plane of the same product.


Some notes on installation of Accra XP. You don't use the One Aerosoft application for some reason. It is a download, then an older application by FSDG to install the scenery into your X-Plane/Scenery Folder. Another point was that I found missing scenery .dsf files, this I must stress is NOT caused by the imported Aerosoft scenery?


DDAG - Accra screenshot.jpg


Not normally interesting, but in this case I found a whole +00-010.dsf folder empty in my Global Scenery folder? In using the X-Plane Updater, it didn't fix or replace the missing dsf files either...  I found some on my old X-Plane10 Global Scenery folder (2013!) and they worked. The offending tiles were +00-010/+04-002.dsf, but all of the +00-010 folder was missing or the files were blank. Something to be aware of.


Departure from EGLL - Heathrow was in the excellent new FlightFactor Boeing 767-400ER. I was already in wanting to give this machine a though workout and this flight was perfect. You track across France to the south then Spain and then cross into the Mediterranean just above Barcelona, then across Mallorca, to cross the North African coast just east of Algiers...


767-400ER_xp11 -Route 1.jpg767-400ER_xp11 -Route 2.jpg767-400ER_xp11 -Route 3.jpg767-400ER_xp11 -Route 4.jpg


It is always so exciting to cross the boundary of the North African coast, as the wide open extensive land awaits, exotic destinations exist here.


767-400ER_xp11 -Route 5.jpg


Distance is 3008 Nm, here at 37,000ft (The FMC complained, but I burnt off fuel for an hour then stepped up) .M82 was possible as well. The flight (route) will take you over Algeria, Niger, Burkina Faso, a touch of Benin territory, Togo and then into Ghana, it's a long, long way.


DGAA - Accra 7.jpg


But the new FlightFactor B764, is perfect to go a long, long way, this is simply a brilliant aircraft.


Approach is via EREK1B into Rwy21. With this approach you hit the coast at Lome and the Gulf of Guinea is directly ahead of you, then you turn and head along the coast to Accra. African tiles are not known for their complex data, but it is pretty good here even for a decade old data set.


DGAA - Accra 8.jpgDGAA - Accra 9.jpg


The trick is to get your speed down and have the aircraft fully configured for landing, and before the last turn to final at Dodowa...


DGAA - Accra 10.jpgDGAA - Accra 11.jpgDGAA - Accra 12.jpgDGAA - Accra 13.jpg


...  I am surprised I do have a lot of ground detail. A lot of these distant and remote destinations in X-Plane can be quite bare, but it is pretty good here. Then the Kotoka Field shows up, it is far, far smaller than what you would expect with the only International Airport in Ghana to look like.


DGAA - Accra 14.jpgDGAA - Accra 15.jpgDGAA - Accra 16.jpg


There is only one runway 03/21- 11,165 ft (3,403m) and Rwy 21 has an extremely long overrun runway section (Stopways) 1030 ft, 03 does as well but at only half the length 341 ft.


DGAA - Accra 17.jpgDGAA - Accra 18.jpgDGAA - Accra 19.jpgDGAA - Accra 21.jpg


I was very impressed with the amount of detail, DGAA looks and feels very realistic, and a relief after flying so long and then having a very credible destination to fly into, the sign of a good scenery.


DGAA - Accra 21.jpg


You are aware of the older Kotoka airport area to the north, and the far newer $274 million Terminal 3 that was completed in 2018.


DGAA - Accra 22.jpgDGAA - Accra 23.jpg


DGAA - Accra 24.jpg


Ground textures for both the hard runway and taxiway surfaces are excellent, as is the dirt side field areas.


DGAA - Accra 25.jpgDGAA - Accra 26.jpg


Taxiway A (south to north) takes you past the large Swissaport facility, then onto Apron B then C in front of the Terminal 3.


DGAA - Accra 27.jpgDGAA - Accra 28.jpg


Our assigned Gate is C3, and the detail keeps on coming... yes very impressed. There are options for "Static" aircraft ON or OFF, I do recommend on as there are very good with a lot of ground equipment detail.


DGAA - Accra 29.jpgDGAA - Accra 30.jpg


Bay detail is also very good, with logo ABAS airbridges. These are SAM3 suite animated and powered. 


DGAA - Accra 31.jpgDGAA - Accra 32.jpgDGAA - Accra 33.jpgDGAA - Accra 34.jpg


And I am in the gate... Overall it was a very impressive arrival at Accra's Kotoka, that is biggest part of the investment here. In getting a very worthwhile destination.


DGAA - Accra 35.jpg


Kotoka International Airport
Accra Air Force Station


DGAA Chart.jpg

03/21- 11,165 ft (3,403m) - Asphalt

Elevation AMSL205 ft / 62 m


DGAA - Accra Detail 1.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 2.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 3.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 4.jpg



DGAA - Accra Detail 5.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 6.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 7.jpg


Terminal 3

Started in 2016, the new Kotoka Terminal opened to passengers on 15 September 2018. The new Terminal 3 will handle 1,250 passengers an hour, and is equipped with three business lounges, a large commercial and retail area and six boarding bridges C2 to C7, both C1 and C8 are stands only



DGAA - Accra Detail 8.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 9.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 10.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 11.jpg


The design and modeling is very good, if not first rate from FSDG. It looks and feels the modern building it is, colourful as well. There is some very nice air-conditioning detail and the glass is semi-transparent. Noted already as SAM3 Suite (Plugin required) activated, and Gate C7 has twin boarding airbridges that can accommodate an A380, which are again with the walkways semi-transparent.


DGAA - Accra Detail 12.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 13.jpg


Airside there are two levels that have been detailed internally. Nicely populated (but not many actual Africans?) it is well done and the aircraft can be seen externally.


DGAA - Accra Detail 14.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 15.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 16.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 17.jpg


Landside is also well developed and detailed, and has a lot of animated vehicles with local (Ghana) branding.


DGAA - Accra Detail 18.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 19.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 20.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 21.jpg


Look closely though and there are blank areas that could have had some nice clutter added, unfortunately from some angles it is highly noticeable.


DGAA - Accra Detail 22.jpg


You notice also the low-res ground ortho textures, as per most Aerosoft style scenery. It's not too bad, but the whiteouts under the vehicles are again highly noticeable. Bang in the middle of the carpark is "La Tante DC10 Restaurant", which is a restaurant located inside a converted McDonnell Douglas DC-10 formerly used by the now defunct Ghana Airways.


DGAA - Accra Detail 24.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 23.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 26.jpg


Overall Landside is well done, and there is a new commercial development set behind that fills in the rear of the scenery (more later), trees are however the cheap cross style, very old-fashioned now.


Terminal 2

The airport consists of two passenger terminals, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3. Terminal 2 serves only domestic flights, while Terminal 3 serves regional, international and long-haul operators. Terminal 1 is presently no longer in use, and was redeveloped into an FBO or Fixed Base Operator.


Terminal 3 we have seen, but Terminal 2 is the old Ghanaian facility. And well done it is. I really love the old terminals, as long as they relate their original legacy and detail. No problems here as the feel and look of old Ghana is well done. Notable is the upturned Arc roof structure, that gives the building that unique style. It's clever that part of the older section has a newer inserted wall of glass as the entrance. Part of the complex in the same style is the Kotoka Control Tower, and here a very well reproduced and detailed structure.


DGAA - Accra Detail 27.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 28.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 34.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 29.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 30.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 31.jpg


The tower view is set, but slightly too low, so you get edges of the roof of the tower. However the field approaches can be easily seen.


DGAA - Accra Detail 32.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 33.jpg


Ground clutter is very, very good, and as noted local Ghanaian branded. Animated Airside vehicle traffic keep the aprons busy, again all are well branded. Rear T2 is the entrance to the terminals, with again great local advertising boarding.


DGAA - Accra Detail 35.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 36.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 37.jpg



Landside behind the Terminals is a huge commercial park called "Airport City Accra". Not there only a few years ago, so the whole area are brand new developments. Mostly it is filled and well represented here by brand hotels (Ibis, Holiday Inn, Airport View) and the two major commercial properties in the Silver Star Towers Complex and Marina Mall...  both really well represented here.


DGAA - Accra Detail 39.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 38.jpg

DGAA - Accra Detail 40.jpg


The boundary of the scenery though is very easy to pick out? The blank X-Plane areas are very, very noticeable, not very pretty either. This issue is a big problem for X-Plane and been around for far too long as well, and Laminar should fix it, as it ruins a lot of quality scenery boundaries.


South of the Terminals is a lot of very good and well branded airport related infrastructure. Highlights include; WFP.ORG, Ghana Post, DHL, Menzies Handling and a very large facility for Swissaport for cargo (Stands B1, B2, B3 are by the side). The facility has two sections, the massive cargo warehouse, and the offices behind, which are nicely done with great reflective glass. Also in this area is a very nice executive VIP terminal.


DGAA - Accra Detail 41.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 42.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 43.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 44.jpg



The Air Force Base, Accra, came into being soon after the Royal Air Force (RAF) had taken over the administration from the Indian and Israeli Air Force officers at the beginning of 1961. The station was housed at No 3 hangar at the Accra Airport (Kotoka International Airport) with hardly any aircraft. The GAF (Ghana Air Force) Unit had four main sub-units, i.e. the Administration Wing, Flying Wing, Technical Wing and Equipment Wing. The School of Technical Training was also located at this station. The Station moved from No 3 hangar to its present location in Burma Camp towards the end of 1965. Notable is that the U.S. Services also have a partnership to use the facility here.


DGAA - Accra Detail 45.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 46.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 48.jpgDGAA - Accra Detail 47.jpg


Besides the Military ramps, there is a very large Fire Station over here on the east side of the field. It also comes with some nice Ghanaian aircraft and helicopters. There is also a large work site to the north.



Ground, Runway and Taxiway textures are excellent. Great detail and surface detail. built in Burnt-in ambient occlusion effects and reflections are excellent, not too strong, but not too weak either.


DGAA - Accra Textures A.jpgDGAA - Accra Textures 1.jpgDGAA - Accra Textures 2.jpgDGAA - Accra Textures 4.jpg


Bay ramp areas are not as soiled and grunged as they should be, but then this is a new area, so overall excellent. Aerosoft 3d grass is very evident and well done, but some areas are a bit blank on runway/taxiway intersections, and it shows. Old X trees are horrible, a left over from FSX.


DGAA - Accra Textures 5.jpgDGAA - Accra Textures 6.jpg



Like most of this impressive DDGA scenery, the lighting is up there in quality as well...  Approach lighting and runway sectional lighting is first rate.


DGAA - Accra Lighting 1.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 2.jpg


Airside and Landside are split into two different lighting tones, and it looks excellent from the air and the ground.


DGAA - Accra Lighting 3.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 4.jpg


Aprons are beautifully lit. Bright enough to easily work on them, but not over glaringly bright to ruin the effect. FSDG note the lighting as "Dynamic", and that is what you get.


DGAA - Accra Lighting 5.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 6.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 7.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 8.jpg


Getting internal night lighting right is a nightmare. But FSDG have found the right compromise here. Externally looking in is very good, but internally looking out on the parked aircraft is brilliantly done, and very realistic, the lighting internally is very good as well.


DGAA - Accra Lighting 9.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 10.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 11.jpg


Landside lighting is exceptional. Certainly the Marina Mall zone and development area. All buildings are well signed and come with excellent logos (KFC anyone), other buildings are well lit, and the whole area looks dense and highly realistic. All advertising is also spectacularly lit.


DGAA - Accra Lighting 12.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 13.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 14.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 15.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 18.jpg


Navigation field lighting is excellent as well. All boards are beautifully crafted and have nice is perfect ground reflections.


DGAA - Accra Lighting 16.jpgDGAA - Accra Lighting 17.jpg



Ghana, Africa only has one international airport in Accra, called "Kotoka International Airport". Again another old RAF base, it has over the decade had an extensive redevelopment with a new large terminal in T3, and a new development area set behind called "Airport City Accra".


This scenery is from the Flightsim Development Group or FSDG, who specialise in airports that are not within the normal North American and European routes, with a focus on Africa, and are branded under the Aerosoft banner. This DDGA scenery is an X-Plane collaboration with the same for MSFS (Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020), so the source is not the older FSX/P3D objects and textures, but created brand new for modern simulators.


Because of the limited resources in this part of the world. The scenery is an excellent destination of great quality and detail. Modeling is very good (Although there are a very side hidden blank areas), and so is the extreme detail and object count. SAM3 Suite active is another major feature. Ground textures are also very good with reflection and lighting effects, grass is 3d, but the trees are seriously dated.


Lighting is exceptional, both in approach and ground, excellent tones for Airside and Landside and great detailed development zone lighting with current logos and advertising dominate the rear.


Flying to Accra, say from Europe is a long haul 6+ hours. But an excellent scenery makes it well worth the effort. And that is what we have here. It is a bit sad that X-Plane itself is the weaker point here, but that is not the fault of the developers and the scenery. DDGA Accra also comes at a under US$20 price making it great if brilliant value as well.


So excellent, highly recommended if you love long haul and remote destinations, even besides that this is a really well done scenery and worth adding to your X-Plane collection, the trick is to use it, and often, as it is well worth the ride.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the FSDG Accra XP by Aerosoft is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :



Price is US$19.99 



  •     Accurate and detailed rendition of Kotoka International Airport, Ghana (DGAA)
  •     Interior modeling with 3D humans
  •     Animated jetways (using SAM suite)
  •     Static aircraft for more realism (can be manually disabled)
  •     Latest X-Plane technologies like dynamic lights and ground materials
  •     Optimized for great performance and visual quality
  •     Compatible with all known addons
  •     Manual included




X-Plane 11 (or XP12 when available)
Windows or Mac (not compatible with Linux)
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download-Size Windows: 310 MB
Download-Size Mac: 900 MB
Current version: 1.0 (July 13th 2022)

Installation and documents:

ACC is download of 1.56Gb download that is translated into a 2.56Gb install in your Custom Scenery folder.

  • FSDG-Accra_XP


Installation is by a .exe installer (the older one) and not via the new ONE Aerosoft application, but the install is straight forward and easy.

As noted in the review, I had problems with the Accra area +00-010.dsf, that were missing, even the X-Plane Installer refused to fix it, so be aware of that aspect.

There are static aircraft options as well, and you change the Earth Nav Data and SAM data over for your preference.

  • _Alternative_StaticAC_Version
  • _Alternative_NoStaticAC_Version


SAM3 Plugin - Scenery Animation Manager - Suite 3.0 is required for this scenery,



Couldn't find a manual or documents?



Scenery Review by Stephen Dutton

27th July 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved

Review System Specifications: 

Computer System: Windows  - IS1700 Core i7 12700K 12 Core 3.60 GHz CPU / 64bit -32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1TB SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane v11.55

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick, Throttle & Rudder Pedals : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90 : Traffic GlobalJustFlight-Traffic (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$52.99 : Global SFD plugin US$30.00

Scenery or Aircraft

- Boeing 767-400 ER Professional by FlightFactor (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$69.00



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