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News! - Announcement! : EDDM - Munich coming by ShortFinal Design (aka mister6x)

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News! - Announcement! : EDDM - Munich coming by ShortFinal Design (aka misterX6)


You would think after completing a mega sized airport project like KLAX that you would try something a little less taxing...  say a small GA airport or medium sized regional airport? There was a hint from ShortFinal that they wanted to try something away from North America (the sobbing can be heard over here), but the choice is...   da, da dah! EDDM - Munich!


Not exactly a backwater airport, if not the largest airport in all of Southern Germany, and god really some people are a glutton for punishment, anyway's ShortFinal's pain is our gain. And a brilliant gain it will be if EDDM is up to the usual ShortFinal quality and outstanding features, and there is no reason why it shouldn't be.


Images are breathtaking...




Features are also pretty good and totally on current spec:


  • 3D interiors for all terminals and large hangars, animated 3D people
  • Custom highly detailed jetways with AutoGate support
  • Custom animated airport vehicles, cars, and trains (using GroundTraffic)
  • High resolution orthoimagery for the entire airport area (30cm/px)
  • High resolution ground textures with PBR materials
  • Complete taxi routes and airport flows, World Traffic 3 compatible
  • Randomly spawned static aircraft with accurate gate assigments
  • Custom Mesh and fully modeled taxiway briges, optional Ortho4XP patch file


To put this project in to perspective, then KLAX was finished only in Mid-July this year, the above EDDM has been completed since that date, incredible work done in just three months...  just think about that in all this in only 3 Months! The Terminator was less persistent!


No release date yet, but certainly before Christmas, no price either, but KLAX was US$26.95, so that would be a good guide...


Images are courtesy of ShortFinal Design




News by Stephen Dutton

11th October 2018

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