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News! - Watch out for the A380 at Cosford

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News! - Watch out for the A380 at Cosford


Coming this Saturday is the Cosford Flight Sim gathering at RAF Cosford in the UK. Philipp Ringlar is doing an X-Plane11 presentation, and that is guaranteed to include the X-Plane11 v11.30 beta release. Philipp's presentation is the last one at 3.30pm.


Another presentation at Cosford is SimFLY at 11.45...  this presentation is conducted by Matt Davies & his team from Mettar Simulations. So why is this presentation important to X-Plane users...  


Well Mr Davis has pre-announced the project for an Airbus A380...


It is noted as their much hyped, cross platform, study level A380. Notes include;


The A380-841/842 version is with Trent 970-84/970B-84 & Trent 972-84/972B-84 engines respectively - and It will be available for Prepar3D v4+ & X-Plane 11+


  • It will utilise all of the fancy technology that is available in each platform.
  • We will have native models for each platform and textures/sounds to match.
  • It’s being developed as a standalone product (basically completely external to the platform you decide to use), of which we are then building a “bridge” to connect it to the actual platforms.
  • This means we have full control of every parameter and will not suffer the limitations of platforms.
  • This also means should another platform be released, or we decide to delve into an already existing platform (for example, AeroFly FS2), it’s relatively straightforward to do so. -
  • Everything will be modeled unless it’s of a security concern.
  • It will be exclusive to Simstall - It will integrate seamlessly with the new projectFLY network, especially from a dispatch and ground services point of view. -
  • It will simulate failures/wear and tear, etc.


I am going to put some notes on this to highlight the fact that the above announcements are quite extravagant and as what to really expect in reality.


The only aircraft to be created for X-Plane in this cross-platform realm has been FlightFactor's A320 Ultimate. No doubt now mostly sorted it is very good if not exceptional. But the development road was extremely long and very if extremely difficult (kudos to FlightFactor for pulling it actually off), but you can see the sort of development hell that Mettar Simulations are faced with and then without actual experienced X-Plane developers helping out in the project, of which FlightFactor are so well endowed. Both currently only FlightFactor and ToLiSS are Airbus graded (to this level) developers in X-Plane. So if this A380 announcement had come from FlightFactor, we would of course be running around the room like ET with our hands in the air, but it is not, but from an unknown developer with no earlier track aircraft development record? Yes they have a large development team, but the A380 is not their only core product under production.


Never say never, but the odds are certainly quite high for this A380 to be created and actually be delivered, as most developers without a track record or without association an experienced X-Plane developer in the team, as it can suddenly find themselves in a bit of a mess. As 3d external modelling is one thing, but the internal systems and the extensive plugin development is were most fantasises come clattering down...   and they want to make the A380 cross-platform? It will certainly be an interesting presentation, but take away from it the reality more than the hype.


The "It will be exclusive to (only to) Simstall " is another boundary to note, it won't be freely available on any eCommerce store, but only on their own platform, and we know how much we like direct control of product within the simulator, and my gut feeling this is an Orbix funded venture.




News by Stephen Dutton

2nd October 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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