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News! - Released! - Double Seattle packages by Drzewiecki Design

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News! - Released! - Double Seattle packages by Drzewiecki Design


Drzewiecki Design have released two packages covering the Seattle area. The first package is the city of Seattle itself called "Seattle City XP" and the second package is for the Seattle airports "Seattle Airports XP" surrounding the city. Included is five airports covering KSEA Seattle-Tacoma, KPAE Paine Field, KBFI Boeing Field, KRNT Renton and S50 Auburn. There care over 2000 custom objects covering everything from buildings, bridges, boats to the complete Seattle docks zone. The scenery spans 50 miles from Everett in the North down to Federal Way in the South.


Seattle City XP Features
  • Seattle, Washington scenery with over 2000 custom-made buildings incl. whole downtown in 3D plus other landmarks, bridges, stadiums, harbors/marinas, trains, containers and other objects, all with night textures. Mount Rainier is also included.
  • Large scenery area (Federal Way – Everett – Redmond) with night textures and a detailed autogen as well as seaplane bases (W55 and S60) and heliports
  • Highly advanced performance-friendly design





Seattle Airports Scenery Features
  • 5 high quality airports included: KSEA Seattle-Tacoma, KPAE Paine Field, KBFI Boeing Field, KRNT Renton and S50 Auburn in the most up-to-date versions possible, including the new International Arrivals Facility and Satellite terminals at KSEA and the new passenger terminal at KPAE.
  • Extensive though performance-friendly internal modeling including Boeing Everett Factory (the whole assembly building with 747, 777 and 787 assembly lines), both delivery centers of Boeing (at KBFI and KPAE) and all terminals at KSEA.
  • Autogates, VGDS, many custom animations, advanced lighting
  • Highly advanced performance-friendly design


KSEA Seattle-Tacoma




KPAE Paine Field


SeaADs_Paine 5.jpgSeaADs_Paine 6.jpg

SeaADs_Paine 1.jpgSeaADs_Paine 2.jpgSeaADs_Paine 3.jpgSeaADs_Paine 4.jpgSeaADs_Paine 7.jpgSeaADs_Paine 8.jpg


KBFI Boeing Field


SeaADs_Boeing 1.jpgSeaADs_Boeing 2.jpgSeaADs_Boeing 3.jpgSeaADs_Boeing 4.jpgSeaADs_Boeing 5.jpgSeaADs_Boeing 6.jpg


KRNT Renton


SeaADs_Renton 1.jpgSeaADs_Renton 2.jpgSeaADs_Renton 3.jpgSeaADs_Renton 4.jpgSeaADs_Renton 5.jpgSeaADs_Renton 6.jpg


S50 Auburn


SeaADs_Auburn 1.jpgSeaADs_Auburn 2.jpgSeaADs_Auburn 3.jpgSeaADs_Auburn 4.jpg


Obviously both of these Drzewiecki Design packages are to be used together, but you get a lot of acreage and modeling for your money...


Seattle City XP - US$24.00 - Download 1.2Gb         

Seattle City XP


Seattle Airports XP - US$43.00 - Download 890Mb

Seattle Airports XP


Total Seattle package cost is US$67.00! and personally I have never seen any area in X-Plane that has been covered so widespread and so detailed as both of these packages provide and overall I think you get a lot of value and investment for your money...


X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Both Seattle Packages are now Available from the X-Plane.Org Store (links above)


Images are courtesy of Drzewiecki Design




News by Stephen Dutton

22nd August 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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On 8/22/2018 at 8:16 AM, sebas00 said:

Is there HD reflection on the runway or Tarmac?


Not sure exactly what you mean by "HD reflection" but the materials are PBR-based so they do seem to reflect (and scatter) light in a true-to-life way.


One thing that really stands out about this package (referring to the city scenery now) is the night lighting. It is spectacular and as far as I know currently has no equal in the scenery market.

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