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Freeware Release : Boeing 737-900ER Ultimate beta 0.2.0

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b739_Ultimate - Header.jpg


Freeware Release : Boeing 737-900ER Ultimate beta 0.2.0


After all the hype you are just simply over it all and glad this Boeing 737-900ER has been finally eleased if only in a beta form. This is not the place or time for a review because simply most areas of the aircraft are still blanked off and noted as a WIP (Work In Progress) and believe me there is still a lot of WIP going on.


This aircraft is based on the native X-Plane default Boeing 737-800, with the incorporated famous Zibo Mods. and in the points of the Zibo modifications the aircraft is very, very good.


b739_Ultimae - Header 5.jpgb739_Ultimae - Header 2.jpg

b739_Ultimae - Header 3.jpgb739_Ultimae - Header 4.jpg


My first opinion is to note the B739U is as an ongoing project more than a released completed aircraft, and there are a lot of great ideas and features in here, but it is a long way from any completion, unless the developer is hiding a lot of the other work that is still WIP.


Features released include:

  • Led lights
  • full 3d interior
  • custom cockpit textures 
  • chart and checklist viewer
  • integraded zibo support


But "Some of the tablet features have been disabled to because of their noted W.I.P nature. " which really means still most items are still blank...  this release is more a framerate refinement than an aircraft beta, but my framerates were in the 50's, so no problems there.


There is a nice iPad style menu...  but only three menu options in Ground Handling, Door Operations and Cabin Lighting currently work, Checklists and Charts also work but you will have to add in your own documents.


b739_Ultimae - Menu 1.jpgb739_Ultimae - Menu 2.jpg


Cabin is nice and well done, but more Low-Res than Hi-Res, and the cabin lighting is well...  interesting?


b739_Ultimate - Cabin 1.jpgb739_Ultimate - Cabin 2.jpg


Yes the B739U is a beta, but also freeware... 


You can get the Boeing 737-900ER Ultimate beta 0.2.0 here: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/43965-boeing-737-900er-ultimate-beta/


Other developer links are here :

ZIBO B738-800 modified




Stephen Dutton

11th April 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


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