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NEWS! - Plugin Update : RealView Next V1.23r1 by HighSkyTech

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NEWS! - Plugin Update : RealView Next V1.23r1 by HighSkyTech


HST RealView Next Header v1.jpg


Effect plugins give you effects and movements within your simulation. The best is of course XPRealistic Pro v2 by RKApps which I highly recommend, but there is also others that give you more ideas and effects outside the boundaries of that said plugin.


One is RealView Next by HighSkyTech. This is a completely redesigned RealView which was created by new technologies, with the most modern UI rendering with soft animations and has now brand new movement technology, with new camera immersion effects and also VR compatibility.


This update is again a quite significant revision of the plugin:


V1.23r1  (June 9th 2022)

- Added new CDN servers for connection, update and operations;
- Added new plugin operation logic;
- Improved plugin logging;
- Removed old software updater;
- Removed diagnostics option;
- Removed manual in sim feature, due replacement with web version;
- Reworked interaction with xAmbience Pro interfaces, due v1.0096
- Fixed few misc. issues in GUI, interaction area;





RealView Next comes with:
All-new camera movement engine provides the most accurate simulation of the pilot's view. 
Movement and shaking are now soft and are calculated according to a gentle formula. The camera engine calculates the conditions under which you are moving or over what you are flying and what aerodynamic forces are acting on your aircraft. 
There is no more sharp shaking. From now on, all camera movements follow the movements of the aircraft in the air and on the ground, and you feel exactly what the pilot feels when flying the aircraft.
The updated user interface just got better. 
A new preview mode for each effect is available, soft transitions and a dose of ready-made presets for aircraft. 
And if you don't want to deal with setting variables, you can choose Automatic Mode. RealView Next will automatically generate the settings that suit exactly your aircraft on which you are currently flying.
The new G-Force immersion will add extreme flying to you. 
Set the takeoff thrust and release the brakes and feel yourself being pushed into the seat. Get off the ground and feel the air. 
If you land the plane very tightly or allow overloads during maneuvers, it will be just as hard for you as for a real pilot. Another one reason to improve your piloting skills.
Acceleration on an asphalt and unpaved runway will be different. 
The touchdown will not be the same as before, you will feel the touch of your landing gear as soon as you touch the ground. 
Gear vibrations and all other effects are gently simulated and you will get the full experience of the surface you are driving on. Everything is like in real life.
RealView Next simulate each surface, which is presented in X-Plane 11. You can drive off from asphalt runway to grass and you will see a diffrence. 
Simulated surfaces list:
 • Grass strip
 • Concrete
 • Asphalt
 • Gravel 
 • Dirt
 • Snow
The RealView Next comes with pre-ready made presets available for all types of airplanes and other types of aircrafts.
You can choose it by yourself or turn on Auto Mode: RealView Next will setups itselfs.
Available presets list:
 • General Aviation
 • Glider
 • Fighter
 • Heavy Metal 
 • Jet Airliner
 • Ultra Light
 • Seaplane
Landing Gear - the best speed brakes, feel each vibration during exit and retracting of gear. Feel your flaps, when they are change position. 
Feel your speedbrakes, when you dissect the air. The modern RealView Next camera engine simulate each vibration, which feel your aircraft during all phases of flight. 
With new RealView Next - each deployed surface is important.
RealView Next is deeply integrated with xAmbience Pro. 
They both operates to give you the most precise immersion of the real world sky ambience, starts from turbulence ends by air flows.
You don’t need to update your plugin each time via complex reinstall. RealView Next will automatically download all updates and install it. 
You don’t need to do anything, all processes are automatic!
- General view movements engine (Pitch; Heading; Horizon) with independent soft channels;
- The most modern interface in X-Plane with animations, effects preview and other;
- Ability to view manual trough simulator (Optional);
- Smooth camera movement during all phases of flight;
- Stand-alone plugin written on modern language;
- Fast growing list of immersions;
- Compatible with X-Camera & ASXP;
- Sound Environment (Optional);
- Multi monitor support;
- Frequent updates;
- FPS Friendly;
- Vulkan Ready;
- VR Support (Beta);
• Pitch General & Angular Axis;
Controls view depends of aircraft pitch, view will be changed due increase of speed or pitch;
• Horizon General & Angular Axis;
Controls horizon angle depends of aircraft bank angle, view will be angled due aircraft angle position or control position;
• Heading General & Angular Axis;
Controls heading angle depends of aircraft heading, view will be changed due aircraft heading change or ground rolling;
• G-Force Simualtion Module;
Simulate all G-Forces with soft movements and realistic forces. You need try to land aircraft with Over G or try to pull yoke to yourself - you will feel the G-Force;
• Static Camera Motion;
Reflects ground surfaces in static camera mode. You will feel vibrations, shakings which reflected by gear in static. 
• 3D Spherical Camera Motion;
Reflects ground surfaces in 3D spherical camera mode. You will feel the ground shakings which reflected by gears in 3D. Your view will softly reflect to it.
• Longitude G-Force;
When you set your thrust to takeoff, you will feel like you pulled into seat. When you push the brakes, you will feel like brakes tilt you.
• Side G-Force;
When you leaning your plane too much will push you into the corner of your seat and you will certainly feel it.
• Ground Touchdown Effect;
When you touch the ground, you will feel how your head beats if you land your plane too hard. If you plane will be landed softly - you will feel a light shake.
• Overspeed Effect;
When you accelerate a little too hard, the fuselage starts to vibrate from severe stress on it. 
You need to slow down, otherwise your plane may break down and collapse right in the air!
• Landing Gear Effect;
The best air brake? Correctly! Landing Gear. As you release and retract the landing gear, feel every vibration that a real person experiences while on the plane.
• Engine Effect;
Starting a rotary engine is always accompanied by vibrations in the cockpit - the pilots will tell you exactly! Feel every vibration from starting the engine. 
And if your engine is defective, feel the severe vibration and movement from the engine ahead of you!
• Flaps Effect;
The flaps are extended and retracted depending on the speed accompanied by vibration. Feel every vibration from your flaps as you retract and extend.
• Stall Effect;
If you are flying on an airplane and suddenly started to fall, you will understand this thanks to this effect. 
The intensifying lateral vibrations will not let you lie - you are stalled!
• Speed Brakes Effect;
The release and removal of the spoilers is always accompanied by a certain retraction into the seat and a slight vibration. This usually happens on every plane that sharply engages them. 
If you release the spoilers gently, or do not greatly affect the aerodynamic behavior of the aircraft, you will only feel a slight vibration across the cockpit panel.
• Automatic View Centerize;
Forward deflection can be automatically compensated at different speeds to the correct position.
• Smart Zoom
In a certain area, try turning the mouse wheel forward, you can get closer and zoom in on the area of the cockpit that you want. 
Did you do the manipulation? Came back by returning the wheel back. Smart zoom will help you with this.
• Angular Accelerations;
The yoke turns will be accurately compensated by angular accelerations. You will be able to fully experience the control of your aircraft.
• Environmental Vibrations;
RealView Next is deeply integrated with xAmbience Pro. You can feel each turbulence and air flow which can be properly inputed from xAmbience Pro Environmental Engine.
• Engine Reverse Thrust;
Feel reverse thrust of your engine by Longitude G-Force. Set it to full power and feel how your engine breaks you.

X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! RealView Next v1.23r1 by HST Simulations is now available from the X-Plane.OrgStore


RealView Next

Price is US$19.95

Current RealView owners will find this new release ready for download in their Org Store Account or as an update at no cost.



X-Plane 11

Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Current version: 1.23r1 (June 9th 2022)


NEWS! by Stephen Dutton

10th June 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All rights reserved.

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