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News! - Added Version : DC3/C-47 v2.7 by vSkyLabs

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News! - Added Version : DC3/C-47 v2.7 by vSkyLabs


VSkyLabs have added in a new variant to their excellent DC3/C-47 aircraft that is coming in the next v2.7 update, as details noted by the developer...


"The VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project (FLP) upcoming update to v2.7 will include a second variant!

The new variant will have a new designation within the package: XC-47C.

The XC-47C was an amphibious C-47 floatplane, fitted with Edo Model 78 floats. The metal floats featured retractable landing gears, allowing it to operate on land and sea. The XC-47C will be added to the base package, which will include two variants from that moment on.

Release window for update v2.7 is planned to be opened within the end of February/mid March 2018.

Cockpit: at first, cockpit will be the same as in the initial DC-3/C-47 variant v2.5e. There is an ***extensive development plan*** for the interiors, which is including a new PBR-textures-layer for the cockpits, which will be executed for the future v3.0 update. Wow...it seems that the development plan for this exciting project has just begun!

X-Plane 10 note: The VSKYLABS XC-47C variant will be added also to the X-Plane 10.51 version of the package, but it will be the last planned update for X-Plane 10.51. Although the package will continue to include both the X-Plane 11 and the X-Plane 10.51 versions, the VSKYLABS DC-3/C-47 Flying Lab Project will continue to evolve for X-Plane 11 only."


Just repeat that point in from now on is that this DC3/C-47 project is X-Plane11 only.

Last vSkyLabs update overview is here: Developer Updates and Aircraft Release : vSkyLabs




News by Stephen Dutton

16th February 2018

Copyright©2018: X-Plane Reviews


Images and text are courtesy of Just Flight/Thranda


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