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NEWS! - Scenery Updated : LIMJ - Genova COMPLETE 5 - The Revolution by BCSceneries

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NEWS! - Scenery Updated : LIMJ - Genova COMPLETE 5 - The Revolution by BCSceneries


LIMJ Genoa News! header.jpg


BCSceneries have released the next (final?) installment of the Genova, Italian city and airport mega scenery. This version is called the "COMPLETE 5 - The Revolution".


A huge collaborative project (version v4.0 was covered here by Jude: Scenery Review: Aeroporto Cristoforo Colombo LIMJ by BCSceneries) and the extensive city and airport scenario is now larger and denser than ever. The version v4.0 release was an upgrade, but this one is a update, and free to all older v4.0 purchasers.


Mostly the scenery update v5.0 is focused on making icons (mostly bridges) more realistic and true to life, with changes to LIMJ-Genoa with now an more high defined model for the New Terminal. In version 4.0 there was already an expansion included, but the administration of the airport had chosen a new different project than that of 4.0 release. So the new expansion is different than that of 4.0 release. Also there are now (walking) people (with natural movements) to give the terminals more activity.

Notable is that a lot of the buildings including the LIMJ Control Tower are now of a far Hi-Res quality texture, a weakness of the scenery before and most of the Genoa city buildings are now far higher in detail and resolution.


LIMJ-Genoa is a very large download of 4.2Gb (5.91Gb when installed), but it is still quite light on performance, and it comes with both Sea and Mesh options.


The v5.0 update includes:

Version 5.0 (May 9th 2022)
  • The Genova 5.0 scenery "use" default or third parties roads and railways in the city and in the outback of Genova. So in this fifth release you have the default cars traffic. Further in the city there are 3d modeled elevated roads and the San Giorgio Bridge (former Morandi Bridge). On these 3D modeled roads there is custom traffic (using Ground Traffic by Marginal - no need to install any plugins). In the airport (only near the Terminal) there are custom moving ground services. Also in and out the Terminal there are moving (walking) people (with natural movements).
  • In this 5.0 release we've redone the facades textures (more coloured) for the residential areas of the city.
  • Now there is a new Terminal. It is now an high defined model. The new Terminal include the expansion in project (in the reality the works will start at the end of 2022 year). Already in version 4.0 there was an expansion but the administration of the airport has choosed a new different project than that of 4.0 release. So the new expansion is different than that of 4.0 release.
  • The Terminal with the expansion has partial prerendered generic interiors (the tunnels and the areas of the Terminal near the external windows).
  •  Also there is, in the new airport, a new high defined control tower which has prerendered generic interiors (the control room).
  •  Marco has drawed a new mesh for the city and the airport. Now the whole area of the airport is raised above the sea. Between the runway and the sea there is now a connecting wall. The same must be said for the docks of the harbour and the Ancient Port. The new mesh also works in the area of San Giorgio Bridge and its motorway junction. Under the bridge now there are new high defined factories.
  • All the skycrapers in the city has been redone in high definition. Now the windows of the skycrapers are 3D modeled (no more pictures applied on the flat facades of the skycrapers model). 
  • The new scenery features new high defined models for boats, ships, and cranes. Height new models for the ships and six new models for the cranes. The marinas in the city are full of Laminar Research boats.
  • The new airport include two new areas filled with factories and high defined cranes.
  • The scenery has a totally new night version (photographic) with new night textures for ground and buildings.
  • In the airport beside the Terminal and the control tower, there are some redone buildings in high definition and new textures for the other buildings of airport.
  • In the scenery there are now new textures for almost all the landmarks of the city.
  • The Acquarium area has been edited. The docks has new texture (no more photoreal). We taked care of the textures of the acquarium (better than 4.0 release). We added people (static) in the area of the acquarium and new boats (with two new models for the yatchs) at the docks.
  • Now the outback of Genova has 1 m/pixel ground textures (the 4.0 release had 4 m/pixel ground textures).
  • Marco has drawed a new ultra high detailed model of the San Giorgio Bridge (former Morandi bridge) with its motor junction. The bridge include car traffic.
  • Now the scenery (not like 4.0 release) features the sea from photoreal textures.
  • New realistic textures for apron and runway and taxiways. Further there is the volumetric grass near the runway from photoreal textures.
  • New "De Ferrari" square.


The Genoa scenery covers an area of 243 squares kilometers with the LIMJ-Genoa airport, the Harbour, the ancient port, the fair and industrial areas with hundreds and hundreds of buildings and architectural complexes, and several thousands of objects like ships, cranes, containers, trucks, parked cars, parked trains and so on. Further, there are the residential areas. The scenery features both city areas and forests (hand placed) on the slopes of the mountains (1100 squares kilometers in total).


BCS LIMJ-Genoa head 1.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa head 2.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa head 3.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa head 4.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa head 5.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa head 6.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa head 7.jpg




BCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 1.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 2.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 5.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 6.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 3.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 4.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 7.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 8.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa LIMJ 9.jpg


Night Lighting


BCS LIMJ-Genoa Lighting 1.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa Lighting 2.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa Lighting 3.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa Lighting 4.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa Lighting 5.jpgBCS LIMJ-Genoa Lighting 6.jpg


Only big words come to mind here...  Extensive, massive and huge, the area and detail covered in the scenery is well...  massive!


To update to COMPLETE 5 - The Revolution, then go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account and download the new v5.0 of the scenery, you can purchase the COMPLETE Genova scenery below.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the LIMJ - Genova COMPLETE 5 - The Revolution by BCSceneries is currently available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

LIMJ - Genova COMPLETE 5 - The Revolution

Price is US$32.00



X-Plane 11.
4 GB RAM Minimum - 8Gb+ VRAM Recommended
Download size: 4.5 Gb
Current Version: 5.0 (May 9th 2022)

News by Stephen Dutton

10th May 2022

Copyright©2022: X-Plane Reviews


Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Right Reserved.

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  • Stephen changed the title to NEWS! - Scenery Updated : LIMJ - Genova COMPLETE 5 - The Revolution by BCSceneries
On 5/10/2022 at 6:54 AM, Stephen said:

BCS LIMJ-Genoa head 7.jpg

Hi to you all, I'm writing to ask some info about an issue shown in this screenshot. I'm the author (togheter with Marcogrifo) of this scenery, and I hope I can fix this issue with your help in giving me some info.

The issue is the grass where should be concrete and asphalt.

I guess that the problem is the compatibility of the scenery with Ortho4XP. But the fact is that on my system, I haven't any problem, I see the correct docks also using Ortho4XP scenery. I have downloaded three years ago the orthophotos of the Genova area. Maybe they are old?

I ask you if you can tell me if you are using Ortho4XP or other scenery beside Genova COMPLETE. Pherhaps are you using default scenery and no Genova COMPLETE mesh?


Many thanks in advance,


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Hi, working on my system I found the error. The problem occour when you don't install Genova COMPLETE mesh and simultaneously you use default Laminar research scenery. So it is a false problem because of for the correct functioning of the scenery, it needs to install also the mesh.




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