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Scenery Review : SBSV - Salvador Bahia International by GloballArt

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SBSV Salvador Header.jpg


Scenery Review : SBSV - Salvador Bahia International by GloballArt


Every region in the world has it's own providers of scenery. In the major markets of North America and Europe there is certainly no shortage of quality scenery, if anything there is too much in the fact that in some cases they are reproducing scenery just for the sake of reproducing scenery for the market?

But move outside of those areas and it becomes a waste land in X-Plane. The Middle East? The East and Australasia and try to note even one major scenery in any of those regions in Payware...  you can't because there isn't any, which is just plainly ridiculous and a huge market there for the taking.


South America was the same, a waste land. But over the last few years Richard E Nunes and a few calibrators have proved two things. One that scenery can be created in other areas than the obvious, and that two you can sell it in payware and people will buy it.


It was a huge challenge but it is now starting to pay off and more importantly it allows users to fly to areas that are just as interesting and different as just flying within the areas of N.America and Europe. In other words Mr Nunes has given you a reason to fly south to South America.


The first scenery was an odd choice in SBDN - Presidente Prudente Airport in Brazil. But it was a good starting point for the next two sceneries that put Mr Nunes and his colleagues on the map so to speak...  SBGL- Rio de Janeiro Intl Airport and SBRJ - Santos Dumont Rio de Janeiro.


So here is the next project and also with a name change to GloballArt in SBSV - Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. Or its full title in Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport.


First Impressions

I thought a great introduction to SBSV would be to start at another Richard Nunes scenery of SBGL Galeão International Airport in Rio.


SBSV Salvador Impression 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 2.jpg


Initially I thought that Salvador was just a little way up the coast of Brazil and just north of Rio de Janeiro, but it isn't even close but in nearly just under two hours flying time away in 1211km or 653nm.


SBSV Salvador Impression 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 4.jpg


Salvador de Bahia is in the northeastern state of Bahia and it is positioned on a small peninsula pointing south. The SBSV airport is on the southern side, but you approach RWY 10/28 by arriving over the northern point and then turning to the south for a RWY10 arrival.


SBSV Salvador Impression 5.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 6.jpg


You have an visual option with this scenery in that you can download a OSM G2XPL 3d objects folder. This creates Open Street Map objects that are representative of the area. I am not a big fan of these objects for two reasons, one they gobble up framerate, and two they only look good in a point of quality and then only from a distance as close up they are quite basic.

But here it works as areas without details then OSM 3d is needed as something to fill in the scenery, so even against my misgivings I recommend it here for this scenery.


SBSV Salvador Impression 7.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 8.jpg


First glimpse of SBSV is the excellent RAIL approach lighting for RWY10, which is very handy in this low visibility scenerio. The RAIL lighting is custom made for the scenery and very effective. Now on final's I got a full view of the SBSV scenery and was impressed on how well it was intergrated into the surrounding areas, again the textures are custom created for the area.  


SBSV Salvador Impression 9.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 10.jpg


There are three road systems on this approach with Avenida São Cristóvão, then the Av. Carybé and finally the internal airport ring-road Alameda da Holanda of which are all full of bustling traffic, I love flying over bustling traffic approaches and this one was very realistic.


One noticeable issue is that the runway line textures are not as clear as they should be, even though I have my texture settings right up? This makes the runway a little blurry on approach, the lineage is there and well done, but it sorts of rolls out in front of you as you approach the runway.


SBSV Salvador Impression 11.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 12.jpg


Once over the road systems and the terminal buildings are on your right and you cross right over the southwest/northeast runway of 17/35 on the 10/28 arrival or departure approach.


SBSV Salvador Impression 13.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 14.jpg


Terminal and airport surroundings are excellent, complex and highly realistic...   as with most Brazilian airports there is a military area to the left, but the area is mostly hidden by trees.


SBSV Salvador Impression 15.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 16.jpg


The surrounding areas vegetation is part sand dunes. This creates white textures that look odd, but it is correct and not a texture fault.


SBSV Salvador Impression 17 lg.jpg


There are only two main taxiways in Taxiway A which is alongside of RWY 10/28 and Taxiway M which is the same alongside Runway 17/35.


Taxiways have different textures of tarmac, and all are of excellent detail. Grass is 3d and adds in a great visual feel that hides the flat ground textures. centre-field items and navaids are excellent and correct as is the airfield perimeter fencing. All linage and markings are also first rate.


SBSV Salvador Impression 19.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 18.jpg


First set of buildings on the left is the cargo area, and there is a lot of nice well placed static aircraft with ground service equipment set out for the area correctly.


My parking bay is no.4 and I am impressed by the quality of my surroundings. No doubt that GloballArt give you a lot of visual fulfillment, as all their sceneries are overloaded with quality items, but that scale of detail can also be a heavy drawcard on your processors.


SBSV Salvador Impression 20.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 21.jpg


Turning into bay no.4 you have animated marshals to guide you in...  all gates are animated (marginal plugin) and work perfectly.


SBSV Salvador Impression 22.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 23.jpg


With running the scenery I am using WorldTraffic and the ground routes are built in, so it works perfectly, I am also running the JARDesign ground services plugin to add in some gate action as well. (both are options and not part of this scenery package)


SBSV Salvador Impression 24.jpgSBSV Salvador Impression 26.jpg


But I am very impressed by the terminals excellent detail and construction, really nice textures and the glass is excellent, even on the animated walkways.


As an arrival I was pretty if not extremely impressed. it was very good.


SBSV Salvador Impression 25lg.jpg


SBSV - Salvador Baha International


Salvador-Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport



Aerodrome chart SBSV.jpg


10/28 - 3,005m (9,859ft) Asphalt

17/35 - 1,520m (4,987ft) Asphalt

Elevation AMSL 20m / 64ft


SBSV Salvador Overview 1.jpg


SBSV Salvador Overview 2.jpgSBSV Salvador Overview 3.jpg

SBSV Salvador Overview 4..jpgSBSV Salvador Overview 5.jpg


As noted the landscape is very good and the scenery is perfectly intergrated with the surrounding textures, there is a lot of great traffic systems all around the airport and GloballArt has made the best of the situation in creating a very vibrant active simulation.



The airport, which was originally called Santo Amaro do Ipitanga Airport, was founded in 1925. In December 1955, the airport had its name changed for the first time as it became known as Dois de Julho International Airport to which most locals still reference the airport.  A brand new passenger terminal was opened in 1998, replacing the original outdated earlier terminal and with that another name change to Deputado Luís Eduardo Magalhães International Airport. This new terminal was continued to be upgraded and completed by the end of year 2000 and is the building in this scenery. There is only a single terminal with a single pier with 15 gates and 11 airbridges.


SBSV Salvador Terminal 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 2.jpg


Richard E Nunes's sceneries were always extremely highly detailed, even to the point of being detrimental to your computer's processing power. But here it works very well because in that one the scenery is not that large and two, there is not a lot of killing autogen around it. So here you get the best of both worlds with a highly detailed scenery without the extreme pressure to generate the high object count and detailing.


SBSV Salvador Terminal 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 4.jpg

SBSV Salvador Terminal 5.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 6.jpg


Close up terminal detailing is excellent, high quality and really well recreated. You get a lot on the landside in almost everything...


SBSV Salvador Terminal 9.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 8.jpg


...   both arrival and departure levels are very well represented with not only static vehicles, but animated traffic as well on both levels. There is even animated people walking around to add in to the realism. Note the excellent framework over the bus station arrival area.


SBSV Salvador Terminal 11.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 12.jpg


Well created covered parking areas are slightly marred by the white ground markings (below left), but otherwise it is beautifully done as is the cafe to have a rest and a nice cup of Brazilian coffee.


SBSV Salvador Terminal 13.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 10.jpg


There are animated flags (four) that can be seen from most areas around the terminal and on arrival and departure adding in some nice movement. All the smaller detailing like fencing and great...  even perfect glossy glass is well done.


SBSV Salvador Terminal 14.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 15.jpg


The airside concrete style pier is also really well recreated and very realistic, again the detailing is overwhelming in the very small stuff like lineage and markings.


SBSV Salvador Terminal 7.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 16.jpg


Huge amount of static elements, with buses ramp equipment and pretty well everything required for your use on the ramps, as noted all the gates are animated. There are four static aircraft with equipment around the terminal on gates 1, 6, 9 and remote 12, with two more in the cargo area.


SBSV Salvador Terminal 17.jpgSBSV Salvador Terminal 18.jpg


Cargo and Control Tower

To the east of the terminal is the airport's cargo area. Behind cargo is a fuel depot and control tower. The area has also auxiliary airport infrastructure for Sky Chiefs catering and various maintenance buildings and yards.


Infrareo and TAM are the main tenants in the cargo frontage and the equipment and cargo facilities are extremely well equipped and with a huge amount of detailing objects.


SBSV Salvador Cargo 2.jpgSBSV Salvador Cargo 1.jpg

SBSV Salvador Cargo 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Cargo 4.jpg


The Control Tower is set back on the western section of the airfield.


SBSV Salvador Tower 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Tower 2.jpg

SBSV Salvador Tower 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Tower 4.jpg


The tower is well done of course, but the textures feel slightly more flat than the extreme work everywhere else, my guess is you have dull grey concrete construction and that is very hard to convey. But overall it is really well done. Note the fuel depot set out behind and the great traffic flows around this area as well.


Tower view is fine...


SBSV Salvador Tower view 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Tower view 3.jpg

SBSV Salvador Tower view 2.jpgSBSV Salvador Tower view 4.jpg


... if you keep the vision straight and ahead, but go up or slightly down and you get insertions of the building. Overall it is fine. The far end of runway 28 and taxiway A is hard to see from the tower because of the trees, so you lose the aircraft for a short period after landing or taking off.


Runway 17/35

The shorter runway 17/35 at 1,520 (4,987ft) is an interesting aspect of the scenery. It is more for regional and GA flying than the longer 10/28 3,005m (9,859ft) runway. Accessing the runway is interesting as well because you go behind the terminal area and sort of slip through the fence to access it...


SBSV Salvador Runway 17:35.jpg


...  so it is an interesting taxiing experience in either departing or arriving and especially if you are taxiing down taxiway M to the RWY 17 threshold and it is even more the better if there is an arrival going over you into RWY10.


North boundary of Runway 17/35 has two General Aviation areas, one mid-runway and another by the RWY17 threshold.


The mid-runway area is for upmarket private Jet servicing and covered by AeroStar, Abaete and Atlanta hangars. And there is some nice parking areas available.


SBSV Salvador Runway 17:35 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Runway 17:35 2.jpg


Second area at the RWY17 threshold is really three areas in one. There is some aircraft storage with a few VASP B737's grounded.


SBSV Salvador Runway 17:35 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Runway 17:35 4.jpg

SBSV Salvador Runway 17:35 6.jpgSBSV Salvador Runway 17:35 5.jpg


North is the Military Police of Bahia base. This comes with an animated helicopter that can be seen now and again in the background around SBSV. The last area is another very nice GA parking area with separate parking pads, which is a great base to park up your GA.


SBSV Radar

East of Runway17's threshold is an Radar installation. This radar can be seen from anywhere in the airport scenery, but the actual radar tower is also accompanied by some nice detailing on the ground, which is to note how very detailed and even in the most obscure areas of this scenery is.


SBSV Salvador Radar 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Radar 4.jpg

SBSV Salvador Radar 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Radar 2.jpg


The radar construction itself is very highly detailed but rotates quite slowly, a little bit faster would feel more authentic.


Base Aérea de Salvador (BASV)

The eastern boundary side of runway 10/28 is the military side of SBSV. This is the Base Aérea de Salvador (BASV) military base.


SBSV Salvador Airbase 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Airbase 2.jpg


Even with it's grand entrance off the Alameda da Holanda, the airbase is quite extensive. Most of the buildings are however covered by trees that shades the real size of the base.


SBSV Salvador Airbase 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Airbase 5.jpg

SBSV Salvador Airbase 4.jpgSBSV Salvador Airbase 6.jpg


The main broad apron is also a parade ground and to the south is another apron on which are parked a lot of C130's and Orion static aircraft.


All the buildings and hangars are faithfully represented and you can easily spend a little time exploring around the whole area.


SBSV Salvador Airbase 7.jpgSBSV Salvador Airbase 8.jpg


Highlights are the secondary radar (globe) tower (there is another large globe radar tower on the north side of the scenery) and a very well rusted high water tower.


SBSV Salvador Airbase 9lg.jpg


Rear of the airbase is an extensive commercial area, it is a collection of OSM 3d, default autogen, but there is a little custom work in there as well to fill out the area. It all helps in filling out every aspect of the viewing of the scenery.



The sceneries lighting is totally excellent, except for one area and that is you have no centreline (green) lights on the taxiways? This missing aspect does make taxiing at night a little harder on the workload side, and certainly if you have only basic aircraft lighting.


SBSV Salvador Lighting 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 2.jpg

SBSV Salvador Lighting 3.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 4.jpg


In every other area though the lighting is top notch. And the great autogen lighting around the scenery is very good as well, so if you can navigate the taxiways then a nightime arrival or departure is very good visually.


Approach lighting is custom made and excellent, very realistic on approach or just looking at it.


SBSV Salvador Lighting 20.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 21.jpg


The central terminal area is excellent, even amazing in detail and includes all the complex lighting gradients.


SBSV Salvador Lighting 5.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 6.jpg

SBSV Salvador Lighting 7.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 8.jpg


Highlight is the terminal roofing structures that looks brilliant from every angle, but the smaller detail lighting is just as prolific.


Ramp lighting is very good as well, but there are a few dark working areas on some of the gates that you have to be aware of...


SBSV Salvador Lighting 9.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 10.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 18.jpg


But a great aspect is that there has been a lot of attention in to lighting up the underside of the terminal as much as the overhead lighting. This creates a really interesting lighting effect that adds in to the overall realism.


SBSV Salvador Lighting 12.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 11.jpg


Internally the terminal is fitted out and is well lit as well...


SBSV Salvador Lighting 13.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 14.jpg'


...    and there are shops and the well lit ARR/DEP boards that allows you to pass the time while waiting to board.


Cargo and western areas are excellent as well with great professional diversity in the lighting ideas, and even the fuel tanks are lit.


SBSV Salvador Lighting 15.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 19.jpg


SBSV Salvador Lighting 16.jpgSBSV Salvador Lighting 17.jpg


Outer central areas are as well lit. Including tennis courts and all the General Aviation areas around RWY 17/35. Overall the lighting is amazing.


SBSV Salvador Lighting Final.jpg



South American airlines will dominate at SBSV, with TAM (now LATAM), AZUL and GOL leading the charge. There are a few interesting European airlines that service SBSV in Air Europa from Madrid and TAP from Lisbon.


  • Aerolíneas Argentinas : Buenos Aires-Aeroparque, Buenos Aires-Ezeiza, Córdoba
  • Air Europa : Madrid
  • Avianca Brazil : Aracaju, Bogotá (begins 15 September 2017), Brasília, Fortaleza, Ilhéus, Maceió, Petrolina, Recife, Rio de Janeiro-Galeão, São Paulo-Congonhas, São Paulo-Guarulhos
  • Azul Brazilian Airlines : Barreiras, Belém, Belo Horizonte-Confins, Brasília, Campina Grande, Campinas, Curitiba, Feira de Santana, Florianópolis, Fortaleza, Ilhéus, Lençóis, Maceió, Manaus, Natal, Paulo Afonso, Petrolina, Porto Alegre, Porto Seguro, Recife, Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont, São Luís, Teresina, Vitória da Conquista
  • Gol Transportes Aéreos : Aracaju, Belém, Belo Horizonte-Confins, Brasília, Buenos Aires-Ezeiza, Campina Grande, Córdoba,[7] Curitiba, Fortaleza, Ilhéus, Maceió, Manaus, Natal, Porto Alegre, Porto Seguro, Recife, Rio de Janeiro-Galeão, Rio de Janeiro-Santos Dumont, São Luís, São Paulo-Congonhas, São Paulo-Guarulhos, Vitória
  • LATAM Brasil : Belo Horizonte-Confins, Brasília, Fortaleza, João Pessoa, Recife, Rio de Janeiro-Galeão, São Paulo-Congonhas, São Paulo-Guarulhos
  • Passaredo Linhas Aéreas ; Barreiras, Vitória da Conquista
  • TAP : Portugal Lisbon


For those of you who like great images. Then here are a few nice images not related to the review of SBSV of an early morning departure with XEnviro doing it's great misty work in X-Plane...


SBSV Salvador Fog 1.jpgSBSV Salvador Fog 4.jpg

SBSV Salvador Fog 2.jpgSBSV Salvador Fog 3.jpg



One of the first boundaries for SBSV Salvador Baha is where it is, in South America. But I don't think of SBSV that way actually. Good scenery is still good scenery and if it goes over into the excellent scenery area then it should be used.

Thankfully now GloballArt now has four sceneries dominating Brazil and no doubt more will soon follow so now the destination of Brazil is now opening up, not only from say western Europe countries but also the lower North American ports and even the obvious of Miami, Florida. Another point is that with with four ports inside Brazil you now have he start of a domestic system to expand upon, in other words this becoming a really great interesting destination for those seeking something different from the usual N.American and European routes.


One advantage of SBSV than the other GloballArt sceneries is that it does not require the overwhelming power required for the other two Rio sceneries. GloballArt do recommend to run their sceneries with the full quality textures on the upper side. I personally don't as there is just too many objects to process and yes you can deliver that full quality at the higher settings, but just a few stops below will give you still as good a quality scenery without the extreme processing down sides.


Only a few areas to note on maybe's. The white (sand) areas are noticeable, but correct via google earth. Taxiways are not centre lit at night can cause a few taxiing headaches in keeping between the boundary lines. Radar is a little slow on rotation. OSM 3d objects are not my cup of tea but are required here to fill out the scenery.


 As for the scenery itself it is top notch, SBSV is simply excellent in almost every area. Full of quality buildings, HUGE detailing, great and clever features and a another HUGE amount of animations in both vehicles, people and traffic.

Lighting is another excellent area that is well covered in variety and gradients, and with some some intimate clever lighting thrown in for good cause.


Quality scenery at a really great value price is always a benefit to anyone's flying career. SBSV does also something else in opening up a new area to explore and fly to somewhere you would really ever considered before. There is no doubt I will focus on both going to South America now more and to not just use this scenery but also explore the other airports within Brazil's domestic network.


SBSV Salvador Baha is simply too a good a scenery to waste on a maybe or sometime's flight...  It requires to used and experienced. It is great even exceptional scenery, so experience SBSV soon.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the SBSV - Salvador Baha International by GloballArt is Available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

SBSV - Salvador / Bahia International Airport


Price is US$19.95



Accurate replica of Salvador International Airport, updated 2017.
  • Modeled from the original airport layout
  • Customized runways, pavement and taxiways, with ambient occlusion included in the textures.
  •  Auto Gate with marshalls
    • by Marginal
  • Static objects, vehicles and aircraft.
  • Avenues and streets with personalized vehicle traffic.
  • 2D Grass.
  • Airport and adjacent áreas Mesh personalized.
    • Mesh Remexe Tool - Joz
  • Partial modeling of the terminal interior
  • HDR effect of interior of the Terminals and Jetways illumination.
  • HDR lighting with custom night textures.
  • Custom textures with ambient occlusion.
  • Ground service for aircraft and traffic (default).
    • Ground Traffic by Marginal
  • Custom Approach Lights (ALS) systems.




Requirements :

X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10
Windows, Mac or Linux
2Gb VRAM Minimum - 3Gb+ VRAM recommended
Current Version: 1.0 (Last updated July 12th 2017)


Installation :   Download scenery file size is 371.90mb. Installed file size is 1.20gb "SBSV - Salvador Baha" being inserted into your X-Plane "Custom Scenery" Folder.


Scenery order is important! The mesh file must be inserted below the main file in your .ini loading (txt) file located in your custom folder.


BR-SBSV Salvador International Airport v1.0

BR-SBSV HD Mesh 1.0


X-Plane setting "runways to follow terrain contours" must be ON to use this scenery.


Included in Scenery Package
  • BR-SBSV Salvador International Airport v1.0
  • BR-SBSV HD Mesh 1.0
  • Real Taxilines library
  • Salvador Norte Shopping
  • Airport Charts
  • Instructions


OSM 3d object scenery addon : BR-Salvador_OSM_Brazil_Bahia

is recommended for this scenery and can be downloaded from here : BR-Salvador_OSM_Brazil_Bahia (It is a deathly slow download and install!)



Review by Stephen Dutton

14th July 2017

Copyright©2017: X-Plane Reviews


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - GeForce GTX 980/SSE2 - Samsung Evo 512gb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.02

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins: Environment Engine by xEnviro US$69.90 : JARDesign Ground Handling Deluxe plugin - US$14.95 : WorldTraffic 2.0 Plugin - US$29.95

Scenery or Aircraft

- Boeing 737-800 X-Plane default aircraft

- SBGL - Rio de Janiero Intl Airport by Richard E Nunes (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$29.95


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