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Version Release : X-Plane11 has been officially released


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Version Release : X-Plane11 has been officially released


Laminar Research have released RC-1 of X-Plane11 but also noted the full release of X-Plane11. In accordance with Laminar's usual version release schedule the interim beta phase is followed by a RC or "Release Candidate" that is a standardization of all the features and settings for the full version release, but in this case Laminar Research have moved directly to a full release.


Steam users should now get a X-Plane11 copy, and the DVD disk package will also be released to stores. There will be a slight delay on the shipping of DVD package versions, as the disks have to be burnt and then shipped to stores.


The official release is still noted as an RC and even though the release has been made, so there is still a period that means the testing phase is not completely over as the simulator version is still noted as "Release Candidate 1, but the main items are finally locked in. There could be still more various RC versions until the absolute final release is actually published, but for most it means that finally the main beta work phase is over. Fine tuning will still not happen until the absolute final version release, so don't go looking for speed and framerate changes yet however some tuning may still be evident.


To update to Release Candidate 1 then run your X-plane installer, and the simulator will note the version only as X-Plane11 and no beta version variants.


Make this no doubt, the new X-Plane11 version is a huge step forward for this simulation platform and the major features include.

A brand new intuitive user interface and control setup 
A completely overhauled aircraft fleet with detailed documentation, plus multiple new aircraft 
High-resolution exteriors and detailed 3-D cockpits for many aircraft
New global auto-gen scenery with both European and North American details
The latest road placement and global scenery from open street map are included
Now with over 3000 airports with 3-D buildings & airport scenery
Airports are now populated with dynamic, driving service vehicles and static and dynamic aircraft.
New rendering engine for enhanced lighting and water effects
Updated weather and atmospheric effects 
Enhanced performance from the modern 64-bit engine 


But to note that there is huge amount of detail and features already built in to the new version that have not been yet activated or finalised. New FMOD sound, particle effects and better PBR (Physically-based rendering) have yet to be unleashed and they will have a significant impact on the simulator experience.


You can try X-Plane11 in the demo or buy it here : X-Plane / Laminar Research


But for now, well enjoy...  X-Plane11 is here, and it is a great step forward for simulation.



Stephen Dutton

updated 30th March 2017

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