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News! - New Scenery Version : KMIA - Miami International v2.0 by Nimbus Studios

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News! - New Scenery Version : KMIA - Miami International v2.0 by Nimbus Studios


Nimbus Studios (Butnaru) has done a complete revamp of it's premier scenery of KMIA - Miami International in Southern Florida, USA.


The original version was released in September 2013 (Review - Here: KMIA - Miami International Airport : Butnaru)  And par course for Butnaru's releases at that time (now known as Nimbus Studios) the scenery was concentrated mostly on the inner terminal areas of the airport and not so much on providing extensive detail on the external boundaries of the scenery.



KMIA Head 1.jpgKMIA Head 2.jpg

KMIA Head 3.jpgKMIA Head 4.jpg


There are a lot of original familiar objects in here, but mostly including all the terminal building have been completely redone in this v2.0, and now you have the Butnaru speciality of not only the excellent inner building detailing as well as the newer well done external textures.


KMIA Layout 1.jpgKMIA Layout 2.jpgKMIA Layout 3 LG.jpg

KMIA Layout 9.jpgKMIA Layout 11.jpg


This is a vastly better version of the original KMIA. For one it feels complete, and the the surrounding environs are finally filled in and to their maximum effect.


KMIA Layout 4.jpgKMIA Layout 5.jpg


KMIA's Railway station has been added in really well, but the majority of the additions is the huge amount of 3d objects and buildings surrounding the airport.


KMIA Layout 6.jpgKMIA Layout 7.jpg


North side cargo and GA areas have also received a lot of attention as well.


KMIA Layout 8 LG.jpg


KMIA Layout 10.jpgKMIA Layout 12.jpg


Framerate performance also seems to have improved. KMIA was one of the worst for killing framerate with a fair bit of autogen set, but it feels actually very good and more usable as the phototextures have been refined and are now HD (High-Definition) as well.


KMIA Layout 14.jpgKMIA Layout 13.jpg


Lighting is very good, and more expanded to the outer areas.


KMIA Night 1.jpgKMIA Night 2.jpg


The lighting highlights the internal terminal areas very well, you can see right in and all the clever detail is visible.


KMIA Night 6.jpgKMIA Night 5.jpg


KMIA now has animated traffic as well. There is a lot of animated vehicle now going about their business and make the scenery buzzy...


KMIA Night 3.jpgKMIA Night 4.jpg


More usable animated jetways (Marginal) have also been added and makes the scenery more interactive than the past (high) inactive boarding gates.



So this is certainly a large makeover for the KMIA scenery and worthy of the v2.0 title and not just a quick upgrade to the scenery, that is also reflected in the new price of US$24.95. This is a v2.0 so if you want it you have repurchase the scenery, If you already have purchased the original KMIA by Butnaru there is voucher to save $7 off the price. Just send your original order number to sales@x-plane.org to get your discount code.


I personally use KMIA a lot as its position is historic as a major jumping off point to South America and you have all of the Caribbean on your doorstep, but I wasn't completely happy with the original scenery with the outer environs being so average and a high framerate clout, but the new version has fixed all that and now it is more full and complete scenery with with better and more efficient framerate to boot...  so yes a very welcome revamp for an important airport.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


KMIA - Miami International v2.0 by Nimbus Studios is available from the X-Plane.org Store :


KMIA - Miami International HD v2


Price is US$24.95


If you purchased the original KMIA from Butnaru you are eligible for a US$7 discount off the price. Just send your original order number to sales@x-plane.org to get your discount code.




High Definition Airport
  • Complete detailed 3d model of Miami airport 
  • Many buildings modeled around the airport
  • Custom airport surrounding 
  • HD custom ground textures 
  • Thousands of objects highly optimized for performance
Animated Airports
  • GroundTraffic (plugin by Marginal)
  • Autogates with custom jetways
Complete Airport
  • 100+ gates
  • Cargo areas
  • Thousands of hand placed objects to match Orthophotos
  • 3D terminals interior
Stunning night lighting
  • HDR lighting support




Stephen Dutton

24th December 2016

Copyright:X-PlaneReviews 2016


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