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News! - Aircraft Released! - Beechcraft AT11 Kansan by STMA

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News! - Aircraft Released! - Beechcraft AT11 Kansan by STMA


Shade Tree Micro Aviation (STMA) have released a military version of the Beech 18 called the Beechcraft AT11 Kansan. This aircraft is based on the Khamsin version and is not to be confused with the STMA version of Heinz Dzuirowitz's Beech 18 that was acquired after his passing and was reviewed here. Beechcraft Model 18.


Kansan_ Head 1.jpgKansan_ Head 2.jpgKansan_ Head 3.jpgKansan_ Head 4.jpg


1.      Two completely new models, Bomber & Navigator, created using the Type Certificate Data Sheet, aircraft manuals, Internet files and photos, and our extensive knowledge of similar aircraft.   
2.      Includes all of the upgraded features of our Beech D18S Twin Beech models.
3.      New military-style aircraft interiors.
4.      The Bomber has a fully functioning, controllable, fuselage-mounted turret gun and a bombardier’s station is in the nose.   The Navigator has a navigator’s station in the nose, work tables in the cabin and a celestial navigation astrodome in place of the gun turret. Our custom STMA_Guns plugin rotates through the available stations letting you be the pilot, the gunner/navigator, or the bombardier/navigator.  Simply press the Gunner Station button or program a key or joystick button to STMA/Guns/RotateGunStation.  Perfect for engaging in a little aerial combat with your online opponents!
5.      Copilot rudder pedals and yokes are manipulators which, when clicked, move aside to permit the bombardier/navigator to enter the nose compartment.
6.      AutoUpdater (AU) equipped.  Under customer control automatically updates the models when they are loaded into X-Plane
7.      Package includes STMA’s latest AutoUpdater (AU) equipped HangarOps plugin.


KANSAN Version notes (wikipedia)

Bombing and gunnery trainer for USAAF derived from AT-7, fuselage had small, circular cabin windows, bombardier position in nose, and bomb bay; gunnery trainers were also fitted with two or three .30-caliber machine guns, early models (the first 150 built) had a single .30-cal AN-M2 in a Beechcraft-manufactured top turret, later models used a Crocker Wheeler twin .30-cal top turret, a bottom tunnel gun was used for tail gunner training, 1,582 built for USAAF orders


There are two versions in the package:


Navigator Version

Kansan_ Navi 1.jpg


Bomber Version

Kansan_ Bomber 1.jpg


Half panel cockpit is unusual and interesting and both the yokes for the pilot and co-pilot can be hidden. Panel is comprehensive and can be seen from both flying positions.


Kansan_ Cockpit 1.jpgKansan_ Cockpit 6.jpg

Kansan_ Cockpit 7.jpgKansan_ Cockpit 8.jpg


In the rear there is seating (Navigation) or Bomb Racks (Bomber), and the bombs shake around quite turbulently and it feels quite unnerving with all that explosive power bouncing around just behind you. 


Kansan_ Cockpit 2.jpgKansan_ Cockpit 5.jpg


There is both Navigation and Bomber positions forward, the bomber panel has a full set of controls and built in moving map to drop the armaments.


Kansan_ Cockpit 3.jpgKansan_ Cockpit 4.jpg


You can switch between the pilot's position and the top gunners position by pressing a button on the panel.


Kansan_ Bomber panel 1.jpgKansan_ Bomber panel 2.jpg

Kansan_ Bomber panel 3.jpgKansan_ Bomber panel 4.jpg


Good pop-out Menu has all doors (open/close), Yokes (hide), Ground Elements and tow tug represented.


Kansan_ Menu 1.jpgKansan_ Menu 2.jpg


Both variants come with four liveries: M78, MS JO, US Navy and V-203


Kansan_ Livery M78.jpgKansan_ Livery MS JO.jpg

Kansan_ Livery Navy.jpgKansan_ Livery V-203.jpg


The US Navy is the best of the bunch.


The aircraft comes with STMA's new automatic update system (you can turn it off if you wish to) that will check everytime you fly the Beech AT11 and do any updates automatically, it works and is very clever and you will know you will always have the latest version.


The Beechcraft AT11 Kansan is now available.





logo logo sm.jpg


The Beechcraft AT11 Kansan by Shade Tree Micro Aviation is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Beechcraft AT11 Kansan


And is priced at only US$29.95



X-Plane 10.50+ (any edition)
Windows  or Mac ( sorry no  Linux version at this time)
1Gb+ VRAM recommended



Stephen Dutton

22nd September 2016

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016


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