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News! - Coming - Sound Pack Upgrade : CRJ200 v2.0 by BlueSkyStar

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News! - Coming - Sound Pack Upgrade : CRJ200 v2.0 by BlueSkyStar


There is a new v2.0 sound pack coming for the JRollon CRJ200. This already brilliant add-on sound package has had now even more refinement with these dynamic audio areas:


-New external/internal logic dependent on closed/open doors.
-New cleaner avionics sounds internal/external
-Avionics bay sound remastered
-Aft bay sounds, equipment.
-New braking, vibration sounds
-New hydraulic sounds
-New bleed/pack turbine sounds
-New wind
-New realistic sound settings, easy to use
-New APU logic
-All systems sound now will sound in compliance with open or closed entrance door.


The version is already in beta testing and so the v2.0 release will not be to far away.


X-PlaneReviews did a comprehensive review of the CRJ200 sound package here:

Aircraft Addons : CRJ-200 JRollon - Sound Packs by Blue Sky Star Simulations


These brilliant sound packs have to be heard to believe how great they are...  total immersion. You can buy the package here and then upgrade to the v2.0 when it is released. The JRollon CRJ200 is required separately to use this package:


BSS CRJ-200 Sound Expansion Pack

CRJ-200 BSS logo sm.jpg   BSS CRJ-200 Sound Expansion Pack


Noted as well that the JARDesign A320neo/A330 series are also in line for coming upgrades, and these include:


JAR A320 Main sounds (systems)

JAR A330 GE, Trent and PW



Stephen Dutton

9th September 2016

Copyright©X-Plane Reviews: X-PlaneReviews 2016


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