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Aircraft Update : Embraer ERJ Family v1.4.0 by X-Crafts


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ERJ Series_v1.4.0_Header.jpg


Aircraft Update : Embraer ERJ Family v1.4.0 by X-Crafts


X-Crafts have done an interesting update to their ERJ Family of aircraft...  E135, E140, E145, E145XR and the ERJ private jet version of the Legacy 650 to version v1.4.0


The v1.4.0 update is mainly focused on the FMS.  As Steve Wilson has been working on a complete rewrite of the FMS navdata coding, and in this aspect it is focused on here, is the (hidden transition) from the old X-Plane navigation database (GNS430) to the newer X-Plane11 system navigation database, as this will be the cornerstone of the new Authentic FMS system coming to all X-Craft aircraft starting with the new E-Jets Family.


To note first that this ERJ Family now also works on the excellent WebFMC Pro plugin v1.7.0, of which we did a full description on how the current Tekton FMS still works in the ERJ aircraft. The same plugin will also work with this new v1.4.0 version.


So again currently to note that these changes are still on the hybrid Tekton FMS system and this update is NOT the new authentic system, only the coding has been changed as noted. FMS details are as followed:


  • Converted navigation data to use X-Plane 11 native formats.  GNS430 data is no longer needed, nor is a "Custom Data" folder required in the ERJ aircraft folder.  You also no longer need updated GNS430 data in the X-Plane/Custom Data folder unless you have other aircraft that require it.
  • The FMS now handles all waypoint types.
  • New waypoint delete function on SID / STAR / ROUTE / FLT PLAN pages. More info below the release notes.
  • FMS data entry process improvements:
    • The Departure page only has one hot key to begin SID selection.  Once you select your SID, you will automatically select your SID ENROUTE TRANSITION if any are available and you wish to select one.
    • The Arrival page now only has two selections for procedures.  STAR and APPROACH. 
    • Selecting the STAR will change the page automatically to the STAR TRANSITION selection page.
    • Selecting the APPROACH selection will automatically change to the APPROACH TRANSITION page.  Runway selection is optional, but will be made automatically if you select an approach.
    • Waypoint entry has been improved with data checking that prevents selecting the wrong waypoint type for a given identifier.
    • Navaid or FIX ID duplication detection has been added so that you can be sure that you're selecting the correct fix or navaid when there exists more than one valid possibility.


E145XR - v140_head 1.jpgE145XR - v140_head 2.jpg


I have just only spent a lot of time doing the WebFMC Pro v1.7.0 review and and within that, I used the Tekton FMS system extensively. So it was an interesting transition to this slightly newer format...  The split; Departure - Route - Arrival sequences are still the same, and you still also have to combine them together into the one route at the end of all the different route assembly points. What is different is that the interface is now a lot more cleaner, and that means also far easier to use...  but the significant aspect is that how much more smoother and forgiving the interface is as well. These images are using the WebFMC Pro interface on a desktop computer for clarity.


Here are the three elements of Depart - Arrival (top row) and the Route (bottom row). Note that now Arrival page now only has three selections for procedures; for the STAR...  then "RUNWAY" and finally the APPROACH, the runway selection is usually at the top of the list, but you do this sequence in the new order.


ERJ_140_depart.jpgERJ_140_arrive.jpgERJ_140_route 1.jpgERJ_140_route 2.jpg


You can now press the DEL key on the keypad and DEL will popup automatically on the SCRATCHPAD.  If you are on the SID EDIT, ROUTE EDIT, STAR EDIT or FLT PLAN pages, selecting a waypoint and then the SELECT key will delete the waypoint without changing the page.  This then makes it possible to delete a lot of waypoints very quickly.




Steve Wilson explains;

"Procedures can be messy.  You will need to refer to the appropriate procedure charts to determine what selections to make, and then how to clean up what you get.  It is not often that STAR's in particular can be counted upon to produce a smooth waypoint flow from start to finish.  This is one reason real FMS's have discontinuities in their waypoint flow. So it's up to the pilot to edit what the FMS provides - every time you load a STAR.  Fortunately, this is not often the case with SID's"


Remember this is a hybrid system, so it has it's own laws and procedures, and the editing process in this newer v1.4.0 version has just made the route editing that much more easier. Adding in STAR procedures is now a doddle (below), and it is far easier than before.



ERJ_140_STAR 1.jpgERJ_140_STAR 2.jpg


And notable is the Navaid or FIX ID duplication detection that has also been added so that you can be sure that you're selecting the correct fix or navaid, when there exists in the system more than one valid possibility.


Avionics and Custom Commands

  • Corrected the ALT "hundreds" knob change command.
  • Added custom commands for the FMS and NAV buttons. Switching between NAV and FMS will now go back to the correct NAV which was previously selected, not the opposite.
  • Added custom commands for the landing lights, the taxi and cockpit dome lights.


Aircraft Changes

  • Added APU hot air effects
  • Fixed the Metallic channels on all objects (metallic objects will appear metallic again)
  • Added toe brake animations
  • Adjusted the Landing Lights direction and strength
  • Updated the DCU buttons manipulators


The lighting has been adjusted... internally the "Dome" lighting is now quite bright. The instrument drop down lighting is adjustable and nice at night, but not very effective in the daytime. Also the taxi nose lighting is now far wider and better spread...


ERJ_140_Lighting 1.jpgERJ_140_Lighting 2.jpgERJ_140_Lighting 3.jpgERJ_140_Lighting 4.jpg

ERJ_140_Lighting 5.jpgERJ_140_Lighting 6.jpg


The landing lights have also been adjusted, and they are now VERY bright...  too much, I think so...  however using just the two side landing lights and not the nose, does sort of make it feel more realistic...   As noted there are now also X-Plane custom commands for the same landing lights, the taxi and cockpit dome lights.


APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) exhaust particles are now much more visible.


ERJ_140_APU Exhaust 1.jpgERJ_140_APU Exhaust 2.jpg


The ERJ E145XR is a nice looking bird in the sky!


ERJ_140_Head 1.jpgERJ_140_Head 2.jpgERJ_140_Head 3.jpgERJ_140_Head 4.jpg


These v1.4.0 changes are applied in every variant of the X-Crafts ERJ Family and including the Legacy 650. You can update to this latest v1.4.0 version by either using the excellent built in Skunkcrafts updater, or download the new v1.4.0 version from the X-Plane.OrgStore.



X-Crafts have done another substantial update to their excellent ERJ + Legacy 650 Embraer Family. This v1.4.0 update covers a transition from the old X-Plane navigation database (GNS430) to the newer X-Plane11 system navigation database, as this will be the cornerstone of the new Authentic FMS system coming to all X-Craft aircraft starting with the new E-Jets Family.


In the coding change there is also a nicer and better SID, STAR and Route programming flow with changes to the Tekton FMS system, that now can now also be used with the WebFMC Pro Plugin v1.7.0.


Other tweaks include Lighting (external) with now switchable custom commands, and APU particle effects, plus switchgear adjustments and Metallic channels on all objects are now also working (In other words it areas that are metal, look now Metallic).


The ERJ is not the focus for X-Crafts at this point as they have already announced a complete redesign of their earlier E-Jets E170 and E195, but the same authentic FMS system will go into finally all X-Craft Embraer aircraft, this v1.4.0 update is just a very nice step in that final evolution.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Embraer ERJ Family v1.4.0 by X-Crafts is NOW available at the X-Plane.Org Store:


Embraer ERJ Family - Package Includes ERJ 135/ERJ 140/ERJ 145/ERJ 145XR/Legacy 650


Priced at US$89.95


Embraer ERJ 135 - Includes: ERJ 135


Priced at US$49.95


Embraer ERJ 140 - Includes: ERJ 140


Priced at US$49.95


Embraer ERJ 145/ERJ 145XR - Includes: ERJ 145/ERJ 145XR


Priced at US$49.95


Embraer ERJ Legacy 650 - Includes: Legacy 650


Priced at US$49.95



X-Plane 11
Windows, MAC or Linux - 
4 GB VRAM Minimum. 8 GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 869 MB
Current version: 1.4.0 (April  14th 2021)


  • UPDATER - You can easily check for new updates right inside of X-Plane and you will automatically get the latest version. It literally takes 3 clicks of a button!
  • On-screen CHECKLIST plugin
  • On-screen HELP SHEET with FAQ and useful info which will get you going real quick and will solve 90% of issues that users usually ask on the forums.
  • On-Screen Control menu for door control, ground objects, GPU and engine covers.
  • Pre-configured systems like on the real plane
  • Realistic Avionics Startup
  • Realistic flight dynamics based on real pilot input and feedback
  • There are two FMS units installed on the pedestal: Custom TEKTON FMS© by Steve Wilson  (More details  below)  and the X-Plane FMS by Philipp J. Münzel 
  • Please note that these are not replicas of the FMS units usually installed on the jets.
I'm a VFX artist in real life, so I'm used to creating photo-real assets. Although I am limited by the XP rendering capabilities and your hardware, I tried to make it look and perform as good as I could :)
  • 4K High resolution textures (more important is the resolution of the actual fuselage which is 75000pixels per on meter squared)
  • Highly detailed landing gears, Flaps, lights, gauges, antennas... everything :)
  • Realistic wingflex animation
  • Pilots in external view
  • All doors are animated and controllable from the plugin menu. Main and service doors can also be opened by clicking on the levers.
You'll find that there is an amazing level of detail, for example dust particles on the screens visible when light shines on them, finger prints on buttons, and if you zoom in really close to the screens you will even see individual pixels on the actual screens. I tried to make sure that the cockpit looks realistically worn out and used as it would based on how much these jets are used!
  • High resolution PFD, MFD, EICAS displays
  • All text around the cockpit is crisp and clear with any rendering options
  • Intuitive cockpit manipulation - I have always taken great care to make the cockpit as easy to use as possible. This means all clickable areas in the cockpit are very big so that you can easily click on any button, knob or lever in the cockpit
  • Each switch, lever, knob, and handle is animated
  • All cockpit lights are controllable exactly as on the real jets, even the screens shine light on their surroundings
  • Includes baggage bay door light
  • 3D (not movable, ideal for VR) pop-up panels of the FMS, Radio panel and Thrust Rating Panel.
  • The FMS also has a 2D pop up window mode that stays on the screen and you can move it around, so you can simply choose which one you want to be using based on your preference.
  • Pop Up screens of the PFD MFD and EICAS
  • Realistic Exterior Lighting: NAV, Strobe, Beacon, Left/Nose/Right landing lights, Nose taxi lights, Inspection lights, Logo lights, Courtesy lights, Baggage door light. They all cast light on the surroundings.
  • Audible Alert System
  • Awesome 3D sounds, many of which have been recorded on the real jets!
These jets have been made, fine-tuned and tested for a flawless VR experience!
There are 5 liveries included compatible with the ERJs (White, American Airlines, American Airlines Old, United Express, ExpressJet,and 3 for the Legacy. There are dozens of other liveries available on the forums.
TEKTON FMS© Features
 Custom MCDU Interface
  • Initialization page on system startup
  • Easy to navigate paging system
  • SID, ROUTE and STAR waypoint lists are treated as separate editable items
  • Color keyed data presentation
  • Scratchpad data entry
  • Interactive feedback messages
  • Both 2D and 3D popups are available for easy access.
  • Direct Keyboard Entry (DKE)
Departure and Arrival Procedures
  • SID and STAR procedures from X-Plane stock or third party custom data
  • Zipped “Custom Data” folder provided
  • Altitude and airspeed constraints for procedures
  • Automatic procedure altitude calculation
  • Flexible STAR element selection and re-selection and editing
  • Default visual departure and approach waypoints
  • Ability to easily edit SIDs, Routes, STARS and the loaded FLT PLAN
AIRWAYS Selection
Progress Monitoring
Performance Flight Planning:
  • PERF 1 page providing preflight and takeoff data
  • PERF 2 page allowing route fuel planning 
  • PERF 3 page for approach data
Additional Features:
  • Thrust Rating Select page (TRS) accessed from PERF 1
  • FMS reset function
  • Simplified manual waypoint altitude entry
  • Company route load and save functions
  • FLT PLAN page now automatically advances with destination waypoint
  • 8.33mhz tunable radios
  • Comprehensive Status Page
  • The stock X-Plane MCDU is also provided as an alternative for users that prefer it.
An amazing 3D sound package comes with the jets. Everything from different knob sounds, door sounds to realistic engine sounds. Many of the sounds have been recorder on the real jets which makes the experience extra immersive! 



Aircraft Update by Stephen Dutton 

16th April 2021

Copyright©2021 : X-Plane Reviews 


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this preview are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved

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