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News! - Aircraft Update : CowenSim MD500E v1.10

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News! - Aircraft Update : CowenSim MD500E v1.10


MD 500E v1.10 News! header.jpg


CowenSim has done a through update to their MD500E (Hughes 500) v1.10. My view in the CowenSim MD500E review was that the aircraft felt slightly undeveloped, so this comprehensive v1.10 update it should now cover the final aspects of the delivery of a fantastic machine.


Added tons of liveries

There were quite a few liveries added to the package 50

New paint kit
The paint kit was upgraded and a paint kit for the cargo pod was added to the package. Thank you Pasiel J for your help. The new kit is amazing.
Some more additions

  • Added the missing keys. The starter will not work unless on.
  • Added click spots to remove EITHER fire extinguisher.
  • Added a hot start notification pop up and reset click spot. Let the engine wind back down before clicking reset.
  • Added several FMOD sounds and remixed/replaced a lot. Still a work in progress. We could spend months on sounds alone. Listen for the hot engine cooling after shutdown. Joe Kipfer…
  • Added/changed/updated textures and normals.

Added more Options:

  • Pilots and passengers
  • Cargo pod
  • Skid mirror
  • Remove duel controls
  • Standard Panel
  • Wire cutters
  • Utility floats

All options are added to the persistence script so they will be saved between your sim time.

Fixed Cyclic in VR

The manipulator settings inside of the “500E_vrconfig” file in the main directory needed a change to work properly. This only affected users who were not use a physical joystick or cyclic, but using only the VR controller to grab the virtual cyclic to fly.

Fixed ADF receiver

Fixed throttle animation

Fixed Strobe Light

Initially this was thought to be a draw order issue but it turns out the strobe was not connected to the beacon light toggle.

  • Fixed Anti Collision and Position lights that were backwards.
  • Fixed COMM & NAV 1 frequencies.
  • Fixed fuel flow issue on start up.
  • Adjusted fuel consumption.
  • Fixed several instrument/device lighting issues.
  • Fixed the save button in the VR config menu.
  • Corrected typos in textures.
  • Switched fuel cut off valve to be closed (IN) by default.
  • Adjusted fuel cut off on throttle.
  • Adjusted rotor brake strength.
  • Adjusted horsepower.
  • Adjusted skid flex animations.
  • Coded custom ammeter behavior.
  • Adjusted oil pressure.
  • Oil temperature coded to be at ambient temperature until above.
  • TOT temperature coded to be at ambient temperature until above.
  • Added code for smooth gauge needle animations when battery switch cut off.
  • Re-ignition light works when testing now.
  • Center window framing, windows, trim all narrowed. It was too wide.
  • Made grab handles thicker.
  • Several flight model changes. The Floats have drag when active and 0 drag when not active.


500E - v1.10 head 1.jpg


The options list has grown considerably in this upgrade v1.10 package. You now have a lot more configurations to choose from in the way you can set up your 500E.... First off is a Pilot! yay...   and his exact Twin-brother as a Co-Pilot?


500E - v1.10 options 1.jpg500E - v1.10 options 2.jpg500E - v1.10 options 3.jpg500E - v1.10 options 4.jpg


Passengers are now also on board with a very scantly dressed young woman on the left and her boyfriend on the right. The pilot is very nicely animated as well.


External options now include a very nicely done Cargo Pod, Skid mirror and top and bottom fuselage Wire Cutters...


500E - v1.10 options 5.jpg500E - v1.10 options 6.jpg500E - v1.10 options 7.jpg500E - v1.10 options 8.jpg


Another item added that has been extremely well done is the set of Rubber Floats on the skids, note the addition of the rubber floats will affect the 500E's performance!


500E - v1.10 options 16.jpg500E - v1.10 options 17.jpg


Internally you can now have a Single or Dual control setup...


500E - v1.10 options 9.jpg500E - v1.10 options 10.jpg


...   you can also switch between the large centre console or a more spacious "Standard" support console setup.


500E - v1.10 options 11.jpg500E - v1.10 options 12.jpg


Also you can now hide both of the red Fire Extinguisher bottles for even more space.


500E - v1.10 options 13.jpg500E - v1.10 options 14.jpg


There is also now an animated start key on the left side of the instrument panel.


500E - v1.10 options 15.jpg


We can't show all the new 40 liveries, but here are some samples...   and again they are all excellent, with first now a "Magnum P.I." livery for you to hone in on to your T.C. flying skills...  another yay!


500E - v1.10 Livery 1.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 2.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 3.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 4.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 5.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 6.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 7.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 8.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 9.jpg500E - v1.10 Livery 10.jpg


Notable is that all the textures and normals (NML) have been refined or redone, highlighted certainly here in the better finish in this v1.10 version of the 500E...  there has also been more work done on FMOD sounds, which have been either remixed/replaced a lot, but are noted as "Still a work in progress". Finally some modeling changes has the center window framing, windows and the trim all narrowed a little, as It was too wide.


Fuel flow (on startup), fuel consumption, oil pressure, Oil temperatures, TOT temperatures and the horsepower has also been adjusted for more realism.


This v1.10 500E version is vastly different from the earlier release version... it shows how in only a few weeks in finishing off the options and more importantly refining the smaller details of the handing and performance of the aircraft, on how it can really pay off...  the difference here in this latest v1.10 version is astounding...   highly recommended.


500E - v1.10 head 2.jpg500E - v1.10 head 3.jpg500E - v1.10 head 4.jpg



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the CowanSim 500E v1.10 by CowanSim is NOW available from the X-Plane.Org Store here : 


CowanSim 500E v1.10

Price is US$24.95


If you already have purchased the CowenSim 500E, then go to your X-Plane.OrgStore account to download the new (better) v1.10 of the CowenSim MD 500E.


Windows, Mac or Linux
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 570 MB
Current and Update Version: 1.10 (April 10th 2021)



News by Stephen Dutton

12th April 2021

Copyright©2021: X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions) All Rights Reserved


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