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Aircraft Update : Bell AB412 1.5 by X-Trident

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Aircraft Update : Bell AB412 1.5 by X-Trident

X-Trident have done another small update to the Bell AB416. In reality this update is just another bit of fine-tuning with the only new items being for the SAR scenarios (ground operator, life boat, optional ambulance, random positioning, improved animation).



Now you get a paramedic by the patient in the hard ground position, and the co-ordination system allows you to place them where you want them. An Ambulance can also be standing by, but the ambulance texture quality was not great at my settings.



Out on the water and the ground position turns the patient into a floating lifeboat with a strobe light that can be seen from a far distance.


This is now certainly the best SAR rescue set in X-Plane, great ideas and great animation...  The AB412 is not too bad either!.

For more complete information on how the SAR system works then read X-PlaneReviews AB 412 v1.4 update review.


Yes! the Agusta Bell AB412 from X-Trident is now available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here : Agusta Bell 412 - Price is US$35.95

Current version is v1.5 and if you have already purchased the X-trident Bell AB412 then go to your X-Plane.Org Store account and upgrade now!

Pre-release versions tested by actual customers since August 2014
Highly detailed 3d model and 3d cockpit. Most switches operable
Detailed rotor kinematic modeling
Detailed lights
Close to real fuel, hydraulic and electrical systems; start-up sequence follows the real checklist almost line by line
Custom failures
Working custom auxiliary tank and water drop system
Working dolly pad for precision landing
Custom warning panel
Custom governor
Custom artificial stability
Custom 4 channels autopilot with over 10 modes
Flight model approved and tweaked by real pilots
Hyper detailed rotor with all its levers moving ud and down,
Custom GPU
Custom Remove Before Flight with dangling flags (with FOD)
ADF with bank error
Working doors with changing sound volume effect
Many liveries plus a paint kit; smart configuration of optional objects attached to each livery
Plugin for Windows, Mac and Linux (32 and 64 bit) – detailed custom menu
Tested with FS Economy, Smart Copilot and Saitek panels
Includes a licensed version of Dreamfoil's Geforce plugin
Garmin 530 GPS

V1.3 New Features:

Working NIGHTSUN Spotlight
Working FLIR Camera

V1.4 New Features:
Custom Winch and SAR operations

V1.5 New Features:
Improved shadows (now high-res as they should be)
Improved click regions for the Garmin 530
Improved SAR scenarios (ground operator, life boat, optional ambulance, random positioning, improved animation)
Added custom commands for FLIR and spot light



X-Plane 10.30+ (any edition) - Mac, Windows, Linux - 1Gb+ dedicated VRAM Video Card

Current version: 1.5 (Last updated September 14th 2015)
Update by Stephen Dutton
17th September 2015
Copyright©2015: X-PlaneReviews


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