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Aircraft Update : Boeing 732 TwinJet by FlyJSim

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Aircraft Update : Boeing 732 TwinJet by FlyJSim


FlyJSim have done an update noted as Version 1.1508.1036 on the Boeing 732 TwinJet, and it is a very good and extensive one.






FlyJSim's approach to aircraft is highly detailed and functional...  you could even say complex. But I would prefer to say they have extensively developed systems and they are certainly some of the most immersion types of simulation you can fly in X-Plane. The focus is also on older aircraft in the Boeing 727 Series and this Boeing 737-200 TwinJet and the bombardier Dash Q400. The link between the aircraft is they are all very manual to fly in dials and throttle control and modern automation is rarely used and that makes the aircraft also extremely interesting and challenging to fly.




The aircraft has had a lot of adjustments (Full Changelog below) but it is more than just a fix up of smaller details as new items have been added or original ideas have been updated.


The menu system located on the lower left of your screen is excellent, as noted the aircraft is complex but FlyJSIm have been thoughtful in the way you can quickly set up the aircraft for flight and have a lot of data you require at your fingertips to not only get airborne quite quickly but to be able to fly at the performance boundaries in an visual way, the system is excellent in that case

Menus are noted as - WnB (Weights and Balances) - V/Card - OP (Options) and INS (CIVA GPS optional).




WnB (Weights and Balances)

It is extremely easy to set up the weight, aircraft load in passenger and cargo and fuel load. All the information is there and easy to read or noted, and your center-of-gravity is also easily balanced and noted.

In the update you can now disable the Weight and Balance system from changing X-Planes values for payload and CG. This was a request from FS-Economy users.



I really love the V/Card visual menu on both the FlyJSim B732 and B727 Series aircraft, it is totally brilliant.





When you set your aircraft weights and balances via the WnB menu it translates directly to the V/Card to give you your V speed references, your weights are also noted and updated on the V/Card to the current weight and fuel as you fly so you know exactly what the aircraft is in weight and can note that for takeoff and landing. The speed bugs automatically set to the vRef's required as well to make that perfect takeoff in speed and your landing speed is noted on the Landing tab. 


Another brilliant feature is that if you press the green zone on the trim setting indicator it will automatically set the trim to the weights and balance for takeoff. These few setting helpers can get you perfectly set up in a very short time, but also have the aircraft correct and ready for flight.

There have been a few changes to the V/Card in the update including an added trim setting to the takeoff Vcard, the EPR setting on Vcard for takeoff now changes, which is used usually for hot and high takeoffs. When the Vcard is open to takeoff, the EPR bug on the engine display is updated for you if takeoff flaps are not set in the Vcard, it will now actually sync to your takeoff flaps when passing 80 kts during your takeoff roll to ensure you get the proper bugs and callouts for the V1/rotate.


OP (Options)



On the OP-Options Menu you can now disable Copilot Callouts if they get annoying and the HF wire from the fuselage to the tail can be hidden.

Both the external APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) and start up (Engines) Air Cart can be accessed by the menu, but no physical units are shown outside which are now usually available for aircraft of this quality?


INS (CIVA GPS optional)

For the FlyJSim Boeing 727 Series and this Boeing 732 aircraft the Delco Carousel IV-A Inertial Navigation System, nicknamed "CIVA" can be purchased as an addon: CIVA Navigation System for $US10.00. it is basic navigation system that can give automatic navigation of up to 9 waypoints. (you can load X-Plane .fms plans) but it is quite a difficult beast to use, but also very authentic for navigation systems of the 60's and early 70's eras. It was installed in classic airliners like the Boeing 707 and 727, the Lockheed Tristar, the Douglas DC-10 and the Boeing 747-100 to -300 and a special variant, the Carousel IV-AC was also installed in the Concorde and used to cross the North Atlantic at supersonic speeds.

But like I noted it is a bit of a bully to use, and personally I wasn't greatly supportive of the feature as it was just to time-consuming to program. (every Lat/Lon had to programmed in) That was then and this is now as there has been since a great plugin released to ease all the pain and make the navigation system more user friendly and far more easier to program.


This is called the CIVA Helper plugin 1.10 by Yoyoz and it is a great piece if kit (You will need Sandy Barbour's Python interface installed)

Another bonus also is that the xCIVA is now in this update actually installed on the lower part of the panel of the aircraft if you own the feature. The popup is still there if you need it, but somehow the 3d version is far better to use, and it looks sensational. (For the B727 Series pleeeese!)





You can input a set of waypoints (fixes) or just cut and paste a route from a route planner and make up a flightplan in seconds, then just push the fix directly into the xCIVA, the great thing about this plugin is that you can select only the waypoints you want to make up the maximum of the nine allowed, you don't need the airport as your first fix but POS in "Position" to tell the xCIVA the current coordinate position of the aircraft. Zero numbers are not also allowed as the xCIVA will not accept them. Another bonus is that you can create a double flightplan with inputting the first nine into the system and then having nine or more ready to input as you fly along to compensate around the nine fix input barrier (like they did in the old days). You can also do a sort of Direct-To by jumping to a certain waypoint or diversion fix.


So the helper plugin makes the xCIVA an everyday usable system so it is a well worth download and the new panel location really helps as well.



The built in pushback feature has had a few changes as well.






You select the pushback now by pushing the "GndCall" button on the overhead panel. And it appears as a popup menu. You now have two choices in Manual pushback, or Automatic pushback. Manual will allow you to steer the aircraft with your joystick or rudder pedals and the Auto mode pushback allows you to set the distance, tail turn and turn degree. You can also display a ghost of the aircraft as an estimate of the pushed back position on the ground.


KOAK - Oakland Intl to KPDX - Portland Intl


I flew the updated Boeing 732 from Oakland, San Francisco to Portland to have a look at MisterX's new scenery, I had the aircraft very heavy but only half-full of fuel for the relatively short hop to Oregon.






I will be totally honest and admit I never was completely in love with the B737-200 from FlyJSIm, mainly because it was so overshadowed by the bigger more dramatic Boeing 727, of which I love more than I can explain. But with this update the aircraft and myself have had a more closer if more intimate relationship with each other. I feel I didn't use the aircraft in the right context enough to get the best return from it, but now we seemed to have reached an understanding of each other and will move on to the next level of getting to know each other more closely and intimately. I felt more at home and enjoyed the aircraft immensely this time. So was this the update or has X-Plane matured more to meet the combined goals of the aircraft and myself or just the xCIVA now working better that created a more better atmosphere.


There is no doubt in the depth of the aircraft's systems and more have been added in a new Instrument Comparator system, the GPWS system, has new system sounds and functionality and the Compass/NAV/Vert Gryo switching system is also new. I also liked the new Trip/Date recorder system, which you can change to whatever you like, just hit the button and it saves it for you.






I am still wishing on the B732 like with the Boeing 727 Series that the rear cabin would be completed and installed, and the doors would open (Other close users note the missing items to me as well), And although the cockpit is without doubt certainly one of the very best in X-Plane, It still feels a little empty back there.


But as a pilots aircraft it is astounding in design and in performance, it uses the excellent Dreamfoil - DreamEngine & Turbine Sound Studio sounds. The B732 rumbles and it roars in that 1960's unhushkitted noise as those JT8D-15A engines pore out the power and dark smoke that bellows from that more less environmental period. New sounds have been added in here as well as all the switches, knobs, buttons all now have 3d positioned sounds, recorded from actual 737 panels and the click and tick just as they should. You can hear APU now as well in the background. I love the wizzing around Trim wheels on these aircraft and the sounds have now been realistically heightend, spoiler arm deploy sound for landing and spoiler deploy low rumble are also significant aural changes that sound great. You can adjust the external and internal sound volumes by the menu to enjoy the audio to the maximum.






The basic Sperry 77 Autopilot is quite different from today's fully automated cockpits but excellent to use, so it gives you a totally different dimension to flying a heavy aircraft, Radio's are really good for flying VOR radials and NDB's which you heavily rely upon. The red line on the MAP display has been removed. I accept that it is not a realistic point on the aircraft, but its removal means you don't know if the xCIVA is running the right waypoints or if it is set correctly at all or even working...  so do you need that red line back?






This is the -200adv version of the 737 family and you can see the larger Boeing barrel size (six across seating with a single aisle) on the shorter fuselage length. But there is no doubt it is a nice looking aircraft and a pure Boeing. Nice details are the retracted undercarriage (FlyJSim always did amazing undercarriages) and the long tube almost rocket looking engine pods, a different era.


The yaw damper was too sensitive in turbulence and has been adjusted so you can now keep it on. And you will noticed that the on the HDG and CRS display they now show values greater than 360 degrees. Cabin lighting now shows externally at night and park brake light, trim light, marker lights, Fire lights and some radio lights now work correctly.


You get one blank white livery (there is a paintkit available) and five airline colours in WestJet (very modern) Aer Lingus, Air France. Aloha (old) and KLM. But you are not short of liveries and restricted to just these five, as there is 132 available on the X-Plane.Org site! It is a lot and all are very good, like this superbly nice DeltaExpress livery in this upgrade review.








Portland Intl was now on approach and I was seriously impressed with MisterX's work, the scenery is simply excellent.






The FlyJSIm Boeing 732 is certainly a very challenging aircraft to fly in X-Plane, it demands to fly it well a knowledge of its deep systems that are crafted to perfection and the aircraft requires time to really get the best performance on all levels out of it. 






You get those angled offset clamshell reverser doors which are very dramatic and the airbrakes are armed as noted on the panel, the before noted V/Card approach and landing speeds are excellent and the often neglected autobrake system has been better tuned now with proper deceleration rates and the aircraft feels better in that speed reduction phase.

The door alignment has been done (I did it earlier anyway) so the airbridges (jetways) now connect correctly, but not here at Portland as they don't go lower but only sideways.


Smart CoPilot features have been added to cater for that addon in the 3D CIVA is now synced and master controlled, and the files have been updated to this new version.

And of course the most important item to be fixed is the PAX chime now bings when turned off as well, Thank god that has been done.



This update Version 1.1508.1036 is more than just an aircraft bug fix and clean up, there are a load of small but good new features in there, but the most significant thing is the aircraft really feels more complete and satisfying. You really can't put your finger on it, but like most upgrades when they come you realise that those items either didn't work or were missing, but there is still more going on here this time. Like I noted earlier, I never really felt totally comfortable in the aircraft and I could not put my finger on it, but certainly the B727 Series overshadowed it. Now I find the B732 TwinJet a lot more to my liking and I flew the aircraft more consistently, so maybe there was something more in there I was aware of but couldn't actually touch that has been ironed out.


No ground vehicles or equipment like APU's and AirCart or pushback truck makes the aircraft look a little lonely now out there on the ramp, and no opening doors (so well done on FlyJSim's Dash Q400) makes it boring sitting at the gate, and you expect that now at this price range and features.

But overwhelmingly is the sheer dynamics of the aircraft and THAT cockpit, that is with the FJS B727 an amazing design and certainly both are the best in X-Plane for 60's era heavy jet flying.  They are both amazing places to be in, use and very different in the context that one (B727) is a three crew aircraft and this B732 is a more advanced two crew machine.


So a very good update from FlyJSim to a now excellent period aircraft, for flying a early period classic jet Boeing airliner, you can't invest in any aircraft better than this and go back to fly in a period of a glorious jet age that will always be a classic period of aviation.




X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg



Yes! the Boeing 732 TwinJet from FlyJSim update is now available from the new X-Plane.Org Store here : Boeing 732 TwinJet


- Price is US$47.00

Current Version 1.1508.1036 is Aug 15 and if you have already purchased the 732 TwinJet then go to your X-Plane.Org Store account and upgrade now!



Features include:

FlyJSim quality, including attention to detail and flight dynamics
Realistic Sound engine provided by DreamEngine & Turbine Sound Studio sounds

Detailed exterior

Accurate replica of the 737-200adv
Detailed textures
Detailed animations - Wing flex
Detailed lighting

Superb Cockpit Interior

Detailed 3D cockpit
High resolution textures on panels
Detailed cockpit lighting - Intuitive cockpit manipulation

Systems Simulated
Many custom systems have been coded to replicate the behavior of the real aircraft:

Air system - Anti-Ice
Com/Nav radios
Electrical - Fire protection
Warning systems
Weather radar

Other features:

Realistic flight model
Weight & Balance Manager
Detailed manuals

6 liveries included

- Designed by FlyJSim (Jack Skieczius and Joe Vermeulen)

Developer Site: FlyJSim

Dev Support : FlyJSim Support



X-Plane 10.30+ (any edition) - MAC, Windows, Linux - 1Gb+ dedicated VRAM Video Card - 10.20 or higher - 32 and 64 bit compatible. X-Plane 9 is not supported - Recommended: 1+ GB of VRAM, and 8+ GB of system memory

Current version: Version 1.1508.1036 (Last updated August 17th 2015)
Full Changelog:

Bugs fixed:

  •   Fixed bug in APU bleed pressure staying around even if APU was turned off.
  •   PAX chimes now sound when turned off as well.
  •   Fixed Engine start sounds playing when no bleed pressure to start engines.
  •   Fixed BUSS typo.
  •   Fixed typos in options menu.
  •   Fixed issue where the Flight Director knob would not turn to approach mode.
  •   Fixed the stick shaker sound not playing with the system test.
  •   Fixed issue were aircraft would turn the wrong way when capturing the ILS.
  •   Spoilers now retract if throttle moved up for takeoff while in ground.
  •   Fixed issue with yaw damper being too sensitive in turbulence. You can now keep it on.
  •   Fixed door position for autogate.
  •   Fixed Gen drive temp issue where they were only shown if generator was attached to the bus.
  •   Added breakaway thrust so the plane will no longer roll forward with idle thrust at the gate or after pushback.
  •   Fixed APU fuel consumption, APU now takes fuel from the left tank.
  •   Fixed issue with APU sound playing when no fuel in left tank
  •   Fixed HDG and CRS displays from showing values greater than 360.
  •   Fixed some LIT texture bugs on the copilot side.
  •   Added text for the aft console FLOOR and PANEL lights.
  •   Map FMS red line removed from the weather radar.
  •   Fixed fuel valve closed lights. Now show as dim.
  •   Fixed Vertical gyros to be wound down on cold and dark properly
  •   Redid the autobrake system. Now should work properly, with proper deceleration rates.
  • New Sounds
  •   Switches, knobs, buttons, etc, all now have 3d positioned sounds, recorded from actual 737 panels.
  •   Added APU sounds.
  •   Added Trim wheel sound,
  •   Added spoiler arm deploy sound for landing
  •   Added spoiler deploy low rumble
  • New Systems added
  •   Added Instrument Comparator system
  •   Added GPWS system, with new system sounds and functionality
  •   Added Compass/NAV/Vert Gryo switching system
  •   Added Trip/Date recorder system. You can change these to whatever you like, hit button and it saves.
  •   Added Compass system panels.
  •   Changed graphics on cockpit voice recorder panel, including the test needle animation
  •   Added 3d CIVA panel for those who have CIVA installed on this aircraft.
  •   Added voice recorder test functionality(needle moves)
  • New options -  Added Option to disable Copilot Callouts
  •   Added option to disable the Weight and Balance system from changing X-Planes values for payload and CG. This is a fix for FS-Economy users.
  •   Added option to remove HF wire.
  • Vcard changes 
  •  Added trim setting to the takeoff Vcard
  •   EPR setting on Vcard for takeoff now changes, usually for hot and height takeoffs. When the Vcard is open to takeoff, the EPR bug on the engine display is updated for you.
  •  If takeoff flaps are not set in the Vcard, they will sync to your takeoff flaps when passing 80 kts during your takeoff roll to ensure you get the proper bugs and callout for V1/rotate New Pushback system
  •  Added Pushback popup system, activated by hitting the Gnd Call button on the center overhead.
  •   Gives option for Manual pushback, or automatic pushback.
  •   Auto Pushback allows you to set distance, tail turn, turn degree.
  •   Can display a ghost of the aircraft as an estimate of the pushed position.
  • Cockpit light changes
  •  Added light glow to several annunciator lights in the cockpit, including the park brake light, trim light, marker lights, Fire lights and some radio lights.
  • Exterior lighting
  •  Added cabin lighting to exterior
  • Smart Copilot
  •   Smart Copilot files updated to reflect system changes.
  •   With 3D CIVA, now synced. Master controlled.
Update by Stephen Dutton
17th August 2015
Copyright©2015: X-PlaneReviews


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Guest glennchambers

I purchased this based on many reviews including yours and I must say what a fantastic add on this is.

It flies perfectly and makes a nice change to using the FMC automated stuff that you get these days.

I did also get the CIVA add-on which helps a lot but you can fly VOR to VOR quite easily with this plane but I'm still learning all about that.

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I don't have the current version of FJS B737 TwinJet, I think it was selected in the plugin menu settings? or it may have moved to the Options panel like on the B727 in the update? You also have to have Sandy Barbour's Pyhon installed as well.

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