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  1. I'm still using the X-Plane 10 version in X-Plane 11, it flies but with a few issues, so I think it's time to move up to the X-Plane 11 version, I couldn't find anywhere in your article if this is VR compatible, and if not, can we expect that in an update? I'd like to know before I spend $35, thanks.
  2. I just bought this helicopter for X-Plane 11, great copter... but...c'mon guys.. you can do better than this on the download for payware !! All I got was all the folders & files in the zip. So I had to make my own Bell 412 folder. What? You couldn't make a folder & label it "Bell 412"? Some kid will buy this and think, "What am I supposed to do with all these files"? Let's get with the program.
  3. Hi, can you help me out? I have the 737 twinjet, and I got the CIVA, I can open the CIVA as a popup, but I don't know how to have it appear on the lower panel of the 737, what am I doing wrong?
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