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Aircraft Review : Epic Victory G1000 Edition by Aerobask

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Aircraft Review : Epic Victory G1000 Edition by Aerobask


Throughout the last year, Aerobask has revised most of their aircraft over from a custom G1000 system to the default X-Plane Laminar G1000 GPS avionics system. Both the Diamond DA-62 and the (freeware) Robin DR401 CDI 155 have had conversions, more closer and noticeable is the Epic E1000 - G1000 Edition from early 2019, now it is the time or the re-tune of the Epic Victory.


The Very Light Jets (VLJ) were created for a market in air taxi services that never really came to pass. But that should not take the quality away from this very clever and even brilliant design of a very small private jet from Epic Aircraft Company of Oregon in the United States of America. The aircraft seats five including the pilot, and the Victory is very small modern aircraft and it is very easy to operate and fly. In this version from Aerobask the engine has been upgraded to the more powerful PW617F engine, from the earlier Pratt & Whitney Canada PW600, the PW617F produces 1,615 pounds-force (7.18 kN), to the earlier 900 pounds-force (4.0 kN) in the PW600, a significant power increase.


Victory_G1000_Head 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Head 2.jpgVictory_G1000_Head 3.jpgVictory_G1000_Head 4.jpg


The new default "Green Bird" livery is bright...  green, the aircraft however looks brilliant. Complex surfaces and the modeling is also simply brilliant...


Victory_G1000_Head 5.jpgVictory_G1000_Head 6.jpgVictory_G1000_Head 7.jpgVictory_G1000_Head 8.jpg


...  if you think this composite style is easy to do, then it isn't, as to get it wrong it looks plain and fake, the opposite of the expert skills at work here. Undercarriage is excellent as well. All the extensive linkages and assemblies are perfect, and note the way the trailing front gear assembly rotates around the upper solid section, and the trailing arm main gear is also very well constructed and well detailed.


Victory_G1000_Gear 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Gear 2.jpgVictory_G1000_Gear 3.jpgVictory_G1000_Gear 4.jpg


Glass is very good, with depth and reflections (reflections can be turned off if required)...


Victory_G1000_Glass 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Glass 2.jpg


...  single entry door is split upper and lower, You open (or close) via the catch (or menu) and it unfurls nicely.


Victory_G1000_Door 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Door 2.jpgVictory_G1000_Door 3.jpgVictory_G1000_Door 4.jpg


Aerobask is all about materials, excellent material detailing and from the moment you open the door you are not disappointed on the inner door textures, they are lovely.



Internally the cabin is exceptional...  as per any Aerobask aircraft, but those materials are to die for....


Victory_G1000_Cabin 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Cabin 2.jpgVictory_G1000_Cabin 3.jpgVictory_G1000_Cabin 4.jpg


...   twin-style roof lining is really nice and textured as is the lovely side material, all the detailing comes with a nice wooden teak touch. It is an especially roomy cabin for a small aircraft with plenty of leg space, but your luggage comes with you. Notable details include a folding out table with an iPad and drink glass, below the lower seats opens a pillow draw and water cooler storage.


Victory_G1000_Cabin 5.jpgVictory_G1000_Cabin 6.jpgVictory_G1000_Cabin 7.jpgVictory_G1000_Cabin 8.jpg


All three passenger seats can adjusted via the switches and the side panels, movement of the back-rest (forward/backward) and head-rest (forward/backward) are all available on every rear seat.


Victory_G1000_Seats 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Seats 2.jpg


And If you don't think, things don't change then look at the original Victory Interior, and understand how far we (in X-Plane) and Aerobask has come.



The detail and quality of this modern cockpit is again exceptional, again to note it is far harder to make modern detail more authentic than the older clockwork dial cockpits, and again it is very, very good in here.


Victory_G1000_Cockpit 5.jpg


Victory_G1000_Cockpit 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 2.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 3.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 4.jpg


It is again the material detail that blows you away, quality, quality and more quality.


Victory_G1000_Cockpit 6.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 7.jpg


The Victory comes with the Laminar Research G1000 Avionics system, but obviously it also comes with some custom tweaks. It is a PFD - MFD - PFD (Primary Flight Display/Multi-Functional Display/Primary Flight Display) configuration...


Victory_G1000_Cockpit 8.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 9.jpg

Victory_G1000_Cockpit 10.jpg


...  with the COMMS panel set between the Pilot's PFD and the MFD. The GFC700 autopilot with custom CSC mode (FADEC-based autothrottle) is set mid-top panel.


Victory_G1000_Cockpit 11.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 12.jpg


Laminar G1000 Primary Flight Display/Multi-Functional Display

Aerobask originally created for the Victory a Garmin G900 Primary Flight display (PFD) for each pilot, and the center display (MFD) as a modified X-Plane GNS530 unit. And to note that those G900's were only an accurate representation of a real G900 even then. It worked, but as the MFD G1000 avionics suite it was a bit of stretch in more ways than one. But at the time it was actually very good.


Since that time Laminar Research have created as default in X-Plane a full G1000 avionics suite, and so the "G1000" moniker on this aircraft package reflects the install of that default system on the Victory, and that is the system now installed here.


There is a PFD - Primary Flight Display and a centre MFD - Multi-Functional Display (or MAP). Both displays can be popped up or out..


Victory_G1000_G1000 1.jpgVictory_G1000_G1000 2.jpg

Victory_G1000_G1000 17.jpg


...   either with the Aircraft symbol, centre PFD, The pop-out selector is also quite hard to find on the MFD as it is not like the PFD centre aircraft symbol, but a touch spot that comes on to the screen for you to select (arrowed). Screens are highly adjustable and you can hide the bezels (for home cockpit use or custom setups).


PFD - Primary Flight Display

The main PFD has the split horizon which is here even more darker than the dreary brown and blue of the default look... of which I don't really care for, the older version was the far nicer gradient version, and this bland default background display can be actually be adjusted as Carenado did on their Cessna 172SP G1000.


Victory_G1000_G1000 4.jpg


The G1000's PFD main flight instruments that are all correct with the artificial horizon, speed and altitude tapes, bank roll scale and roll pointer and HSI (horizontal situation indicator), course and heading pointer which are all in one. The FD (Flight Director) elements are also shown. Other features include "Inset" map, alerts, REF/TIMER, NRST, XPDR, both VOR 1 and 2 pointers, DME and Wind (3 options) ... top banner includes Radio NAV (left) and COM (right) Autopilot info (centre). A few custom features allow you to adjust the radio frequencies directly with a mouse scroll wheel while holding the cursor over the frequency you want to adjust. Another custom pop-out adjuster panel can also be used with the "Altitude" (press arrowed), Heading and Baro pressure...   you just press the green band to insert the number, very quick and easy.


Victory_G1000_G1000 6.jpgVictory_G1000_G1000 5.jpg


The optional Engine Information System (EIS) is available on this version in the PFD in the Emergency mode, selected by the Red button (arrowed), it also shows the EIS and an insert Map left lower screen. A Backup Horizon and Speed Tape that is situated far left is the MD 302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM®) made by Mid-Continent Instruments and Avionics.


MFD - Multi-Functional Display

The Multi-Functional Display covers the Engine Information System (EIS), MAP and Flightplan. There is a custom setting top left (arrowed) on the EIS that changes the N1, EGT and N2 readouts to N1 (with number readout) and ITT- Inter Turbine Temperature (with number readout).


Victory_G1000_G1000 7.jpgVictory_G1000_G1000 8.jpgVictory_G1000_G1000 9.jpg


Centre EIS shows DIFF PSI, ALT FT, Fuel Flow GPH (Gal per hour). Oil Pressure and Temperature, Electrical Bus AMPS and Volts, Fuel quantity (GAL) is for both tanks (100.0 Gal per tank) in a scale...  and AIL (Aileron) and RUD (Rudder) position,

More engine readouts can be accessed via the "System" button. Fuel readouts are top with Fuel Flow GPH, Fuel Flow PPH (lbs per Hour), Fuel Pressure (PSI) and quantity left and right tanks (lbs) - Fuel Totalizer shows lbs Remaining and lbs Used. Totalizer amount can be increased, decreased or reset.


Lower is the Electrical Gen A (amps)and ALT A (amps) and Bus 1 Volts and Bus 2 Volts. On both EIS displays are also the Aileron position marker, Rudder position marker, Elevator position marker and Flap position UP-10º-35º. Top banner has the same layout as the PFD...  Radio NAV (left) and COM (right) Autopilot info (centre).


MAP, is standard Laminar, but still extremely good in range from 2000ft to 800nm, Options include TROPO and AIRWAYS.


Victory_G1000_G1000 10.jpgVictory_G1000_G1000 11.jpgVictory_G1000_G1000 12.jpgVictory_G1000_G1000 13.jpg


Garmin Flight Management System (FMS) GCU477

The biggest change from the earlier Aerobask Victory is the removal lower panel of the MVP50 EIS (Engine Information System), and it is replaced by a Garmin Flight Management System (FMS) GCU477 (alphanumeric keypad) supporting new LR commands, similar to the panel used in the SR-22...


Victory_G1000_Cockpit 13.jpg


...  I am a big fan of these bigger keyboard panels as they make data and route (flightplan) entry into the FMC and much more a far easier option. GCU477 Panel pops out via a clickpoint on any corner of the dash's panel, panel is size adjustable as well.


Victory_G1000_G1000 14.jpg


Inputting direct letters or numbers is a huge time saver than the knobby, clicky affair of using the G1000 knobs, editing, like this a complex short route between KRSW (Florida Southwest) to KTPA (Tampa) is far easier, and flightplan altitudes were also a breeze to input.


Victory_G1000_Cockpit 14.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 15.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 16.jpgVictory_G1000_Cockpit 17.jpg


You can click the upper left ‘K’ to enable/ disable your physical keyboard to use the GCU unit manually via keys.


Victory_G1000_G1000 16.jpg


GFC 700 Autopilot

The Victory comes with a full custom GFC 700 AHRS-based Autopilot with a CSC mode : CURRENT SPEED CONTROL (CSC). This makes the CSC a basic autothrottle. Adjustable pop-out is again via any corner clickpoint.


Victory_G1000_G1000 15.jpg


GFC 700 has an extensive set of contols; CRS 1&2, FD 1&2, NAV, APR (Approach), BANK, HDG, AP, YD, CSC, CPL, ALT, VNV, VS (Vertical Speed) and FLC (Flight Level Change).


Lower Panel

There are a twin switchgear panels set out behind each of the lovely yokes (both yokes can be hidden, but not separately)


Victory_G1000_Switchgear 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Switchgear 2.jpg


On the left side shoulder panel is the main switchgear. The Victory like the E1000 aircraft has a unique way of switching on the various systems...  the three rows of buttons are set out to be used at the various points of getting the aircraft ready for flight and in switch order.

Top row is the "Pre-Start" Second row is the "Pre-Taxi" and the lower row is the "Systems". The layout although arranged by the same rows of buttons as the earlier Victory, but the sequence of activation of the items are actually arranged differently, so you will need to relearn the buttons sequence.


Victory_G1000_Switchgear 3.jpg


Pre-Start includes - Batteries (Batt 1 & Batt 2), Avionics Master, Fuel Pump and (Engine) Cut off

Pre-Taxi Includes - Igniter, Start, Starter Gen, Fuel Auto, Autopilot, Trim Master

Systems Includes - Press Air,  Emerg Press, Dump Valve and Emerg Oxygen


On the right is the "LIGHTS" panel the lighting panel. Items included are; Land and Taxi lights, Strobe and Navigation lights and a Beacon.

Another lower button panel is your "ICE" buttons for; Ice Detect, Surf Heat, Inlet Heat, Windshield Heat and the Pitot Heat (Pitot Stall HT).


Below are a set of 16 active fuses (Circuit Breakers), and the landing gear knob is to the right. All the breakers are functional and animated and click any breaker to enable/disable the dedicated system, You can choose in the Options menu the breaker reliability and a full reset.


Victory_G1000_Switchgear 4.jpg


Right lower side shoulder panel are the cabin's Air Cond and Cabin Oxygen controls and another 16 active Fuses (circuit breakers).


Victory_G1000_Switchgear 5.jpg


There is also the Flap Panel (T/O and Land) Cabin overhead spot lighting panel and PSI Oxygen gauge, the Oxygen system works, so you can fly high! (Ceiling is 28,000ft).


There is a very nice in your face active warning annunciator panel (testable), and the mini-pedestal is lovely in detail and finish.


Victory_G1000_Switchgear 6.jpgVictory_G1000_Switchgear 7.jpg


Throttle is a single unit that covers all three actions, Throttle, Propeller and Mixture, above is a panel lighting adjustment, and below the park brake...  the lower section has a lovely crafted Fuel Switch for CLOSE- LEFT- RIGHT (Tanks). Note the finely crafted Rudder Pedals.


VR iPad AviTab

One of the great features is the iPad and it is located in the side storage bin. Obviously created for VR interaction, it is highly useful for the 2d generation as well as It works with the Avitab (Aviators Tablet) plugin. It works quite well in a basic form with mostly for access to stored pdf files and note taking, but internet access would be a nice feature. My use here was with the Navigraph Chart (Subscription) access that is now available (make sure you have AviTab v0.3.18).


Victory_G1000_AviTab 1.jpgVictory_G1000_AviTab 2.jpg


You login and create access to your Navigraph account, it is all seemless and it works extremely well...


Victory_G1000_AviTab 3.jpgVictory_G1000_AviTab 4.jpg


You can bring up all your charts and airport information to have it all by your fingertips. My only wish (again) is for the tablet to be in both landscape and Portrait modes because most charts are set in the portrait orientation.



There are three ways to access the Victory's menu. One is from the pull down plugin menu, Two is from the 'Epic Logo" symbol tab top panel, Three is via the iPad in the side storage bin. The menu is laid out in the new Laminar XP11 pop-up style and there are four tab selections with : Ground, Options, Sounds and About.


Victory_G1000_Menu 1.jpg


Ground : Is both a menu and a basic Weights and Fuel setup in one. Fuel sliders top will set the amount of fuel required in both kgs and Gal and show the fuel weight...  A side note here on refueling the Victory. You have to be really careful to balance out the fuel on the Victory, both on the ground and in flight. The aircraft will lean, let alone fly.


Victory_G1000_Menu 2.jpgVictory_G1000_Menu 3.jpg


There is a "Custom Load Manager" option, that changes from your basic weights to the full set of options available.


Victory_G1000_Menu 4.jpgVictory_G1000_Menu 5.jpg


You can select passengers (pilot is free but he still counts in the aircraft weight). With a Co-Pilot, Front Passenger and rear R&L Passengers. Baggage is None, 60kg and 120 kgs...  and all weights of loaded Fuel and passengers are shown in detail with full all up weight and Maximum weight allowed. There is no CoG scale or graph. All passengers are shown but the bags that were shown on a luggage trolley has been removed, Passengers are not visible internally and only externally except for the Co-Pilot, which is a shame as the modeling of the people is very good and racial diversity applies.


Victory_G1000_Menu 6.jpgVictory_G1000_Menu 7.jpg


Static elements include: Chocks, Engine inlet/outlet covers, pitot covers, towbar, exhaust cover and loads of flags... but they are all or nothing. So it makes closing up the aircraft a bit awkward with say the towbar attached or if you just want the chocks after a flight? The Ground Power Unit (GPU) is now a more heavy duty design than on the earlier Victory, it is very nice... but also extremely noisy if the door is open. Button will open the single door or via the internal/external handle.


Victory_G1000_Menu 8.jpgVictory_G1000_Menu 9.jpg


Options : Are mostly for selections of the G1000 and custom features, like the change of the custom to default G1000 engine display, disable G1000 pop-ups (VR), enable custom popups and touchscreen features, enable disable Bezels, keep aspect ratios (PFD/MFD), Show TAS (True AirSpeed) in Knts under the speed tape. You can choose to keep the pop-ups inside the screen (VR) and switch on/off the instrument and window reflections. Top of the menu is the reliability of the electrical system via the circuit breakers, or you can reset them all in one push of the button. Top of the Options page is the Breaker reliability slider and reset.


Victory_G1000_Menu 10.jpgVictory_G1000_Menu 11.jpg


Sounds : The sound panel is just a carbon copy of the X-Plane11 sounds panel and if you adjust it here, then you adjust it there and vice-versa, there are just two added buttons with the "Enable Sounds" and "Enable Speech" selections.


About : The final selection is a credit page on who created the Aerobask aircraft.


There maybe a bit of a confusion in that as you are reading through the details of the Victory, and wondering "well it is all very familiar"? well it is because the instrument layouts and the menus are very, very much the same as the earlier Epic E1000 from Aerobask. There are differences, but most refer to the propulsion in a prop for the Epic E1000, and a jet engine for the Victory, in most other aspects the aircraft are very similar. So if you know and fly the Aerobask E1000, then the change over to the Victory is going to be very easy.


Internal Lighting

The lighting is quite exceptional. There are so many different lighting aspects for you choose from, and various settings you could twiddle around with for hours.


Victory_G1000_Lighting 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 2.jpg


There are basically two sets of lighting panels, one on the mini-pedestal, and a cabin set of three overhead lights, right panel.


For one there is a lovely "Halo" effect that fills the cabin (Ceiling knob)...  and the three overhead lights that can be adjusted via the right panel or directly with manipulators...


Victory_G1000_Lighting 3.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 4.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 5.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 6.jpg


...  but the centre light stays on all the time. With the right settings you can always find the right feel in the cabin.


Victory_G1000_Lighting 7.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 8.jpg


There is the excellent dropdown "Shield" lighting and the panel lighting, again you can perfectly adjust the instrument panel to find the right ambience.


Victory_G1000_Lighting 9.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 10.jpg


If you want the full 2001 lighting effect, then you can have that as well.


Victory_G1000_Lighting 11.jpg


Lighting detail is also outstanding...  entry lights on the door and all the warning signs are lit up....


Victory_G1000_Lighting 12.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 13.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 15.jpgVictory_G1000_Lighting 14.jpg


...  when the aircraft is pressurised it is noted via four LEDs on the upper door!  And the external Power Cart has a built in light to unconnect the cable...  amazing detail.


Flying the Victory G1000

Daniela Rodríguez Careri has done a FMOD sound package for the Aerobask Victory G1000, and very, very good it is. Sit in the pilot's seat and have the door open, then activate the External Ground Power unit, and the start up (and shutdown) sounds are very authentic, while running it can be easily heard as well.


Victory_G1000_Startup 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 2.jpg


Piloting a Epic Victory is not really like owning an aircraft, more like a car ownership that flies. Everything is made absolutely basically simple to use. Turn on the two power switches, avionics, fuel pump (top row) and then press the igniter and "Start' buttons (second row)...  and that is it, it is just like turning a key in a car and going. Again leave open the door to hear that excellent whine up of the Pratt & Whitney Canada 617F engine, then close the door to a hush quiet, and don't forget to shutdown the external GPU.


Victory_G1000_Startup 3.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 4.jpg


Victory_G1000_Startup 5.jpg


Engine n1 settles down around 26.7%, and the cabin is just a nice hum...  brakes off and a small nudge of the throttle and your moving.... so very easy and simple.


Victory_G1000_Startup 6.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 7.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 8.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 9.jpg


Taxiing is excellent, touch a bit of throttle and you move forward, pull back the throttle and the speed decreases, lovely to set the right speed and movement...  view out is also very, very good with the wide and long embracing front windows...


Victory_G1000_Startup 10.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 11.jpg


...   2000ft Map range means you can navigate around any airport with ease, Flaps set to T/O position, lights on and we are good to go.


You can check your flap position on the EIS, and adjust your trim to TO...  then it is power up, and bang...  away you go with a shove in the back.


Victory_G1000_Startup 12.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 13.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 14.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 15.jpg


I am half fuel and a full passenger load at 5500lbs, but the Epic just goes...  rotation is around 125kts, and the Victory bites the air.


Victory_G1000_Startup 16.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 17.jpg


Gear goes up in a "whoosh", and your climbing....   Climb rate is 3000 feet per minute, but you need to hold the Epic at 10º pitch, or it will keep on pitching upwards, in a moment I am already flying past my set 6000ft altitude... "where did that go? so I readjust for 9000ft.


Victory_G1000_Startup 18.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 19.jpg


If you want to channel your inner "Chuck Yeager" then the Victory feels like a boated X-1, with passengers in the back. Note that I had to centre the rudder trim to refine a bank in level flying, then when under the autopilot, I had to again readjust the same rudder trim to take out another slight bank... but the aircraft did respond well both times to the trimming.


Victory_G1000_Startup 20.jpgVictory_G1000_Startup 21.jpg


Nice is the engine particle effects, a little dark smoke gives it that pure jet exhaust look. Sounds have full Full-mode FMOD aircraft and accurate doppler, distance attenuation and flyby effects. You hear those excellent sounds them and feel them as well


Victory_G1000_Flying 1.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 2.jpg


Epic looks amazing in the air.


Victory_G1000_Flying 3.jpg


There is an auto selection to switch the fuel tanks over, but if you do it manually and forget, you will get a warning until you switch the tanks over.


Victory_G1000_Flying 5.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 6.jpg


It is so very fast this Victory...  Max Cruise speed is 320 knts, 592.22 km per hour or 368 mph, range is 1,380 mi (2,222 km, 1,200 nmi) and I covered the distance over Florida like a bullet, so the aircraft, climbs and covers the ground like nothing else. In the back it is first rate luxury as a passenger. 


Victory_G1000_Flying 7.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 8.jpg


In heading to Tampa, I nearly flew right over it?  Reducing speed is about finding balance, put the flaps down to LAND (a noted 150 kias) and then you need to find that perfect position speed of around 110 knts, the speed margin is extremely small, drop slightly under 100 knts and your nose up, go too fast and your nose down, the line and the balance inbetween is extremely tight. Ditto when you drop the gear... suddenly the drag will pull down your speed, so you have re-find and reset that neutral throttle balance again...


Victory_G1000_Flying 9.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 12.jpg


Victory_G1000_Flying 10.jpg  Victory_G1000_Flying 11.jpg


....   so your throttle actions have to sublimely smooth and only come with small adjustments, get it right and the aircraft responds nicely... so flying the Victory it certainly brings out a bit of a character in the aircraft, it looks extremely easy on the surface, but there is a deeper hidden layer to really fly the aircraft perfectly and need the use all of your flying skills to do so... I love it.


In the ILS glideslope or on final approach you drop to 90 knts to keep that perfect balance (gear and flaps full down)...


Victory_G1000_Flying 13.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 14.jpg


....  again those slight throttle adjustments are absolutely required... 80 knts is required for a slight nose up landing, but I am happy with that.


Victory_G1000_Flying 15.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 16.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 17.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 18.jpg


Nice touchdown is at around 70 knts, but now comes the tricky part?  You have no airbrakes or thrust reversers, so you have to do a long rollout...


Victory_G1000_Flying 19.jpg


...  and it takes forever to rub off the speed, you just can't touch those brakes, until you are well down to around the 30 knts mark, even then only very lightly, so there is a bit of skill needed here. Fast taking off, fast climbing...  but also fast when on landing, it is a rapid little aircraft.


Victory_G1000_Flying 20.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 21.jpg


KPTA - Tampa is a complicated airport to navigate, so the AviTab and Navigraph charts are essential, I like the size and position, not too big or in your face, but handy for use.


Victory_G1000_Flying 22.jpgVictory_G1000_Flying 23.jpg


It is a long, long taxi to the GA area, but the passengers are happy.


External lighting

The Victory's external lighting is pretty basic, but good. There is a red beacon lower, navigation and strobe lights. The landing lights are in the left wing and there is a single taxi light on the front wheel strut. It is now far, far better than the original lighting.


Victory_G1000_EXLighting 1.jpgVictory_G1000_EXLighting 2.jpg



In reality there is only one livery in "Prototype". But Aerobask have created eleven unique liveries with clever names. Green Bird is default...


... there is also; Blue Sky, Cubism, Deep Purple, Desert Storm (old default), Gold Curve...  two Prototypes are in 4K and 2K sizes, Matte Grey, Red Line and Red Vic...  all are excellent, but Cubism is amazing.


Victory_G1000_Livery N4704T.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Blue Sky.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Cubism.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Deep Purple.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Desrt Storm.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Gold Curve.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Low Res 2K.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Prototype.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Matte Grey.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Red Line.jpgVictory_G1000_Livery Red Vic.jpg




Aerobask released back in early 2016 an interesting light jet in the Epic Victory. This aircraft had been designed as a world beating air-taxi aircraft to carry a pilot and four passengers and their luggage, Sadly the concept did not get off the ground (no pun intended). But that is not to say what was created by Epic Aircraft which was a ground breaking design. There was an update to the Aerobask victory later that year 2016 in v2.0.


So here is a completely new version of the Epic Victory from Aerobask, a fully ground up design and it brings the aircraft up to date to current design and X-Plane parameters and features. It's biggest change is to the Laminar Research (default) G1000 avionics package, but it still comes with a few custom features above the default layout.


Aerobask have always been an outstanding developer, and this aircraft is another of their outstanding machines. Modeling externally is excellent, but it is in the internal aspect and the use of materials that this aircraft is just another if layers above what it was in quality before, superlative is a word to associated with this internal design. Not only is the cabin excellent, but so are the lighting effects, high quality sounds, adjustable seats, drink cabinet, seat draw and folding table and a authentic sounding GPU.


The G1000 comes with a host of features as well, including the Flight Management System GCU477, GFC 700 AHRS-based Autopilot, MD 302 (SAM®) and AviTab intergration, againn the cockpit qualiy and lighting is first rate. Liveries are excellent in ideas


Menus have also gone Laminar based, basically the same, they however do look more bland compared to the original menu layouts, static elements are fixed (one and all), and the passengers are not seen internally (god knows why), but there is a basic weights and fuel page. Personally I would love a separate static elements page, the current idea is just too restricting, and the AviTab to rotate portrait wise


There are a lot of similarities between the earlier Aerobask Epic E1000 - G1000 Edition released earlier last year 2019, if you have that aircraft then it is an instant step into this aircraft, or a Propeller version with the E1000, and jet engined version with the Victory, they are quite the same.


The only area they differ is in performance. Like I noted in the original review, the Epic Victory looks quite simplistic in it's design and operation, but under that simple exterior is quite and interesting aircraft that requires skill to fly and in finding a deeper and fulfilling simulation, so the Aerobask Epic Victory- G1000 is quite an outstanding package...   Highly Recommended.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


The Epic Victory- G1000 Edition by Aerobask is NOW available! from the X-Plane.Org Store here :


Epic Victory G1000 Edition


Priced at US$34.95


Features :

Aerobask UHD Model
  • High quality interior and exterior 3D model
  • High quality PBR 4K textures
  • Various 4K PBR liveries
  • Additional 2K PBR livery for low-spec hardware
  • Enhanced night-time lighting ambience with more of 200 spill lights for a great rendering
  • Livery-dependent assorted interiors
  • VR-ready and VR-friendly
New Flight model
  • New flight model fitting the powerful PW617F engine
  • Fun to fly both fast and slow
  • Custom engine failure
High quality sounds
  • High quality FMOD sounds from Daniela Rodríguez Careri
  • Full-mode FMOD aircraft - Accurate doppler, distance attenuation and flyby effects.
Deep system emulation
  • G1000 PFD and MFD from Laminar Research - Custom popups
  • G1000 custom EMS (optional)
  • G1000 TouchScreen features (optional)
  • GFC700 autopilot with custom CSC mode (FADEC-based autothrottle) - GFC700 2D popup
  • GCU477 (alphanumeric keypad) supporting new LR commands for XP11.50 - GCU477 2D popup
  • GCU477 physical keyboard on-demand capture
  • MD302 Standby Attitude Module
  • AH500SD Programmable annunciator - Aero Safety Systems
  • Simulated breakers with custom reliability
  • Simulated pressurization and oxygen system
  • Avitab support in 3D tablet



 X-Plane 11
Windows, MAC or Linux 
4 GB VRAM Minimum - 8 GB+ VRAM Video Card Recommended 
Download Size: 708 MB
Current and Review version: G 3.18 (November 11th 2020)

Installation and documents:

Download for the Epic Victory - G1000 Edition is 725.50 Mb and the unzipped file is deposited in the aircraft "General Aviation" X-Plane folder at 823.70 mb.

Avitab (Aviators Tablet) requires the download of the plugin and for the Navigraph charts you need a Navigraph account.



Huge amount of documentation, with an excellent full manual, recommended settings and performance guidelines


  • Install_recommended_settings.pdf
  • Aerobask Victory Checklist Normal Operation.pdf
  • Performance_Guidelines.pdf
  • Aerobask Victory G1000 Edition Flight Manual.pdf



Aircraft review by Stephen Dutton

13th November 2020

Copyright©2020 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this preview are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 16 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.51

Addons: Saitek x56 Rhino Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini

Plugins : Avitab (Aviators Tablet) - Free : Skunkcrafts Updater (required) : Traffic Global US$52.99

Scenery or Aircraft

- KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport by Aerosoft  (X-Plane.OrgStore) US$24.95

- KTPA - Tampa International Airport by VerticalSim (X-Plane.OrgStore) - US$26.99

Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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