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News! - Airbus A319 (Babybus) is released by Peters Aircraft

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News! - Airbus A319 (Babybus) is released by Peters Aircraft

Peter Hagar of Peters Aircraft has released the next aircraft in the A320/A319 series with the A319 Series. As usual with Peter's aircraft the aircraft comes in many different variants and packages.


There are two packages in BASIC and EXTENDED.

In the BASIC Package there is :

A319-114 with CFM engines and WINGLETS with liveries: Lufthansa, LAN, Air Canada, AirFrance, Delta, US Airways, Finnair, Finnair (One World), Easyjet (New livery) Easyjet (Old livery), TAP, TAM, Swiss, Germania, Iberia (New livery), Iberia (Old livery), Alitalia (New livery), Alitalia (Old livery), China Southern and Austrian .

A319-112-15 with CFM engines and SHARKLETS with liveries American and Avianca.

In the EXTENDED Package as well as the above package is:

A319-115LR with CFM engines and WINGLETS which is a LONG RANGE version with 4 Additional Center Tanks (max. Range: 8250 km) AirFrance livery.

Special A319-115CJ models with CFM engines and WINGLETS which is the AIRBUS CORPORATE JET with 6 Additional Center Tanks, max. Range: 11100 km which comes in five versions:

Operator: Emirates, Luxury airliner & VIP charter and Large roof antenna for media & communication via satellite.

Operator: DC Aviation, Germany, Luxury VIP charter. DC Aviation belongs to Mercedes Benz Group.

Operator: Czech Air Force, Presidential aircraft of the Czech Republic.

Operator: Italian Air Force, Presidential aircraft of the Italian Republic, Medium sized roof antenna for media & communication via satelite.

Operator: French Air Force, Former presidential aircraft of French Republic. It has been sold to Senegal, where it also serves for the government.

Special A319-115CJ models with CFM engines and SHARKLETS (range 11,500nm)

Operator: K5 Aviation, Germany, Luxury VIP charter.

Operator: Global Jet Luxembourg, Luxury VIP charter

The Airbus A319-115 CJ and LR variants comes with a beta version of Engine Warning Display and System Display (ECAM) A first on Peters Aircraft designs.

The A319 with IAE engines is noted as coming.


Winglet version


Corporate Version




The Airbus A319-114 CFM by Peters Aircraft is NOW available from the New X-Plane.Org Store here : Airbus A319-114 CFM - Passenger

Prices are noted as:

Basic Package: US$54.90

Extended Package: US$68.90


Windows, MAC or Linux - 64 bit Operating System is required
X-Plane 10 .36+ (any edition)  running in 64bit

For more information go to Peters Aircraft

Images are courtesy of Peter Hager

Stephen Dutton

X-PlaneReviews©: X-PlaneReviews Updated 11th Sept 2015


A319A19-115 LR and CJ-115 LR an

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I waste my money in this plane. Total deception...

Hummmm....  Peter Hagar's aircraft are very good, the A319 might not have all the bells and whistles of the JARDesign A320, but performance wise it is usually very on the money and it has QPAC's great Flyby wire plugin in there. You don't give any details on why it is a waste of money?, I think you should spend time on the aircraft and not make a sudden snap decision before disclosing it, It is a very good aircraft and a large percentage of a number of users will certainly back that up...  SD

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I have bought peters aircraft and have been dissapointed. Very pricey for a pretty simple plane concerning graphics and "bells and whistles" compared to JarDesign A320 and 330 which are the basically the same price. I highly suggest sticking with JarDesign

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Peter's Aircraft is not a waste of Money at all! Yet again, it depends what you are looking for. The weak points are perhaps the graphics (I enjoy them) and the MCDU but it still is much better. Peter is planning on adding SID and STAR Support soon which will be great. Peters Aircraft systems are the best you can get in X-Plane. Way better than the Jardesign A320 and QPAC A320 as of yet. I am not going to go into detail how and why because it would take too long but if you are looking for a plane with better system simulation, go for Peters aircraft.

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