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Aircraft Update : Airbus A319 v1.5 by ToLiSS


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Aircraft Update : Airbus A319 v1.5 by ToLiSS


With a lot of focus on the ToLiSS A321 (which is very good by the way) the earlier A319-100 has sort of been pushed into the background. The tiddler Airbus (only the A318 with low sales is slightly smaller) is an interesting aircraft as with it's size it is sublime to fly (yes an Airbus can be fun to fly manually). So here is actually an unexpected update in v1.5.


The main focus on this update is actually the sounds. Earlier if you wanted the IAE Engine sounds you had to buy a separate sound pack from the store and to note that there is still the other option of the "Baby Bus Symphony A319 BSS IAE soundpack" from BlueSkyStar.


Here however the original source of the sounds on the A319 from the ever growing Turbine Sound Studios have been converted and enhanced in the FMOD system for the IAE engine with new sounds such as door opening/closing, electric hydraulic pump, brake fans, and many more, this pack is now part of the A319 package and a US$10.00 price increase has been added to the purchase price. To current purchasers the update is still free, for everyone else you still save US$3.95 over purchasing the package separately. 


A319_v1.5_Head 1.jpgA319_v1.5_Head 2.jpg


Changes come right at the start. On activation the aircraft does not now have to be restarted, but you just go straight into the simulation with no ill effects, that is very nice in not losing time doing a complete desktop restart (I know you can just reload the aircraft from the "Developers Menu" but I still do it from the desktop to make sure it is a total clean file install).


A319_v1.5_EBBR 8.jpg


The IAE V2524-A5 (the 2500 represents the 25,000 lbf (111 kN)) start up procedure which is now significantly different from the CFM startup with new engine auto ignition logic and staging spooling intervals, and the startup sounds specific to the IAE are spot on as well...


A319_v1.5_EBBR 1.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 2.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 3.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 4.jpg


...  staging n2 output% is now perfect with the startup FF (Fuel Flow) is really good in detail. Another note system wise is that the Airbus engine system stay-out zone is now automatic. The FADEC prevents the engine from stabilizing between 60% N1 and 74% N1 when on the ground, it stays either below or goes above. This is to prevent vibrations that can damage the fan blades.


A319_v1.5_EBBR 10.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 11.jpg


Added functionality is now also available on OHP maintenance panel, like Blue pump override and FADEC ground power, and on the INIT page then the values CRZ TEMP and TROPO can also be entered into the vertical FMGS predictions.


A319_v1.5_EBBR 23.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 24.jpg


A319_v1.5_EBBR 5.jpg


Sounds that are external, cockpit and in the cabin are all highly dynamic and enhanced, and yes the TSS sounds are now very close to the BSS version. I would say however the BSS are just slightly better, and the sounds can be adjusted and saved directly on the "Sounds/Addon" Menu tab, so you lose the the addon "sound panel" in the main plugin menu.


A319_v1.5_EBBR 6.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 7.jpg


Note the new "PERFORMANCE ADJUSTMENTS" sliders on the first "SITUATIONS - A/C CONFIG" Menu page, it notes both the Aircraft's and Engines age (arrowed above right).


A note in saving flightplans. Before if you used the SITUATIONS save, you could reset the whole system with a click... but now you have to save the FLPN

Flightplan separately, but also have the option of saving both the current ACTIVE flight plan and the ALTERNATIVE flight plan as well. The reset AUTOSAVE will however reset the whole aircraft if you have a simulator crash.


A319_v1.5_EBBR 12.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 13.jpg


A nice touch is now when you are taxiing and using the rudder pedal brakes...


A319_v1.5_EBBR 16.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 17.jpg


....  that the rudder pedals will now show the braking action, hard to see down there but the effect is really good...  note the change in pneumatic pressure on the brake display with pedal pressure.


A319_v1.5_EBBR 14.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 15.jpg


A319_v1.5_EBBR 18.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 19.jpg


Put a standard powerful engine on a smaller fuselage and what you get is a "Pocket Rocket", the A319 will power forward fast and climb up like an banshee.


A319_v1.5_EBBR 21.jpg

A319_v1.5_EBBR 21.jpgA319_v1.5_EBBR 22.jpg


The ToLiSS can now be used with the THRUSTMASTER®  TCA (Thrustmaster Civil Aviation) product range, which is officially licensed by AIRBUS® in the A319 if you want the full Airbus feel, touch and command under your fingers.


A319_v1.5_EBBR 25.jpg


TCAS or Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System is new to the XP11.50 interface and supports up to 63 other aircraft and is now available on the A319, but I use Traffic Global and it does not show yet on the PFD? (I do note the "Use TCAS" on the Traffic Global settings menu), so it is still in it's early stages... the TCAS however will however not issue alerts when flying parallel approaches, e.g. in KSFO.
A319_v1.5_Enroute 1.jpg
Since the arrival of really good Airbus dynamics, a lot of grudgingly Boeing pilot's have been willing to make the switch. I have always been an Airbus aficionado, I love the complex systems and the more modern approach to aviation than the Boeing affection which is really based back in the 60's, a lot of users say it is too automated, but the point is any Airbus still has to be flown with skill and a though knowledge of the complex systems.
Bottom of Descent and Descent profile intercept indicators have been revised to be more like the real pointers (they stand out more distinctly), as has the descent profile, both are crucial for being in the correct altitude before going into the landing circuit approach phase. In this case ENGM - Oslo
A319_v1.5_ENGM 2.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 1.jpg
A319_v1.5_ENGM 3.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 4.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 5.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 6.jpg
Another new feature (or one being returned) are rain drops on the windows in X-Plane v11.50, and Olso is always good for a rainstorm.
A319_v1.5_ENGM 7.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 8.jpg
The setting is on the TISCS menu on the "General Settings" Tab, and you have to save the preference and you have three choices; None, Standard and Librain... currently the Librain does (still) not work in X-Plane11.50, so the choice of a basic working rain effect and still have the option to switch to the Librain option when fixed is a nice one. I first got slight spatters on the windscreen...
A319_v1.5_ENGM 18.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 19.jpg
A319_v1.5_ENGM 11.jpg
  then turn on the wipers and then you get splatters and streaks (note the excellent Terrain Radar display)...
A319_v1.5_ENGM 20.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 14.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 22.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 21.jpg
Then the actual raindrops when the speed drops down below 100 knts, it is very good and on the cockpit side windows as well. but sadly there are no effects on the side cabin windows which I miss. I really like the wheel spray and even the engine outlet thrust spray effects which are very effective. Once parked the droplets just hang there, the Standard system is not as good as the Librain drip, drip feel, but overall I like it.
A319_v1.5_ENGM 23.jpgA319_v1.5_ENGM 24.jpg
As per everything it was overall a routine SK service, but that is a very good thing, you need routine as that means everything is working as it should be....
A319_v1.5_ENGM 25.jpg
As we get closer to the X-Plane11.50 final release there will be loads of these aircraft updates in tiding up the areas that are related to the changes in the simulator. ToLiSS has got themselves first out of the blocks with this step update to v1.5 of their first aircraft the Airbus A319-100.
Always a great simulation, because the system depth here in the A319 is very good and by one of the very best Airbus designers in X-Plane. Top of the changes is the inclusion of the IAE Engine sound package from Turbine Sound Studios, once an addon cost it is now included, free for current users but an extra US$10 addition for newcomers, but that is still a saving on the old deal by US$3.95, the sound package has also been totally revised and it is very good, not as specialised as BlueSkyStar's BSS version, but still pretty good for the money. The IAE engines have also seen significant changes in startup procedures and different procedures than the CFM version.
Rain is back, but not by Librain which is still broken in v11.50, but the option is there with a workaround basic rain effect in Standard as well. Authorisation/activation now means you don't have to reload the aircraft either, it is just straight into the simulation. Support is also now available for TCA Sidestick and Thrust levers, and the Descent and Descent profile intercept indicators have also been revised, and other minute changes are significant and a load of bugs have been addressed.
Over the last few years this shortened but very popular version of the Airbus A320 Series has become extremely popular in X-Plane, and it is not hard to see why as it is a brilliant small airliner to fly, and not only for it's complex systems but even in manual flight it is dream handling aircraft, and certainly a must have if you love short-haul airliners. This v1.5 update just adds even more icing on to the cake, like a lot of airlines at this development stage the ToLiSS versions are moving into a more mature context, certainly more features can be added... but it is already extremely good, and certainly now a firm fan favorite...    Highly Recommended



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! the ToLiSS319 (A319-122) v1.5 by ToLiSS is now available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Airbus A319 by ToLiSS


Price is US$69.00 (note price will go up to $79 in a few weeks to match the A321 price and new sounds)


Note make sure you have v1.5 when downloading, All previous purchasers can now update via your X-Plane.OrgStore Account


Officially licensed Airbus product
  • FMGS with SID/STAR, Airways alternate flight plans, performance prediction, etc.
  • Out of the box with TSS (Turbine Sound Studios) custom sounds for the CFM engine
  • Realistic FBW with Alternate and Direct law reversions
  • Fault injection interface with support for roughly 90 different failures and probability-based random failure injection
  • Choice of CFM and IAE engine, and wingtip fences or sharklets. Choices affect aircraft performance and FMGS predictions.
Detailed list of features:
  • Support of SID/STAR, including all leg types (Arc, course or heading to intercept, Radius to Fix, Holdings, etc.)
  • Temporary and alternate flight plans
  • Full VNAV guidance with TOC, TOD, Deceleration point, speed limits, fuel prediction, etc.
  • Altitude and speed constraints as the real aircraft deals with them
  • Ability to change the selected STAR while already in the STAR
  • Support for go-arounds and diversions
  • Step altitudes
  • Airway support
  • 2 independent MCDUs and autopilots
Top-notch aircraft systems
  • ToLiss uses the QPAC Fly-by-wire and autopilot module, augmented to support Alternate and Direct Law
  • Unique feature: Control Surface hinge moment modelling allows the surfaces to float to the appropriate position after loss of all actuators on a surface.
  • Fault injection interface allowing to inject custom selected failures, or randomly selected failure based on fault probabilities.
  • Custom TCAS with resolution advisory function.
  • Terrain on ND and Weather radar available (WX radar works with default X-plane weather engine)
  • Brake temperature model based on the detailled physics of heat transfer between the individual brake components
  • Hydraulics model in which the pressure is dependent on usage. This is most notable when dropping to RAT mode
  • Detailed model of each ADIRU including alignment, small pressure sensor differences between the units, switching of sources for PFDs
  • Custom air conditioning model supporting high altitude operations at airports like Cusco in Peru or La Paz in Bolivia without spurious warnings
  • Flight warning system with ECAM actions supporting numerous system failure scenarios, e.g. engine failures, generator failures, hydraulic failures.
Eye- and ear-candy
  • Detailed 3D cockpit
  • 3d exterior model with CFM and IAE engine
  • Choice between classic wingtip fences or modern sharklets (controlled via livery names)
  • FMOD 3d Sounds
  • Custom sounds from Turbine Sound Studios (TSS) included for the CFM engine. 
Usability features
  • Situation loading and saving. It is possible to save the flight at any point in time and resume it another day. This can also be used, e.g., to save the position just before approach and practice just the approach many times.
  • Autosaving allows recovering where you left off, should the X-Plane session end unexpectedly.
  • Jumping waypoint-to-waypoint through the cruise phase: Shorten your flight to focus on the more interesting parts as you like.
  • Integrated takeoff performance calculator supporting the use of flex temperature.


X-Plane 11

Windows (64bit) , Mac (OSX 10.11 and up) or Linux (tested on Ubuntu 14.10)
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended
Update and Review Version v1.5.0 (August 31st 2020)


V1.5 Changelog


A319_v1.5 changelog.txt



Update Review by Stephen Dutton

3rd September 2020

Copyright©2020 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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About Toliss 319 1.5 version update I read "All previous purchasers can now update via your X-Plane.OrgStore Account".

I don't understand whether I have to pay for the update or not. If not how can I download it? It seems that the only choice is to pay.



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