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Scenery Review : EDDV - Hannover Inernational by JustSim

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Scenery Review : EDDV - Hannover Inernational by JustSim


As an area covered by quality airports then with the efforts of both Aerosoft and JustSim, Germany is getting to be now a pretty well filled in country. But there is always room for another one, and here it is with Hannover/Langenhagen - EDDV from JustSim.


Hanover is the capital and largest city of the German state of Lower Saxony. Its 535,061 (2017) inhabitants make it the 13th-largest city in Germany. Hannover/Langenhagen Airport is 11 km (6.8 mi) north of Hannover. The airport has flights to European metropolitan and leisure destinations, and serves as a base for Eurowings, Condor, SunExpress Deutschland and TUI fly Deutschland.


Hannover Airport

Flughafen Hannover-Langenhagen


EDDV - Charts.jpg

9L/27R - 12,467ft (3,800m) Concrete

09R/27L- 7,677ft (2,340m) Concrete

09C/27C - 2,559ft (780m) Asphalt

Elevation AMSL183 ft / 56 m


EDDV - Head 1.jpgEDDV - Head 2.jpgEDDV - Head 3.jpgEDDV - Head 4.jpgEDDV - Head 5.jpg


First impression of EDDV - Hannover is very impressive. The intergation into the default mesh of HAJ is faultless and it is highly realistic in detail and the perfect overall view. In reality EDDV has only two usable runways as 09C/27C is very short and even for a GA. Runway 9L/27R is really the main operations runway and the one you would usually use. The original 9R/27L is for regional or propeller based services, but I do love the layout of Langenhagen.


EDDV - Head 6.jpgEDDV - Head 7.jpg


The original two modern terminals were opened in 1973, of which they became famous because of their compact design. They also became the archetype for the Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow. These original terminals A and B are still in service today.


EDDV - Terminal 1.jpgEDDV - Terminal 2.jpgEDDV - Terminal 3.jpgEDDV - Terminal 4.jpg


Detail and reproduction in JustSim's version is excellent, really good. Not only with the modeling but in the finer detail and the great reflective glass. Unusual though and noticeable is that there is no ground traffic around HAJ? no plugin either, and you miss that bustling activity aspect. Clutter though is excellent and well done, but not branded and only generic. Gates are 1 -12 with 1A, 2A, 5A, 7A, 10A and 11A being set for narrow and wide-body aircraft.


Terminal, C, was opened in 1998 to handle more passengers, adding on 8 more boarding gates and 3 bus departure gates. Up to 33 aircraft can be handled simultaneously at Terminal C, of which 20 can use aircraft stands equipped with an Airbridge. The extension terminal is larger than the original sections, but as it is done in exactly the same same style and so the terminal blends in perfectly. Gates 13 - 20 with the same 14A, 15A, 17A, 18A and 20A layout as the first section. 


EDDV - Terminal 5.jpgEDDV - Terminal 6.jpgEDDV - Terminal 7.jpg


All Airbridges use the SAM (Scenery Animation Manger) system and is excellent, the only slight note is that the VDGS or Visual Docking Guidance System is set a little high, well done so no doubt, but you have to get low when you get close to the final stopping (parking) point.


EDDV - Terminal 8.jpgEDDV - Terminal 9.jpgEDDV - Terminal 11.jpgEDDV - Terminal 10.jpg


I particularly like the gate co-ordinates on each system, overall SAM intergation at HAJ is excellent.


There is the additional Terminal D to the east of the main terminals, which is a rebuilt hangar that is exclusively used by the Royal Air Force to transport British troops to and from Northern Germany.


EDDV - Terminal 12.jpgEDDV - Terminal 13.jpg



There is really great detail landside...


EDDV - Terminal 14.jpgEDDV - Terminal 15.jpgEDDV - Terminal 16.jpgEDDV - Terminal 17.jpgEDDV - Terminal 18.jpgEDDV - Terminal 19.jpg


...  there has been given a large amount of attention to the entrance to the terminals, and all the work is not at all wasted here, nice flags, banners, loads of cars and great (puppy) Sixt advertising. Highlight is the TUI Fly childrens play area that is really nicely detailed, for once there are no landside low-res textures in sight!


EDDV - Terminal 20.jpg


There are 10 carparks at HAJ with 14,000 parking spaces that are available. And everywhere you look here there is a carpark!


EDDV - Terminal 28.jpgEDDV - Terminal 21.jpgEDDV - Terminal 22.jpgEDDV - Terminal 23.jpgEDDV - Terminal 24.jpgEDDV - Terminal 25.jpg


Short - long, expensive concierge, cheap and even Kiss & Fly Zones, Hannover has all your parking needs covered...


EDDV - Terminal 30.jpg


All carparks are really well done, with advertising, 3d vehicles, branded radars, but what is the most well done aspect is that it is clear and sharp and not just background terminal filler. Hotels covered are the Martime and Leonardo.


EDDV - Terminal 26.jpgEDDV - Terminal 27.jpg



The cargo zones are split into two areas by the taxiways F and L. The earlier area is quite small with only a two bay 27 (27A, 27B & 27C) and 28 parking stands layout...


EDDV - Cargo 1.jpgEDDV - Cargo 2.jpgEDDV - Cargo 3.jpgEDDV - Cargo 4.jpg


....   the second (larger) zone opposite a large remote parking area (stands 45 -52) has six stands 53 - 63 (four are cross stands). Both areas have excellent facilities with the second area dominated by DHL and rear warehousing.


Control Towers

There are two control towers at EDDV, the earlier version is set between the terminal A and the older cargo facility...  in use or not is debatable by the greyed out windows...


EDDV - Tower 1.jpgEDDV - Tower 2.jpgEDDV - Tower 3.jpgEDDV - Tower 4.jpg


....  the second newer 68.0m tower is central of the DHL facility and was completed in 2002, detail on both towers is excellent, and the detailed construction (boxes) on the newer tower that is really well done with very good intimate detailing, a rotating radar works on top as well. Tower view setting is also spot on, with approach views on every runway just perfect.


EDDV - Tower 5.jpgEDDV - Tower 6.jpg


Airport Infrastructure

East of the terminal on taxiway A1 is a partially dismantled large hangar, that is well done, then further east are two large maintenance hangers for TUI Fly and ACC Columbia Jet Service, the main TUI Fly offices set just behind the dismantled hangar.


EDDV - Infrastructure 3.jpg

EDDV - Infrastructure 1.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 2.jpg


Taxiway M has a lot of facilities along the long taxiway.


EDDV - Infrastructure 4.jpg


Situated besides a very Germanic looking building (there are a lot of these Gemanic style buildings in the scenery, which adds in a lot of local flavor) is the General Aviation Zone 1, Zone 2 is for remote GA parking opposite...  note the excellent three H Pads in the foreground.


EDDV - Infrastructure 7.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 8.jpg


General Aviation area 1 is great with some nicely done hangarage set to the east, but you feel it needs a few GA statics to fill both of these areas out.


EDDV - Infrastructure 5.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 9.jpg


Further east is another (larger) ACC Columbia Jet Service facility...


EDDV - Infrastructure 6.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 10.jpg


...   and an area far east that looks like an old military (German) barracks, now they house private aviation and administration offices.


There are loads of detailed buildings that cover the area between what you could say is the front and rear of the airport and far too many to cover here, but they are all very well detailed, but the highlights that stick up like a small radar tower, chimmeys and remote parking cover structures give the scenery a great depth of detail.


EDDV - Infrastructure 11.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 12.jpg


Infrastructure on the southern boundary is also excellent. There has been a lot of attention given to this industrial areas with loads of well done factories, warehousing and business parks. JustSim are always good at filling out the visual aspect of their sceneries, and not just recreating the actual airport, but doing the whole concept of the area around it, and here at Hannover it is very good with local branding and custom buildings as per the real structures. 


EDDV - Infrastructure 13.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 14.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 15.jpgEDDV - Infrastructure 16.jpg

EDDV - Infrastructure 17.jpg


Ground Textures

I really, really like the ground textures here at Hannover, great detail and the various surfaces are all mostly concrete in modulation. Ribbing is done really well and you notice the realism and wear from the cockpit, I love taxiing around EDDV just to look at the textures. Note the nice shiny detailed metal grids.


EDDV - Textures 1.jpgEDDV - Textures 2.jpgEDDV - Textures 3.jpgEDDV - Textures 4.jpg


The PBR reflective (wet) and burnt-in ambient occlusion can be seen even in bright sunny conditions, add in the right lighting and it gets even better.


EDDV - Textures 5.jpgEDDV - Textures 6.jpg

EDDV - Textures 7.jpgEDDV - Textures 8.jpg


It is how good developers are creating these surfaces now, as they are so highly realistic. There is some nice 3d grass as well and the coverage is wide across the whole airfield, only north of 09L/27R does the grass line stop abruptly, and it looks a little odd from the air?


EDDV - Textures 9.jpgEDDV - Textures 10.jpg



Overall the lighting is a bit hit and sadly miss...  main overview of EDDV however is very good.


EDDV - Lighting 1.jpgEDDV - Lighting 2.jpgEDDV - Lighting 3.jpg


Apron lighting is very good, but those Terminal textures are simply horrible? All are orangey, samey and all the bland not dissimilar at all...


EDDV - Lighting 4.jpgEDDV - Lighting 5.jpgEDDV - Lighting 6.jpgEDDV - Lighting 7.jpg


....  worse is that excellent landside detail is hidden with no lighting at all? There are street lights set but they are not lit? So something has been overlooked or not finished? I also checked my graphic settings and no they are set at the highest setting for the lighting, so it is not me but the way it actually is.


Advertising signs and carpark drop lighting (internal carparks are nicely lit as well) is really good, but heavily let down by the rest of the lighting.


EDDV - Lighting 8.jpgEDDV - Lighting 9.jpg


EDDV - Lighting 10.jpg


Approach, landing and taxiway lighting is all very good and the highlights are the lovely realistic reflective navigation signs.


EDDV - Lighting 11.jpgEDDV - Lighting 12.jpg



Between developers Aerosoft and JustSim they have both covered Germany with a lot of quality scenery, this is another in Hannover/Langenhagen and when it is this good then why not use another good choice to fly into or out of Fatherland.


And very good it is, but not perfect. On the positive side there is a huge amount to really like here, modeling and texture detail is excellent and extensive, the surrounding infrastructure is also excellent and that includes the off-field detail as well as the complex actual airport detail, all infrastructure is really well developed and it all comes with high quality, extensive detail. Ground textures are simply first rate and has very nice surface detail and realistic reflective activity, and they look spellbinding in the rain, as a EDDV - Hannover recreation this is a great scenery.


Minuses are weird in a way...  missing airport traffic is a head scratcher, and so is the non-lit landside lighting? It is just not like JustSim to miss details like that? But the overwhelming thing that I didn't like were those night Terminal textures, we have moved on a long way from these sort of night textures, I admit they are hard to make realistic, but they just don't work here at all and spoil any night time operations at HAJ.


This Hannover review got pushed aside a few times to cover more extensive sceneries that were released, but in the mean time I based my operations here and used the scenery extensively over the intermediate few weeks period. The results were that I absolutely loved using this EDDV - Hannover scenery, and it was a really great base for European operations. I loved leaving but also totally loved arriving back at the airport, and it became quickly a firm favorite, that is a big one because I love Hamburg and especially Düsseldorf which is a firm favorite (Frankfurt and Munich are a bit too big for my route needs), so on wanting to add in HAJ to my route network speaks volumes.


So how can you beat the fact that if you want to use a scenery as much as using Hannover EDDV then it is a really worthwhile investment, the sheer realism here and the JustSim detail and quality makes it a must have for me...  Highly Recommended!



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! EDDV - Hannover International Airport by JustSim is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

Hannover International Airport


Price is US$21.50


  • Detailed airport objects and vehicles
  • Custom textured taxiways, runways and apron
  • Custom surroundings 
  • Custom airport lights
  • Compatible with X-Plane 11 features
  • Shading and occlusion (texture baking) effects on terminal and other airport buildings
  • High resolution ground textures / Custom runway textures
  • High resolution building textures
  • Excellent night effects
  • Realistic reflections on glass
  • World Traffic compatible
  • X-Life traffic compatible
  • Optimized for excellent performance


WT3:  WorldTraffic GroundRoutes are not provided but overall the airport functions perfectly with a generation. Traffic Global works fine, but with not much activity



X-Plane 11
Windows, Mac, Linux 
4 GB VRAM Minimum . 8 GB VRAM Recommended
Download Size: 780 MB
Current and Review version: 1.0 (July 17th 2020)
Download scenery file size is 7.34mb. With the full installation installed package is 1.79gb in your custom scenery folder. Only one folder is installed..
  • EDDV_JustSim_v1.0


SAM Plugin - Scenery Animation Manager - Suite 2.0 is required for this scenery


No documents, and only incuded is an installation text.



Scenery Review by Stephen Dutton

4th August 2020

Copyright©2020 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


Review System Specifications:

Computer System: Windows  - Intel Core i7 6700K CPU 4.00GHz / 64bit - 32 Gb single 1067 Mhz DDR4 2133 - ASUS GeForce GTX 1080 8Gb - Samsung Evo 1Tb SSD 

Software:   - Windows 10 - X-Plane 11.41 and tested in v11.50b17 (really good!)

Addons: Saitek x52 Pro system Joystick and Throttle : Sound - Bose  Soundlink Mini 

Plugins: None

Scenery or Aircraft

- Default Boeing 737-800 by Laminar Reserch

Logo Header X-PlaneReviews 200px.jpg


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