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Scenery Review : EDDN - Nuremberg XP by Aerosoft

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EDDN - Nurnberg_Header.jpg


Scenery Review : EDDN - Nuremberg XP by Aerosoft


One thing you are not short of In X-Plane is a lot of very high quality scenery for Germany. Mainly that is because Aerosoft are based in the country (Paderborn) and are servicing their own market and also from JustSim, but that said the airport quality for Germany lately has been exceptional as with LFSB - EuroAirport Basel Mulhouse Freiburg (JustSim) and with EDLW-Dortmund XP (Aerosoft - recently updated).


This EDDN - Nuremberg scenery is by 29 Palms who are a German art house that has done scenery for Aerosoft and Orbx, This is their ninth scenery for X-Plane that covers Bavaria's second largest international airport.


Nuremberg Airport

"Albrecht Dürer" Flughafen Nürnberg



Navigraph Charts EDDN.jpg

10/28 - 2,700m (8,858ft) Concrete/Asphalt

Elevation AMSL1,046 ft / 319 m


EDDN - Nurnberg_Head 1.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Head 2.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Head 3.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Head 4.jpg


First to note is the well intergrated scenery into the X-Plane surrounding envions, as the custom insertion here is about perfect...  It is helped by the excellent autogen which is German (European), but even with that aspect taken into account it is still very good...  here are a few arrival images into RWY 28 to highlight the arrival.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Approach 1.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Approach 2.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Approach 3.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Approach 4.jpg


The western RWY 10 approach was just as impressive over the Erlanger Str (4) autobahn as is the above eastern approach.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Head 5.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Head 6.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Head 7.jpg


There are four forward apron zones with M1(Cargo/Hangar A) left, M2 Terminal, M3 Remote Stands and far right M4, rear apron zones (stands) are again left to right with N1, N2, H4, N4.


EDDN Terminal

The single terminal is very big with four active airbridges and two walk-on stands...  design and modeling quality is exceptional, and really well done. Glass is perfect and it is really all well co-ordinated in together, roof is supported and the support structures are also really well done...


EDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 1.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 2.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 3.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 4.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 7.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 5.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 6.jpg


...  overall it is all very impressive and it is also very well designed under the airbridges on the lower service road... all (four) active gates are SAM (plugin required and supplied) interactive. A marshaller will guide you in and then the gate will become active (arrowed). Excellent airbridge Sixt Rent-a-car advertising is very authentic.


EDDN - Nurnberg_SAM 1.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_SAM 2.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_SAM 3.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_SAM 4.jpg


Internal terminal detail is also very good, but only on the departure side... but it is very well done with a lot of detailing and not really lo-res like most internal lounges.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 8.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 9.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 10.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Terminal 11.jpg


Clutter is excellent and all vehicles are locally branded. There are a few static aircraft as well, mostly private jets and KingAirs which are very nice area fillers.



On the terminal landside the detail is excellent. There are a lot of areas to take in from the four massive carparks, Mövenpick Hotel and airport administration buildings...  signage detail is first rate as is the cafe.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 1.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 2.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 3.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 4.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 5.jpg


Some signage is inverted, but it is a minor oversight here to the overwhelming detail...


EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 6.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 7.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 8.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 9.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 10.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 12.jpg


...  note the exhibition space (above left) and the well tended gardens.


Control Tower

Iconic control tower is really well reproduced, it has a revolving radar and great internal detail. Tower view is set perfectly just above for all approaches.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 11.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 13.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 14.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 15.jpg


There is a large general aviation area around the control tower with multiple large maintenance hangars..   Branded are FAI, FlightAmbulance, Aero Dienst, Fly-Alpha and DRF Luftrettung.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 16.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 17.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 18.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 19.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 20.jpg


A SAM feature is that you can open the FAI gates manually to their apron and hangar facility, it is in the APO/Controls.


EDDN - Nurnberg_SAM 5.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_SAM 6.jpg


East there is a lot of airport logistics and support areas, with the site of the largest maintenance hangar in the EDDN scenery...


EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 21.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 22.jpg


....  again the detail and clutter is highly impressive, and the area includes the airport's Fire Station...


EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 23.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 24.jpg

EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 27.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 25.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 26.jpg


....  But overall you have to be blown away by the huge detail on offer here at EDDN...  hidden behind the east (M1) apron is the comprehensive cargo facility.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 28.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Landside 29.jpg


Ground textures and field

All surfaces are PBR (Physically Based Rendered) so you get excellent reflections and rain effects...  Newly tarmaced (Asphalt) areas are well done, but overall the textures are first rate with a huge amount detail and wear and tear.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 1.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 2.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 3.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 4.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 5.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 6.jpg


Taxiway and runway signage is really good and clear, grass and the lovely spring flowers dot the field for a nice arrival.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 7.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Textures 8.jpg


The scenery does come with the XP-SAM Seasons pack provided so you can have all the seasonal changes. I don't personally run this package (yet) as I use xEnviro for my seasonal coverage, but the SAM system is now very good.



Overall the lighting is good, and I like twin hue apron lighting, although the terminal section is a bit yellowish.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 1.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 2.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 3.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 4.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 5.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 6.jpg


Terminal looks okay, but a bit darkish, but I still think it is actually authentic to the airport. Landside however is very dark... as there is no street lighting and it shows here badly.


EDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 7.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 8.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 9.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 10.jpg


Carparks and advertising are well done, and so are the various working areas...


EDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 11.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 12.jpgEDDN - Nurnberg_Lighting 13.jpg


....  the dark areas really show though, but the night signage is very good, you do wonder why 29 Palms came along so far but left out these significant street and carpark lighting effects?


WT3 : There are no provided WorldTraffic files with the scenery. However the ATC taxiway system has been done and done well, so you get a good generation of the ground routes and overall the WT3 system works like clockwork with only a few pop-offs on the runway.




This is a great rendition of EDDN - Nuremberg by 290 Palms for Aerosoft. Now well established this is a very professional scenery by this art house.


The scenery is very well intergrated into the X-Plane mesh, with the excellent German autogen providing a very good cityscape of Nuremberg. Modeling and detailing is absolutely first rate, with some good internal terminal detail as well. Every area of the EDDN airport is well covered here, from the huge landside detail to all the private companies associated with the airport. Clutter is locally branded and again extremely well done. SAM is featured as well with the option of opening the FAI gate, all ground textures are PBR active and the textures wear and tear detail is again all top notch...


Only blot in the copybook here is the lighting and the missing landside street lighting, this aspect makes the approaching and internal landside areas quite dark, a shame because this was easily a full 5 star scenery, that got lost at the very last hurdle...  otherwise the scenery is exceptional and it is very well priced for good value.



X-Plane Store logo sm.jpg


Yes! EDDN - Nuremberg XP by Aerosoft is available from the X-Plane.Org Store here :

EDDN - Nuremberg XP

Price is US$22.00


  • Highly realistic rendition of Nuremberg Airport based on most recent geodata
  • 55 km² satellite imagery coverage with resolution up to 20cm/px including all seasons
  • Highly detailed buildings with internal modelling of the terminal and Hangar 2
  • PBR ground and marking textures
  • Athmospheric HDR night lighting
  • Animated Jetways (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Custom seasonal textures (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Snow and rain effects
  • Animated FAI gate (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Custom Runway lights automatically switched on in low visibility
  • Detailed airport lighting including REILs, Running Rabbits and HDR Lighting
  • Custom vehicle animations on the apron
  • Animated tower radar (SAM2 Plugin required)
  • Static aircraft with proper liveries and registrations
  • XPlane conform export of all scenery elements using the latest techniques


WT3:  WorldTraffic GroundRoutes are not provided and a generation is required, and overall the airport generation functions perfectly.



X-Plane 11
Windows, Mac or Linux
4GB VRAM Minimum - 8GB+ VRAM Recommended
Current and Review version: Version 1.1 (April 6th 2020)
Download Size: 2.3 GB
Download scenery file size is 2.30gb and with the full installation installed in your custom scenery folder as there are nine install folders in order below:
  • Captain7 - 29Palms - EDDN Nuremberg 1
  • Captain7 - 29Palms - EDDN Nuremberg 2


There is currently a patch required (downloaded separately) to replace the Earth Nav Data, just overwrite your current EDDN (Nuremberg 1) nav data.


Total scenery installation is a huge : 3.24gb


As noted there is a seasons pack to be downloaded and inserted with the new SAM - Scenery Animation Manager - Suite 1.0


EDDN - Nurnberg_Download.jpg


On your download this SAM install is listed as the AS-Scenery-Animation Manager? of which it is nothing to do with Aerosoft, if you have the current SAM v2 (current v2.05) then there is no need to download this pack. The update patch is at the bottom.



One extensive manual in German and English with notes (9 pages)


  • EDDN-Nuremberg-XP11-DE
  • EDDN-Nuremberg-XP11-EN



Scenery Review by Stephen Dutton

15th April 2020

Copyright©2020 : X-Plane Reviews


(Disclaimer. All images and text in this review are the work and property of X-PlaneReviews, no sharing or copy of the content is allowed without consent from the author as per copyright conditions)


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