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Beta Release : JARDesign A320NEO updated to beta v2.3 r1

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Beta Release : JARDesign A320NEO updated to beta v2.3 r1


JARDesign have updated their A320NEO to 10.30 ready. Even though 10.30 is still in RC at this point, the good news is that the popular Airbus has been updated to conform to the RC standard. It is just 64bit only now as well. All the other fixes noted in the 2.2 r2 and 3r updates have also been rolled into this release as one upgrade package.


Here are the full details:


+ X-Plane 10.30 ready

+ 64 bit only now (MAC and WIN).

+ New voice checklists algogritm. (woman voice is out of reach)

+ Mac “FO voice crashes” fixed

+ add Dark cockpit/ Light cockpit option to MCDU MENU

+ add Track/FPA mode

+ APPR mode for ILS APPR reworked

+ possible to set THS just with clicking R3 at TO PERF page

+ some visual changes (cockpit light, tow details)

+ FCU control change (add push/pull for BARO, SPD, HDG)

+ include all fixes fpr 2.2 r2-r3


A quick note that supplemental fix is required in this file here, just replace with the same:




You can download the beta upgrade here:


Updates : Airbus a320


And for full support then go here:


 v.2.3 for X-Plane 10.30 64 bit .org


The JAR Design A320neo is available from the X-Plane .org Store:


For US$59.95  - Airbus A320 Neo


Stephen Dutton


Copyright©2014; X-Plane Reviews




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