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Aircraft Announcement : Airbus A350 from FlightFactor/Vmax

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Aircraft Announcement : Airbus A350 from FlightFactor/Vmax
As everyone piled in their preferences for the next aircraft from the FlightFactor/Vmax universe, the focus was on all the Boeing's not yet available in X-Plane. But when the announcement came yesterday that the next project was to be the American Company's arch rival nemesis in the Airbus A350 and in that context well...   that is a shock.
That announcement came from the left corner with a smash to the jaw, so why not play it safe with the Boeing 787 series FlightFactor?
Reel back a year and a few months and I was watching the first flight of the A350 and my thoughts were, "It is going to be years in X-Plane before I get that machine in my grubby little hands", but the announcement will now mean that when the A350 starts up its entry into service (EIS) later this year I will be right there in my own perfect world, and with the highly detailed systems of the FlightFactor version as well...  Life can't be that good now could can it, well yes it can. And it is almost enough for you to change religions.
In reality these announcements are like a big chess game for X-Plane. You need to own your square for that product. In years past with doubtable 2d aircraft it didn't really matter if one came out over the over as they were free and cheap anyway. But payware now is business, big business and to own a certain square as X-Plane goes forward can be worth money to you. So what would you do if you wanted to invest in the best 777, Certainly you would buy the FF Boeing 777, job done, If you wanted a CRJ-200...  why the JRollon version is certainly going to be your only choice and on it goes. The A350 is going to be with us for a very long time, so let us tie up that market. In time these squares are going to get fewer and fewer as the biggies are going to be sold off.
A DC-9/MD-80 series?...  how much is that square worth? a lot, a hell of a lot and it does not mean the first aircraft that gets released will win the square, the best will win over time but can the spoils be divided up.
The FlightFactor Boeing 777 was a turning point in the X-Plane market, because it showed you that with the right product can win the business if you get it right. As for years we waited and dreamed of the XPJets version of the B777 in that it became unbearably painful to keep tuning in to their dog slow web site to see the next minutely detailed 3d object for that month, and so it dragged on for years, XPJets had that square totally tied up and the money was already in the bank. Not just a little cash but a huge amount of sales....  and it all went south in a moment, and the FlighFactor/Vmax version was started years after the XPJets version was first announced. The failure was simply that XPJets had not realised that X-Plane was now a business, not a weekend hobby, and they kept on treating the B777 as some glorified hobby and to a point the users of X-Plane as well. If you start a project today then you need a business plan, and you certainly need to win that coveted square, because today someone is coming up quickly behind you who wants that same piece of cash ground and then hold it.
The winners are certainly the users, us and also X-Plane as a simulator itself. But now the A350 has upped the stakes as a developer has now switched codes, and can a developer that thrives on Boeing grit can then produce the clinical Airbus clean to create something truly remarkable. Personally I think FlightFactor can, and that is why this Christmas and 2015 is going to be a huge rewarding time for X-Plane.
FlightFactor has released shots and now more information of their A350...  look on and wonder on how good this is really going to be.


General systems of FlightFactor a350 advanced:

  •          Fully custom aircraft systems (elec, hyd, air cond, ADIRU, etc.)
  •          Fully custom ECAM monitoring system with all screens and functions included
  •          Fully functional airbus style alert system with multiple status and procedural lists
  •          Fully functional interactive airbus electronic checklist system
  •          Airbus a350/a380 unique “touch screen” interfaces with dozens of screens and hundreds of functions
  •          Fully custom and unique MFD (multifunctional display) system with most of flight planning pages implemented in a new graphical interface, as well as FCU and radio backups just like on the real plane
  •          Full OIS screen system with options, ground equipment control, passenger and cargo loading, and even a full user’s manual inside the plane.
  •          Old style MCDU and fully functional aux instruments as backup.
  • Full FBW with Highly realistic implementation of the Airbus “normal law” by QPAC – the most realistic fly-by-wire implementation for desktop flight simulation.
  • In v1.0 an advanced flight planning interface (based on XP native data)
  • Basic SID/STAR implementation using X-plane fms-files that you can create yourself and share with the community.
  • "What you see is what you fly" flight path indication on the ND (i.e. curved trajectories with the turn radius properly computed based on speed and angular turn distance.)
  • Implementation of all Airbus AP modes, except some non-precision approach modes (Selected and managed modes, speed constraints respected, "at or below" contraints in phase climb, "at or above" constraints in phase descent.)
  • Full PFD and ND displays with fully independent display and different data sources for the captain and copilot displays.
  • Independent autopilots
  • Many new options like scroll wheel support for switch manipulation

As usual a very advanced 3D model with HD textures and complete and  animated mechanics.

The images:













Images are courtesy of FlightFactor/Vmax
Stephen Dutton
24th August 2014 - (updated 8th September 2014)
Copyright@2014: X-Plane Reviews

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Guest Michael

Hi Stephen,

do you know if this aircraft will be as professional as the 757/777? I think I've read a statement of FlightFactor that they want to release "lite" versions of aircraft in the future. It would be a pity though, if this A/C was just a great 3D model without proper systems.

Anyway, thanks for keeping us posted.


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Well "lite" is still debatable. What I understand at this point is that the main systems will be all operable, It is in the areas of faults and aircraft system conditions that deteriorate of periods of time that has been withheld, It won't be like the X-Plane B747-400 (default) or the ATR-72 from Aerosoft, but at least a system aircraft closer to the JARDesign A320neo

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