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Aircraft Release : CT206H Stationair by Carenado

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Aircraft Release : CT206H Stationair by Carenado


Carenado have released the next aircraft in their Cessna series which is the CT206H Stationair. Note this release is the first aircraft that comes with the new default GARMIN GNS530 if you are using the new 10.30 beta (You can also add the GNS430 into the B200 Kingair if you want to). Another step is that the aircraft is also only available for X-Plane10 and from v21 or higher. That point taken means that any new Carenado's from now on will be only V10 and 64bit compatible...  Which means that no more XP9 aircraft will be available to that X-Plane Version.


Now for some nice pictures!






Special Features

Only for X-Plane 10.21 or higher.

X-Plane 64 bits compatible.

Hide/unhide fairings option

Volumetric side view prop effect

Default GNS530 when using X-Plane 10.30 (Beta) or higher.




Life should not be this good...  but it is!




The larger GNS530 is sublimely good with that larger screen.



HD quality textures

3D gauges

Original HQ digital stereo sounds recorded directly from the real aircraft

Cold and Dark or ready to taxi options for start the simulation.

Customizable panel for controlling windows transparency, instrument reflections and static elements such as wheel chocks and sights props.

Realistic behavior compared to the real airplane. Real weight and balance. Tested by real pilots.

Realistic night lights effects on panel and cockpit.




The interior is luxurious. And up to the usual Carenado standard.


Included in the package:

5 HD liveries.

1 HD Blank livery

2 models (1 and 2 pilots on board)

CT206H Emergency Checklist PDF

CT206H Normal Procedures PDF

CT206H Performance Tables PDF

CT206H Reference PDF

KFC225 Autopilot PDF

Recommended Settings PDF





Technical Requirements:

Windows XP - Vista - 7 (32 or 64 bits) or MAC OS 10.6 (or higher) or Linux

X-Plane10.21 (or higher)

2.5 GHz processor - 4GB RAM - 1GB VRAM

335MB available hard disk space


Price of the CT206H Stationair is US$29.95


Developer site : Carenado


Stephen Dutton


20th June 2014


Copyright©2014 : X-Plane Reviews


All images are courtesy of Carenado©



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